35 Popular Crying Memes to Check Out in 2024

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What do you do when you feel down and about to cry?

Do you relieve yourself by shedding tears? Or do you let the feelings pass without acknowledging them?

Crying can actually be quite healthy. Sometimes you just need to let it all out.

But what do you do when you are done crying?

Here’s an idea: Check out these popular crying memes to make yourself feel better!

You may have seen some of these already. If not, we hope they make you laugh and uplift your mood.

Let’s check them out!

1. When you got no money.

What can you do when you have no money for the things you want? Crying is always an option!

2. When you leave things for tomorrow.

I guess that’s what you get for procrastinating. No one’s blaming you—but it probably is your fault.

3. Too late, such luck.

This one is for all the meme creators out there! We feel you. Sometimes you just have to be quicker with your ideas!

4. Bathrooms are for crying.

Here’s a famous Drake meme, tweaked to talk about crying. What do you use the bathroom for? It is a room for relief, after all!

5. When your favorite character dies.

Even though we know characters on TV aren’t real, they can still affect us emotionally—to the point where we actually cry when they die!

6. Designated crying area.

When you find a designated crying area, but your breakdowns are limited to 15 minutes—that causes even more tears!

7. Tears of joy!

We will never get tired of Peter Parker memes. The words of this one are relatable for anyone who has ever had to write an essay at school.

8. Salute!

We can’t think of a time when tears are more appropriate. Salute to this little girl!

9. Sad reality.

Even if you are no longer a student, you probably still have to go back to reality on Monday. Life is tough, but we all have to deal with it.

10. Babies are cute until…

Ok, we know babies are cute and beautiful and lovely and adorable—but you have to admit they are pretty obnoxious every time they throw a fit. Tantrums are the worst, and there’s nothing harder on the ears than a crying baby.

11. Kids vs. Parents

Don’t tell the kids, but parents are in full party mode when summer is over and everyone heads back to school! Meanwhile, students are crying in their notebooks.

12. So near yet so far.

Baby Yoda knows how to portray our frustrations. Send this to your classmate group chat and see if they can relate.

13. The donuts are scared!

Donuts are sensitive, too. Don’t scare them, they might go bad.

14. Dab crying be like…

Here’s another famous and funny meme! It gives new meaning to the question “how was the game?”

15. Hide your feelings!

Oh, that hurts. But you can’t cry because you are a strong, respectable grown-up, and it’s just a phone, right? Who says you can’t? Let those tears flow and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

16. Thanks a lot, YT.

Remember back when YouTube ads weren’t a thing yet? We totally miss those days!

17. Titanic, what?

Anyone who thinks Jack dying in Titanic was the most sad, emotional scene of all time has clearly never watched Spongebob.

18. Something to cry about!

When a friend throws a tantrum for no reason at all, here’s something to do to keep them quiet. Give them something real to cry about.

19. Yep, you’re strong!

Sometimes we feel more than more emotion at once—especially when we are in intense situations and our emotions are very strong. Or when we are looking at funny memes to try to cheer ourselves up.

20. Hush now.

Every sibling has tried to do damage control like this—especially older ones! No one likes to get in trouble, so stop your crying, little sister!

21. Trying to argue without crying.

When you try to argue without crying and you need to maintain your poker face because otherwise the other person will be able to identify your weaknesses!

22. Trying to comfort, but—

Have you tried comforting someone, but ended up making them feel worse instead? We actually think that’s a sign of true, genuine friendship. At least you made an effort!

23. Don’t ask the obvious!

There’s always someone who will ask the obvious question—and there’s also always someone who will respond with sarcasm.

24. No, I’m fine!

Sometimes we try to convince ourselves—and everyone else—that we are fine, even when we aren’t. Remember that it’s ok to not be ok.

25. It’s not fair!

When the odds seem stacked against you and everything feels unfair, at least you have this meme to console you.

26. I’m gonna go cry.

Everything always seems fine until it’s not. Take a lesson from Jake Peralta—sometimes you just have to go and cry it out.

27. Happy for you.

No one is better at covering up his own sadness and pretending to be happy for someone else than Michael Scott. But the camera crew always knows what he’s truly feeling!

28. Laughing and crying.

Sometimes a laugh is just an excuse to cover up some tears. Don’t be ashamed of crying—embrace it when it comes!

29. Is everything ok?

This little guy right here is so pitiful, yet also adorable. It’s cuteness overload, but we can also empathize with the fact that he is overwhelmed.

30. Don’t lose your poise.

We know memes are supposed to be funny, but this one’s is a treasure because it’s so emotional and heartbreaking—and because it is very relatable, especially for anyone who has ever been on the verge of crying but tried to hold it in.

31. I’m not crying, ok?

He’s not crying! Why would think that he is? Send this to anyone who say they’re not crying when it’s very obvious that they are.

32. Have you been crying?

Here’s a meme for those people who can’t help but ask if you’ve been crying, even though it’s obvious that you have.

33. Please stop crying.

You can send this meme to someone who’s crying to try to help them feel better, but make sure you get the timing right. People need to be allowed to cry until they are done.

34. Mondays be like…

You can never have too many Monday memes—they are so relatable! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We all feel this way!

35. Eat even if it’s hard.

Have you ever had to eat while crying? We can’t think of anything harder than that!

We hope that we were able to make you laugh with a few of these crying memes. If you ever feel like you want to cry or are about to break down, come back to this article and enjoy our list.

But remember that it is totally all right to break down and cry sometimes. It’s a great way to process your emotions and you’ll probably feel better afterward!

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