75 Best Compliments for Women [NOT on Her Looks]

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If you would like to give a woman a compliment, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If the first thing you think about is her looks, that is because this has become a force of habit.

While there is nothing wrong with telling a woman that she looks beautiful, you do want to diversify your comments to let the other person know that you see much more than just her looks.

So in this article, we will talk about 75 great compliments you can give to a woman that doesn’t rely on her looks.

But first, let’s start with a simple definition.

What Are Compliments for Women?

Compliments for women refer to anything that makes a woman feel good about how she looks or feels.

Again, you can compliment a woman on how she looks from time to time; however, if all of your comments focus on her looks, she is going to think that you are not looking at anything else. A person is for much more than just their outward appearance, including women.

You need to think about other things that you can comment on that make a woman feel good about how she looks or feels.

For example, you may want to compliment her on her ideas. Or, you may want to compliment her on a specific part of her personality.

You might even want to make a comment on how well she cooks, plays an instrument, exercises, or any other skills you can think about. If you can diversify your compliments, you can make a significant impact on someone's overall well-being.

So now, let’s dive into the specific compliments you can give.

75 Compliments for Women

A few compliments that you may want to consider giving a woman that do not focus on her looks include: 

  1. I am really impressed with how well you listen to everything that everyone says. It is obvious that you listen to everyone before you make a decision on what to do next. 
  2. You really have the ability to light up a room as soon as you walk in. It is obvious that everyone loves spending time around you, including me. 
  3. I am really impressed with how passionate you are about staying in shape. You are a role model for everyone who wants to take care of their physical health.
  4. You are a very strong, resilient person who is able to handle just about everything. You are a great role model for everyone who looks up to you. 
  5. You have a truly infectious personality that makes a positive impact on everyone around you. You instantly bring happiness to everyone who spends time around you. 
  6. I'm really impressed with your taste and style. It is really obvious that you have thought carefully about how to decorate the inside of this room.
  7. I always love spending time around you because you have such creative ideas. It is never boring to hang out with you! 
  8. I am really impressed with how creative you are. I never knew just how creative you could be, but taking a look at what you've done recently, it is obvious that you have a knack for it. 
  9. I really admire how you handle difficult situations. It is not easy to go through everything that you have been through, and you always seem to handle it was such aplomb.
  10. You have an innate ability to inspire everyone around you. It seems like everyone around you instantly does better as soon as I talk to you. I hope I have the same impact on people one day. 
  11. I'm really impressed with how well you play your musical instrument. I never realized just how good you were at music. I could listen to you play for hours on end. 
  12. You're a very intelligent person who thinks carefully about how you complete assignments in school and at work. The sky is the limit for your future. 
  13. You have a sense of confidence that is very refreshing. I never have to worry about your self-esteem, as you believe in yourself just as much as anyone I have ever seen.
  14. I always love how you are willing to help someone out. No matter what problems someone might have, you are always willing to put their needs ahead of you around, which sets a great example.
  15. You are a great role model for everyone else around you. There are lots of people who look up to you, and it is obvious that you take that very seriously. 
  16. I am really impressed with how well you keep yourself in shape. Even though you are very busy, you always seem to make time to exercise, which is going to pay dividends down the road. 
  17. I really respect just how much you stand up for what you believe in. It seems like no matter what happens, you are never willing to sacrifice your beliefs or something else. 
  18. You are a natural-born leader. It is obvious that people follow you wherever you go. Your ability to inspire others to follow you is infectious. 
  19. Your mind works in such a unique way. You always see things from a different perspective, which is a great way to teach others. Never lose that about yourself. 
  20. You always seem to know just what to say! No matter how bad I am feeling, you always know just what to say to raise my spirits. That quality is irreplaceable. 
  21. I never realized just how great your sense of humor was! You always know just what to say to make someone else laugh. That is a great way to maintain relationships throughout your life. 
  22. I really admire just how well you are able to stay in touch with the people in your life. No matter how busy you get, you always make time for those important to you. 
  23. I consider myself lucky to have gotten to know you. You have had a major impact on my life, and I truly appreciate it. 
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  1. You always let the other person know just how much they matter to you. No matter how busy you are, you always let them know that your relationship with that matters to you.
  2. I'm a better person for getting to know you. I cannot measure the impact you've had in my life, but I know it is something I will carry with me forever. 
  3. I always feel like I am happy when I am around you. I really appreciate how you make time for me.
  4. I love how I can always depend on you. If you say you are going to do something, you always find a way to get it done. 
  5. You are one of the most reliable people I know. I am always impressed with how you come through every time. 
  6. The world is a better place with you in it. Even though there are difficult times, you always seem to find the bright spot.
  7. I love how you never seem to make the same mistake twice. If you do something wrong, you learn from that, and instantly become a better person. Everyone else can learn from you. 
  8. I am really impressed that you are always able to find the silver lining in a difficult situation. 
  9. I love your ability to make other people feel important. 
  10. You are one of the bravest people I know. You are not afraid to take chances, and you always go for it.
  11. I really admire your dedication to what is right.
  12. I love how you are comfortable with the type of person you are. You do not care about what anyone else thinks about you. 
  13. The world needs more people like you, and you mean a lot to me.
  14. You really understand what it means to be a good friend
  15. I'm so glad we’ve met because you have made me a better person. 
  16. I'm really impressed with your time management skills. You always find a way to get things done. 
  17. You have a gift for putting a smile on someone's face. 
  18. You always have something nice to say about everyone. 
  19. You have a truly beautiful soul. Your inner beauty always finds a way to shine through, no matter how dire things may look. 
  20. I really admire your dedication to the environment. It is obvious that you care about the future of the planet. 
  21. I always love how you make a positive impact on children. You always seem to make them smile. 
  22. I always admire how you are able to admit when you are wrong. It is never easy, but it is obvious that you always learn from it. 
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  1. Your ability to multitask is very impressive. You are able to make the most of the resources you have to complete tasks as efficiently as possible. It’s amazing to watch you work on several things at a time, remain unfazed as you put out fires left and right–and still manage to enjoy your cup of coffee, or two.
  2. Your empathy is truly admirable. The ability to be able to put yourself in another person’s shoes to understand how they feel is not something many people would be willing to or could do.
  3. I find your open-mindedness truly inspirational. Even though you may not completely understand or agree with something, the fact that you are open to having a healthy discourse about it already speaks much about how compassionate you are.
  4. You have a unique way of seeing things from a different perspective. It’s refreshing and it also keeps me on my toes. I love how you challenge me to think and rethink my own perceptions too. I appreciate that you are passionate about your growth, and that, in the process, you are also helping me grow too.
  5. I love how you try to uplift other women, complimenting their style, or attitude and disposition. A simple positive message can make a person’s entire day, and I really enjoy seeing you do it.
  6. Your willingness to try new things is admirable to me. Some people are so set in their ways; they’re not open to exploring anything else outside of the world they know. With your sense of adventure, however, you’ll have more opportunities for growth.
  7. I appreciate how you always make sure to ask about how other people’s days are going. It’s small talk, sure, but there’s always a chance that someone just might need to be asked about their day. And I think it’s great that you’re willing to put yourself out there to be that person that will ask about and listen to their story for the day.
  8. I find it admirable how you can work with so much grace under pressure. Even though you’re already feeling stressed out, you’re really good at not letting that show outwardly, so you can instead focus on what needs to be done. I find it to be a good lesson for making effective prioritization.
  9. It’s inspiring to see how you are so attuned to your feelings. It can be hard to even simply acknowledge feelings, but somehow you do it so well. I could learn a few things from you on how to resolve emotional conflicts.
  10. I think it’s amazing you can already tell if something’s bothering your friends just by the way they pick up your call. Not only does it show how well you know them, but also how considerate you are of their feelings.
  11. Did you know you close your eyes and make that little smile every time you take your first sip of coffee? I think it’s cute–both your smile and how you enjoy the little things.
  12. It’s amazing to me how you are able to allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling for a day, and then shake it off the next. You are so good at striking that balance between wallowing and getting back on your feet. I think that’s a healthy way of processing your feelings and I find you more courageous and stronger because of it.
  13. You welcome being proven wrong. That’s such a rare trait, and I think that’s truly admirable. Other people would go to great lengths to insist they are right, but you are open to being challenged. On one hand, this speaks of confidence, but on the other, it also shows humility and openness to learning new things.
  14. I am awed at how you consistently make sure to ask about other people’s preferences and opinions on an issue. You do a really good job of making everyone feel included, whether it’s a matter of choosing what to have for team lunch or what strategy to take for work. That, for me, is a true mark of a good leader.
  15. You treat service people so nicely all the time that I truly believe you are sincere in doing it. I think it’s a trait that everyone should have–not being judgmental and being appreciative of other people’s service.
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  1. Your time management skills are amazing. You know how to compute how long an activity should go, and what should come next. Even when it comes down to the wire, you are able to make the most out of whatever time you have left, down to the very last minute. I wish I could have that ability to stay so calm and focused even during crunch time.
  2. I think it’s great that you take Me Time seriously. Whether it’s going on a solo trip, spending the day at the spa, or staying at home wrapped up with a good book, you are able to take care of yourself. And I love the sense of balance that you get out of it.
  3. I love that you love your high heels, but also that you keep a pair of flats in your bag. I think it’s smart and practical. I also love how you make sure you never miss a step in your style.
  4. It’s amazing that you have practically everything you could ever need for a night out in such a small bag. From makeup to emergency aid kits, snacks, and even a sewing kit for accidental wardrobe malfunctions, I can’t believe you manage to fit them all in there somehow. It’s almost like magic.
  5. It’s admirable to me how you never speak ill of anyone ever. Even if it’s about someone you’re not particularly fond of. You’re truly living the valuable life lesson of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.” I think that’s kind of you.
  6. You return your shopping cart to the right place in the parking lot. It’s not that big of a deal for other people, but to me, that speaks a lot about how considerate you are of others–and also of how organized you really are.
  7. I love it when you give me great advice. I also love how you’re such a great listener. Sometimes, though, you do it best when you let us be, saying nothing at all. You let me feel my feelings, and I love how you’re right there beside me to feel through it all when it gets confusing.
  8. You’re awesome for not thinking twice about ordering pizza instead of pushing for a fancy dinner on date nights. Sometimes, logistics and schedule simply can’t work out, but it’s great that you’re down for something more casual. What’s most important to you is that we spend quality time, and I love that.
  9. It’s funny and amusing how you have make-up supplies in your monthly budget, but honestly, I think it’s great that you are able to be financially responsible. As long as you don’t drop the ball on your other needs, you should be able to enjoy what you love for as much as you want. Your budgeting skills are something to strive for.
  10. I love how you are able to stand for yourself in arguments and don’t let anybody else walk all over you, but would also be the first to apologize if you realize you were in the wrong. You are very aware of your value and worth, but at the same time, you don’t let your ego stand in the way of humility when you need it.
  11. I love it when you feel good about the way you look, whether it’s because of a good hair day or you like your new dress. It brings out the glow in you, and confidence shines through.
  12. Your laughter is so hearty and contagious; I can’t help but laugh right along with you. It’s such a serotonin boost, a happy pill, a dose of sunshine. I would love to hear you laugh all the time. You brighten my day.
  13. You know how to take a joke, even if sometimes you’re at the center of it. You can laugh at yourself, but without letting others or yourself put you down. I think that’s a true testament of how well you know yourself, and that you’re confident about it.
  14. I see how you care about your family, and I find that really endearing. Even though things may not be perfect all the time, it’s still great that you make sure to spend and enjoy quality time with them. You inspire me to try harder and do better with my own family relationships.
  15. You’re sure of yourself, but are not afraid to ask for help when you need it. That’s not a sign of weakness; that’s a sign of strength and maturity. Your approach to problem-solving is aspirational. I am also inspired to work on recognizing when I need to ask for myself instead of trying to solve things all on my own.
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Final Thoughts on Complimenting Women

These are just a few of the many compliments you may be able to give a woman that do not focus on her looks.

Remember that it is okay to compliment a woman on how good she looks from time to time; however, you also need to diversify your compliments to let a woman know that you are noticing much more than just her outward appearance.

If you're able to deliver sincere compliments on a wide variety of areas, not only do you have the opportunity to make someone's day, you may also contribute significantly to a woman’s overall self-esteem.

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