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June: The Month of Happiness

One idea every weekday to help you become a Happier Human

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Coffee & Cold
Psychostimulants are time tested mood enhancers, often used to treat depression. They also create anxiety and addiction. Make sure you’re taking your coffee or cold shower the right way.
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Infinite Joy
Laughter is one of life’s most amazing gifts.

If you want to be more happy, you should laugh more. The fastest way to laugh more is to just laugh.

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Gratitude: The Silver Bullet
You can increase your long-term happiness by almost 10% with a simple, fun and free 5 minute exercise.

All it takes is a little gratitude.

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The Right Way to Fake a Smile
Should we be fake or authentic? Both. If we want to be happier, we should generate authentic fake smiles.

Huh? Authentic fake smiles?

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Happiness Through Osmosis
Emotions are contagious. When we talk to someone sad, we tend to get depressed ourselves. When we talk to someone filled with joy, we just can’t help but feel a little better. Make that work for you.
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Ditch Porn, It’s Dopamine Draining
Porn is evil.

It’s not because I’m deeply religious or a jealous girlfriend that I say that (I’m actually an irreligious male).
It’s because porn is addictive and harmful.

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Appreciate Your Personality Type
There are multiple forms of happiness.

Some of them are more easily pursued by extroverts, some of them are more easily pursued by introverts.

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Yoga: Not Just for Female Hipsters
Yoga is awesome… But I’m a man. I like sports & beer . Yoga? Not unless it’s to pick up chicks.

Any yet somehow, I now find myself doing yoga-like activities every day.

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Watch More TV; It Feels Good!
I think TV kills brains and destroys dreams… but it’s not as bad as I thought. It actually makes people happy.

But how much is too much?

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Kaizen: Big Goals With Tiny Steps
This article shares the solution to the problem of never having enough time to do what you want, for making procrastination a thing of the past, and perhaps making your life a bit simpler in the process.
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Take Omega-3, But Only if Depressed
Is Omega-3 the silver bullet of supplementation? No. There are many benefits.

There are also many conflicting studies, especially when it comes to improving mood.

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Good Sleep: Not Optional
As a reader of this blog, can I assume that you want to increase your levels of happiness and overall life performance?

If so, ‘good’ sleep is not optional.

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One Tab at a Time: Mindfulness Online
How many tabs do you have open right now?

One? I’m impressed. More than 4? Join the club.

Yeah, I used to be a member of the 10-tab browser club.

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Optimism, A Blind Man’s Gamble
I make goals and actually accomplish them. I’ve never done that before. It’s because of a self-awareness that my current trajectory led to repeated failure.

Let me explain.

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5 Willpower Tech niques of Change
All the happiness ideas in the world, yours or mine, mean nothing if we don’t act on them.
These are the five willpower techniques that brought me over the Threshold of Action.
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Zest, The Spice of Life… or is it?
Are you full of zest?
I hope so – it’s the character strength second most correlated with well-being.

My life is not full of zest.
Is that a problem? Do I need to change?

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Exercise: Better than Zoloft
You’ve heard it before, exercise is a great for your health, etc. etc.

Let’s take a different look, and focus on how and why you could practice sustainable physical activity.

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Relax: Your Body is Begging You
Do you have a hobby or activity that relaxes you ?

I’m not talking TV relax – I’m talking dissolving muscle aches and destroying headaches relax.

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Spirituality for the Irreligious
I’m an atheist, but really wish I wasn’t – religion is awesome.

Religion builds relationships, provides meaning, and cultivates optimism, gratitude, and respect.

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Meditation – The Good, Bad, and Ugly
Meditation is awesome, but be careful!
1) Meditation is not for everyone, some people can have an adverse reaction.
2) Meditation can be dangerous. There are many ways to go wrong.
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