45 Uplifting Gender Neutral Compliments to Make Their Day

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I am a happy person, but I'm human, so I'm capable of having a bad day. With that said, people often tell me, “You have a beautiful smile”, and/or variations of, “You're a hard worker”. There's something about people complimenting my smile that always felt special… especially when I lived in places that aren't so friendly!

A new friend recently told me, ” You're a person of action, I'm really impressed.” I felt great after that! Not only was it a great thing to say to me, it came from someone that I respect and also see as a very hard-working person that takes life by the horns.

In other words, compliments rock and we never get too old or too cool to receive them.

Why Are Compliments Important to a Person?

It's no surprise why compliments are important to a person. A nice compliment tells you there's something great, attractive, or interesting about you. In a world where people are literally building careers by being mean to each other on reality TV and the Internet-at-large, it's so refreshing to be told something positive.

So, what does a compliment consist of? Compliments are verbal expressions of praise, admiration, or respect directed to someone. Don't worry if you're not much of a talker. Express your love or admiration in a cute note, an email, text message, or a card. You might be surprised at the power of a simple gesture!

A compliment can work wonders for anyone. Giving genuine compliments are easy ways to boost self-esteem and confidence in others, especially our loved ones. Besides, compliments make us feel happy and appreciated.

When you know someone values you or sees you in a good light, you may be more eager to go the extra mile. Your spouse may be more likely to keep your favorite items on the dinner menu. Your mate may opt for that vacation in a spot they're not crazy about but know it makes you happy. It's one reason why companies should take the time to acknowledge hard workers.

When we're happy, our brains release dopamine and serotonin, which are chemicals that make us feel good. According to Neurosciencenews.org, Dopamine has a big influence on increasing our focus, motivation, and productivity.

As you can see, a simple compliment can go a long way.

What is Gender Neutral?

Gender neutrality has been a popular term in recent years. Some people may identify as neither male nor female, or sometimes both.

It allows people to ease the reins on what's expected from a certain gender (i.e., boys play sports but girls cook). It can also simply refer to something that is not gender-specific, such as some bathrooms or gifts.

Let's take colors for example. Western culture associates pink with girls and blue with boys. If you think people no longer do so, just check out some of those popular gender reveals on social media.

However, if you practice gender neutrality, you would not make a distinction between which color is best suited for a particular gender. If you want to be surprised about your baby's gender and want to start decorating the nursery, play it safe with colors like yellow, green, and purple.

Today, the term non-binary is often used to refer to gender identities that don't fit into the binary genders of male or female. Folks who are more comfortable with such, tend to use pronouns such as “they”, “them”, and “their” to avoid gender discrimination.

Components of a Good Compliment

When giving compliments, it's important to keep in mind the components of a good compliment. Here are some tips:

  • Be sincere and honest. If you're trying to pander to someone, it can be easily seen through.
  • Be specific about the quality or feature you are praising.
  • Avoid over-the-top compliments that seem too good to be true.
  • Be respectful in your delivery.
  • Keep it short but meaningful.
  • Allow the other person to elaborate if they wish.
  • Don't expect anything in return.

The Back-Handed Compliment

Has someone ever said something to you that sounded like a compliment, but ultimately felt like an insult? Congratulations, you have been the victim of a back-handed compliment.

Back-handed compliments can be harder to detect than regular compliments and they often come with a dose of sarcasm. For example, someone may say “you look the same as always” with a tone that implies you haven't improved one bit.

Someone may also say, “Wow, you look nice TODAY”….with an emphasis on “today”. As if, the other days, you look like crap. If they had simply left it at, “You look nice” and given you a genuine smile, it would have been different.

It's important to be aware of back-handed compliments so that you can avoid giving them to others. If you feel the need to be sarcastic and bitter, don't be fake with a so-called compliment.

Uplifting compliments, like the ones we’ll list here, should be genuine and heartfelt.

45 Gender Neutral Compliments to Make Their Day

1. I love how you always think outside the box.

2. Your ideas are always fresh and original.

3. You have an interesting outlook on things.

4. Your passion is inspiring.

5. Your insights are invaluable to me and everyone around you.

Your insights are invaluable to me and everyone around you.”

6. You are incredibly resourceful and reliable.

7. You show great determination.

8. Your charisma is infectious.

9. You have an impressive ability to adapt.

10. You make a positive impact on everyone you meet.

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11. No one has to tell you to start something. You take the initiative in everything you do.

12. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious!

13. I'm sure children look up to you, I know adults do!

14. It seems like you always have a solution to any challenge you face.

15. I wish I had your sense of humor! 

16. Your creativity and innovation are amazing.

17. Your commitment to excellence is inspiring! 

18. I appreciate your unique skills and talents in this field/area of work/etc. 

I appreciate your unique skills and talents in this field/area of work/etc. “

19. I don't think I've ever met someone as determined as you are.

20. You have a great attitude and approach to life. 

21. Going the extra mile for success seems to come naturally to you.

22. Your dedication and focus on the task is admirable.

23. Stop being modest, you're a natural born leader!

24. Your energy and enthusiasm bring out the best in others.

25. You possess a rare combination of intelligence and intuition.

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26. Your knowledge in this field is amazing!

27. Your work ethic and drive are inspirational.

28. When it comes to communication, you do it effortlessly

29. I wish more people could be as loyal and dependable as you are.

30. The way you handle yourself with grace and poise is admirable.

31 .It seems like you were born with an eye for design and style.

32. How are you always so great at thinking on your feet?

33. You always stay ahead of the curve with new ideas and trends.

You always stay ahead of the curve with new ideas and trends.”

34. You have an impressive way of dealing with difficult situations. 

35. Your organizational skills are truly amazing! 

36. Your ability to remain calm in stressful situations is commendable. 

37. Your knack for problem-solving is incredible!

38. I appreciate your understanding and patience in working with others.

39. I'm glad to call you my friend.

40. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend.

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41. I love your attitude and approach to life. 

42. Your drive and ambition are admirable!

43. You have great energy about you.

44. I'm sure animals and kids must love you.

45. If you ever have kids, I'm sure you'll be a good parent.

Final Thoughts About Gender Neutral Compliments

We live in a world where compliments are important because they highlight the positive traits and qualities of a person. Giving encouraging words to someone, without basing them on gender, can have a lasting effect on their overall well-being, morale, and self-esteem.

So don't be afraid to hand out compliments like Halloween candy… as long as you mean it! Be mindful of the words we choose when complimenting someone.

Use that time to lift their spirit and mood, rather than putting them down with a hidden insult behind seemingly nice words. Uplifting gender-neutral compliments can help foster acceptance of all identities and create an inclusive environment for everyone.

Show your appreciation for your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else that crosses your path with these uplifting gender-neutral compliments.

Of course, the above are just some examples… as the sky's the limit with genderless words of kindness! Learn more about giving good compliments with,  75 Good Compliments for Women [NOT on Her Looks].

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