61 Positive Thinking Affirmations to Change Your View of the World

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Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”?  

Well, in reality, “We are what we speak” too. Think about it.

What we say has a lot to do with what we believe, and in it is found the architecture that frames our lives.

What we think and how we feel about ourselves shapes the outcome of our days, determines the foundation of our personal relationships and fuels the vehicle to our success.  

Simply put, it has a significant impact on our expectations out of life and the people and opportunities that we attract.

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What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive declarations we can make to ourselves as a tool to overcome negative thought patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors.  

When we make positive affirmations, rehearsing them within our hearts and minds, we are more likely to believe them and experience positive changes as a result.

For affirmations to really be impactful in your life, you must know deep down within yourself that they are true, even if it is hard to see at the moment.  For more on the power of your words, visit this influential “I Speak Life” blog.

It can be easy to speak negatively about our lives when things aren’t going as planned.

For example, many make affirmations of being fat and unattractive if they have gained a few pounds.  Others speak wrong affirmations when experiencing feelings of betrayal, discrediting themselves because they feel they “should have seen it coming.”

Negative affirmations are like people finding themselves in a hole and trying to “dig” their way out.  The key to positivity in that situation is to stop digging.  The hole will keep getting deeper, leading to a worse emotional problem than momentary shame, hurt, and discomfort.

An affirmation is like a seed in the ground.  It grows roots down within the soil before it breaks ground and grows upward into a beautiful flower.

Positive affirmations should be spoken first thing in the morning and continued throughout the day.  They are the water that you add to the seed, even when it doesn’t seem any change has taken place.  

Rest assured, like watering a seed in the ground, your affirmations will help you see significant growth within your life. Then, like a flower, you'll get to enjoy the beautiful results of it in the end. More quotes and affirmations can be found here.

[Learn how to effectively create and use affirmations in your life.]

61 Affirmations for Positive Thinking That Will Change Your Life

1. I have much to offer.

Some of us haven't even scratched the surface of what we can be and accomplish in life because we feel we don't have much to offer.  

However, feelings come and go, and this whole time we've likely been showing the world just how much we have to offer.  Others see it, but we must believe it for ourselves and speak it.

2. I am strong.

We don’t look like what we’ve been through.  In fact, we have survived many situations that caused others to give up or graduate this life.  This powerful affirmation will remind us daily of how capable we are of accomplishing the most challenging things.

3. I have a brilliant mind.

We have such a unique perspective on situations that no one else has. As a result, we add a valuable piece to the puzzle on our jobs and in our communities. Ideas, inventions, and strategies are meant to flow from our brilliant minds.

4. I am beautiful.

When we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see, it doesn’t diminish who we are. We are our own worst critics.  

Instead, declare “I am beautiful!” and begin to display your unique style.  Wear the dress that makes you feel beautiful.  Style your hair in a way that looks cute, and walk into your day with confidence!

5. I am enough.

When we are single, we can receive pressure from our parents, co-workers, friends, and other people in relationships around us.  Many are questioning when we’ll be married.

Affirmations for Positive Thinking - I am enough. | affirmations for positive thinking confidence and success | affirmations for positive thinking morning |positive affirmations to say everyday

Others try to fix us up on blind dates, and the rest think our standards are too high.  It can all be overwhelming! So tell yourself today, “I am enough!” My happiness doesn't depend on my relationship status. 

6. I love myself.

This affirmation is so powerful because the power to love oneself is the glue that holds all other affirmations together.  

Love helps us forgive ourselves, see the best in ourselves, and celebrate when we do good.  It also gives us the needed ability not to hold the past against ourselves. 

7. I am proud of myself.

It is always important to celebrate small successes in life.  And when no one is there to pat you on the back, be confident enough to say, “I'm proud of myself!” You know what it took to accomplish the things you have accomplished.

Here are more “I Am” affirmations to check out.

8. I am brave.

Sometimes just getting up in the morning and putting one foot in front of the other is a brave move.  Making the proclamation of saying “I am brave” gives us the confidence that we need to navigate the uncertainty that life brings us each day.

9. I am important.

Many of us have such a giving nature, having the tendency to put others' feelings and needs before our own.  However, it is essential to our mental health that we remember that we, too, are essential and should be priorities.

10. I will not live in regret.

Don’t let thoughts of “I could have” or “I should have” get you down.  

Because of the things that you have been through to get you to where you are today, you are better able and more equipped to successfully navigate through the rest of your life.

Today is a brand-new opportunity to accomplish your goals.

11. Today is going to be a great day!

Perspective is so important.  We've heard people talk about a cup half full or a cup half empty. It all has to do with perspective.  

We can see the day's challenges as obstacles to hinder us from accomplishing our goals. But, on the contrary, we can positively affirm that those same obstacles are just opportunities for us to learn, grow wiser, and grow stronger.

12. I am grateful for everything I have.

Chances are everything that you are blessed with in your life came from your own hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. But, on the other hand, maybe they came as a gift from someone who greatly loves and appreciates you, someone whose life you have impacted.

Be proud of that. 

13. I am in control of my feelings.

Feelings are like a body of water, a river, for example.  When the storms of life blow and get into our emotions, like water, those feelings can get out of control and flood into other areas of our lives. It can ruin a good thing. So it's better to be purposeful about controlling our feelings and how we allow things to affect us mentally.

14. It’s ok if I messed up.  Failure is not final.

None of us are perfect.  We know this because we are hardest on ourselves.  This affirmation helps us to realize that a mistake is not the end of the world.  On the contrary, it is a learning experience we can grow from and help others avoid.

15. I make good decisions.

This powerful affirmation is a great reminder to meditate on throughout the day. It also helps us either avoid quick decisions that got us off track in the past or move forward from past mistakes that made us fearful of moving forward.

16. I can be anything I want to be.

You have all the tools you need to succeed within you. Positivity affirming it daily will reinforce it in your heart, even when you got weary in the process and tempted to give up.

17. I am a person of influence.

Others see something great in you, something unique that gives them the desire to be great themselves. So be bold and leave your stamp in the world.

18. I only compare myself with myself.

Comparison can be deceptive.  Many of us compare ourselves with others we see on social media.  

In reality, those people only put out the good stuff to project the image they want others to see.  It takes up to 5 photos, on average, before a person posts one selfie.  So, don’t take the bait.  Only compare yourself with the person you were yesterday.

19. I don’t know it all, and that’s ok.

When facing a situation in life when we don’t know which direction to go in next, it’s ok to be ok with not knowing it all.  

Affirmations for Positive Thinking - I don’t know it all, and that’s ok. | 365 daily affirmations | short positive affirmations | positive affirmations

Those are the times where we can lean on others.  It shows us we are not alone.  In addition, we can learn from the experience, and relying on others strengthen our sense of community.

20. I will face my fears today.

This is the day fear will not win.  Boldly proclaim, “I will face my fears today!” No longer will we be paralyzed by what-ifs.  An acronym for fear is:





Fear lies to us about the greatness we possess inside.

21. I am creative.

Everything we see, whether a chair, a building, a car, or a home, all starts with a creative idea. You have the fantastic ability within you to create.  Tap into it by positively affirming “I am creative” and making the world you wish to see.

22. Others judging me won’t affect me.

People often judge us by where they found us in life. For example, there was once a man who was down on his luck.

First, he lost his job, where he was earning six figures a year. Next, the man went through a rough divorce. Then, after living off credit cards for months and falling into substance abuse, he found himself homeless.

While there, he was mistreated by others and treated poorly, but he was unaffected by their treatment.  He got sober, cleaned up, and rebuilt his life again.  He did it to prove something to himself that he could accomplish the life he desired.  That he was worth it. No matter how people treated him in the process.

If you're successful, many feel it came easy. If you fail, people think you're not trying hard enough.  You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.

23. My ideas matter.

You have a piece of the puzzle to bring to the table.  Your unique perspective on an issue is just the thing to shake up the boardroom or the organization you're involved in. So don't sit back silently and keep those great ideas inside of you.

24. I am patient and kind.

These two go hand in hand because when we aren't very patient with others, we usually aren't as kind to them either. So it's best to proclaim this, knowing that we wouldn't be where we are in life if someone hadn't been patient and kind to us.

25. I will find joy in the simple things today.

Take a moment to breathe.  Go to the park, go for a walk, sit under the stars, smell the burning of firewood on a brisk night, look at the beautiful butterflies as they flutter by. You could also go on a picnic, watch a movie, eat some popcorn, or enjoy a bowl of ice cream.  Take a moment to find joy in life’s simplest pleasures.

26. I will find opportunities to bless others today.

Have you ever heard the saying, it is more blessed to give than to receive?  It is vital as we achieve levels of success in our lives that we also have a heart that seeks to give back.  

Sowing seeds of positivity into others set us up later to reap the rewards. Find joy in seeing others blessed.

27. I am healthy, and my mind is strong.

With age, it is normal for a person to experience a decline in physical health and lapses in memory.

However, when we affirm that we are healthy and strong, we strengthen our determination to keep pushing.  We also involve ourselves with activities to help us achieve those physical and mental goals.

28. My resolve is more potent than my excuses.

It could be natural to want to stay down and regroup after a person falls down and takes a hard bump or two.  This affirmation is to encourage us not to stay down.  

In addition, we must say to ourselves that we will not be defeated by the thing that knocked us down.  Excuses give us a reason to give up and not try, but we’re too strong and resilient for that – nothing will keep me down.

29. Good things are coming my way.

Some things in life we just don’t find because we’re not looking.  Have you ever heard the saying, “If it were a snake, it would have a bit me“?

It means a thing we were looking for was right on there are noses, and we didn't see it. So when we declare, “good things are coming my way,” we raise our level of expectation concerning life's outcomes.

30. I will tell others how important they are to me.

In life, there are two types of people that we encounter, those who diminish our lives and those who enhance it.  No one can diminish the value of our lives, but they lower the quality of the moments we spend with them.

Affirmations for Positive Thinking - I will tell others how important they are to me. | positive thoughts and affirmations | affirmations for positive thinking morning | short positive affirmations

So, affirming that we will tell others how important they are to us, we show great appreciation for the value they add to us.  

We cherish the moments that we spend with them as well as the lasting effects afterward. So, we're declaring “I'm better because of you” and “I am better with you” in my life.

31. I add value to every environment I grace with my presence.

So many don't reach out to others or go to certain places because they feel uncomfortable.  We often think this way because we fail to see the value we add to our environment.

By making this affirmation daily, we are laying hold on all 30 declarations before this one, wrapped in one. We enhance every environment because we’re bold.  We improve every environment because we're smart.  We enhance every environment because we are creative.

We make others better because of our excellent mindset. We enhance others around us because we're patient people, showing kindness and generosity wherever we go.  

We enhance every environment because we are joyful people, not judgmental, angry, or bitter.

We are influential because we make good decisions, and we have so much to offer.

32. There is good in the world, even when I don’t always see it.

We are so driven toward negativity and seeing the bad things everywhere, but when we shape our vision and focus on seeing the good, it will appear. Instead of giving in to our darker worldview, we can choose to live in light. It’s a decision and starts with you. 

33. There is always a chance worth taking, so I will be brave today.

Humans don’t like change. In our primitive days, change represented death. But when you embrace change and take a chance, you will be surprised. Take a chance today, and tomorrow, and then take another and another. 

Chance to change, and you’ll soon find yourself on new ground you never imagined you’d be walking, and yeah, you are brave enough to do it. 

34. Today, I celebrate myself.

When was the last time you bought yourself a celebratory drink or put on that little party hat to really celebrate who you are? While looking in the mirror, tell yourself you will celebrate all you are today.

This is not a day for saying you are falling short or “just human.” What a gift to be human! 

So click your heels, smile like a kid at the neighborhood X-mas party, and embrace the brilliance that is you.  

35. I think of the future I want to live tomorrow because I have the power to make it so.

What you believe, you can achieve. You have a magical power to make the reality you face tomorrow. It’s up to you to decide what your future view will be. Take the time to envision the bright future you want, and work at it today. Tomorrow, it will appear. 

36. People are drawn to me when I’m my authentic self.

There’s something beautiful about real authenticity. When we live our most authentic lives, we draw others to us. To live authentically, we need to engage with who we are, what matters to us, and develop a clear sense of self. Ask yourself with each decision, “Is this me?”

37. I find the silver lining in dark clouds.

Our days are often filled with bleak events and negative situations. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by them. However, when you begin practicing a silver lining attitude, it means you will intentionally find a little bit of light in the dark. 

Did you just get into a fender bender? At least you’re alive and unharmed. Perhaps your boss just fired you but you have the chance now to do what you really want to do. There’s always a silver lining. 

38. Today was tough, but so am I.

It may seem that having easy days is ideal, but this doesn’t shape character. When we embrace difficult times, we learn the most. 

affirmations for positive thinking | positive thinking happy affirmation | affirmations for positive thinking morning

Any athlete needs to punish their body to build muscle and become stronger, and likewise, when we make the most of difficult events (instead of dodging them), we can also become the best and toughest version of ourselves. 

39. My well-being is a priority to me. 

We should look after our health, and perhaps you see the doctor for an annual checkup, but do you really care about your well-being?

Engaging in activities such as safe and fun sports, doing something creative, meditating, resting enough, and eating healthily are all part of self-care and better health. 

40. I look forward to the journey, which matters more than the destination.

The destination is the reason for what we do or where we go, but it’s not the full gain of our efforts. Instead, when we focus on how we get to point B, we learn to see opportunities, enjoy unexpected pleasures, and embrace new self-discovery. 

41. I am a safe person for myself and others.

Being safe means we are mindful, not selfish, don’t manipulate, and care genuinely about the people around us. Not all people are safe, and while this may not mean that everyone is a serial killer, we have to focus on being safe for ourselves and others to be around. 

Focus on your ability to never do harm (of any kind) and extend that care to yourself, and you’ll be a safe person.

42. I live in peace with the past, present, and future.

Worrying about the future is denying today, and living in the past makes our future impossible. Develop peace and acceptance of where we come from and live with gratitude for all you have today. When you dwell in peace, love flows forth. 

43. I release all negativity from my life.

Often, we develop a nasty habit of being negative about everything. Even when opportunities knock, we’ll find a reason to see it as a bad idea or poor gift. Let go of negativity and see your surroundings for what they are. 

44. Today, I exist in each moment, fully present and self-aware.

Self-awareness helps us know ourselves better, regulate our emotions, and clear any brain fog so we can live in the present. Start with a few exercises to help you be more present such as meditation, yoga, or Pilates.  

45. I enjoy my own company today.

Do you like yourself? When we believe the things others say about us, we may start not even liking ourselves. 

The result is that we hide away and never really get to know who we are or enjoy spending time by ourselves. Learning to enjoy your own company can bring you deep and lasting growth and power. 

46. This day is the day I let go of needing validation.

When you play to the strings of others, it’s often to gain their approval, forgetting that your own approval is what really matters. Consider all the things you’ve done, who you are, and what you’ve accomplished. 

You are mighty! There is so much to celebrate and be proud of in your life. It’s time to let go of seeking the approval of others. 

47. My life is blessed by the natural world, and I am kind to all things.

Existing in union with the world around us brings us closer to the earth, grounding us, and giving us a sense of where we belong in the scheme of things. 

Begin to see the blessings the natural world gives you. We enjoy air to breathe, water to cool our thirst, food to sate our hunger, and companionship from beasts and humans alike. 

48. I am imperfectly perfect.

There is great misery in chasing after perfection. After all, perfection is an illusion. Letting go of the quest for perfection is how we learn to practice acceptance, stop judging ourselves and others, and appreciate what we have. 

You are imperfect, and that’s what makes you perfect. 

49. I count the many blessings on my road today.

Start by keeping a gratitude journal, and write down at least three things each day you are grateful for.

Over time, this can increase to five, then ten, and many more blessings. Becoming aware of our blessings is the best way to really practice gratitude and develop a fresh worldview.

50. Today, I value the taste of fine food and refreshing beverages.

In Buddhist meditations, there is often a focus on meditating while eating or mindful eating. It’s time to stop stuffing our faces and really savor each bite and each sip we take. 

affirmation for positive thinking | positive thinking happy affirmations | affirmations for positive thinking morning

By really letting ourselves enjoy what we eat and drink, we may find a host of other benefits such as following a healthier lifestyle and better health. 

51. Each step I take is a move in confidence. I am powerful.

Begin to pay attention to the way you walk. What is your posture like? Do you step elegantly, drag feet, or stomp like an elephant? When we walk with confidence, people notice and it enhances their view of us. 

Take a few steps in front of the mirror and consider whether you walk with confidence or not. Is it time to work on it? 

52. There is no rush – I patiently progress in life. 

The world is a mad rush, and we often feel pressured to catch up, achieve something, become someone, and do-do-do. 

Now’s the time to slow down the bus, learn to breathe, and patiently embrace your progress. However fast you are going, it’s fast enough. There’s no rush to get somewhere – remember, make the most of the journey, not the destination. 

53. Today, I set boundaries to protect myself.

If you’re a people pleaser, it’s really easy to become a doormat and be walked all over. It’s time to decide where your boundaries should lie. 

Remember, a boundary is a no-go area in your life that is off-limits. Boundaries are healthy, they protect you, and they give others a clear indication of what structure their relationship with you has. 

54. Each breath is sweet today.

Time to think about the way we breathe. Stop snatching breath and learn to live again with full and nourishing breaths. Start by becoming aware of the way you breathe. Inhale, pause, exhale, and enjoy the cool sensation of lungs filled with air. 

Try box breathing to help you breathe better. Inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, pause for four seconds, and repeat. Every deep breath is like sending a love note to your body. 

55. My words are gracious and kind because I speak the truth. 

The truth will set you free – according to the Bible. But there is wisdom in speaking truthfully. For one, you don’t have to remember lies, which makes life less stressful. 

People trust you more when you are truthful. Combine truthfulness with kindness and graciousness and you have a winning combination. 

56. I trust myself.

When we trust ourselves, we have more confidence and better trust in others. We can’t control others, but we can control ourselves and rely on ourselves. 

With trust comes power. A deep well of calm and assurance is found inside ourselves when we are able to trust that, no matter the situation, we’re okay.

57. I embrace opportunities to learn.

Learning is how we grow and adjust to new situations and challenges. When we stop learning, it’s a sign we are no longer progressing. 

Embrace the opportunities to learn, even when those opportunities seem painful or draining. Each learning chance is a moment you can seize to help you build your abilities and develop a fearsome arsenal of skills. 

58. Today, I give myself permission to do nothing.

We are so pressured to always do, go places, meet people, entertain, shop, and a million more things.

When do we rest? Giving yourself permission to do nothing today is about engaging in self-care in a low-impact manner.

affirmations for positive thinking | positive thinking happy affirmations | affirmation for positive thinking morning

Don’t even try to read or meditate or think. Just do nothing. 

Place your body in a comfortable position and just let yourself pause. Stillness is but a breath away, if you can pause long enough and do nothing.

59. I am worthy of forgiveness, so I forgive myself. 

Take the time to think of something you feel guilty over. We all have a few skeletons in our closets, and if we don’t air them out, they may start to rattle about and endanger the rest of our lives. 

Today, let yourself think about the things you want forgiveness for. Now, take a breath and let go – forgive yourself. Feel the weight of those issues slip from you as you clean out the closet and breathe.  

60. I belong here. Nobody can tell me to leave.

Walking into a new space or place, such as a job, school, or college, can be a real challenge. You may start to think people want you to leave or that they think you don’t belong, especially if you’re not like them. 

However, you belong. You have every right to be there. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, you are secure, and you are present.  

61. My creations are good, and I make my dreams a reality. 

Our right to be creative is important, and when we learn to live creatively, we dive into the land of dreams where we succeed. Creativity is everyone’s birthright, and by embracing that power, we learn to make our dreams a reality.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Positive Thinking

The key to a successful life and accomplishing great things can be found in our positive outlook on life.  That outlook can be cultivated through positive affirmations.   

We are what we speak. We are what we think. 

You owe it to yourself to speak and think highly of yourself… and surround yourself with good people that enrich your soul and your life.

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affirmations for positive thinking | positive thinking happy affirmations | affirmations for positive thinking morning
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