Sigma Male VS Omega Male: 11 Core Differences

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Sigma and Omega are two male types appearing on the socio-sexual hierarchy, a category system created by Theodore Robert Beale, more popularly known as Vox Day. The system of six archetypes ranks men from top to bottom based on their masculinity and personality traits and behavior. Some include dominance, leadership abilities, and male prowess.

The other four male types are Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma. Those curious about male dominance are eager to know how the types compare to one another. A lot has been written about the alpha male, who ranks as the most dominant. His place is at the top of the pecking order.

Society tends to overlook those lower down on the social dominance hierarchy, especially the omega male. He’s positioned at the very bottom.

I believe the other males deserve their time in the spotlight to give them an overview of their strengths and weaknesses. Today we will look at the sigma male vs omega male main differences.

You’ll also learn more about sigma and omega males’ core traits and characteristics, and how they get on in relationships.

What Is a Sigma Male?

A sigma male is a new male type ranked second to the alpha male on the socio-sexual hierarchy. He is best described as an introverted alpha male but with more likable qualities. His most outstanding characteristic is a strong desire for solitude. This behavior has earned him the ‘lone wolf’ title.

Information on this new male archetype began circulating just over a decade ago. Far-right activist and writer, Vox Day, was the one who coined the term “sigma male,” 

Those in the “manosphere” became instantly curious about this male archetype that possess a combination of alpha and beta male traits. He’s portrayed as better than the aggressive, attention-seeking alpha.

Sigma males have a confident, yet reserved and humble persona. They are also revered for their flexibility, self-reliance, and leadership skills.

What Is an Omega Male?

The omega male is the lowest-ranking male archetype and has been stereotyped as the opposite of the alpha male. He’s described as unattractive, socially inept, awkward, and unpopular among women. Sometimes he’s branded as society’s ‘reject’ or an outcast. He’s been labeled as “odd” because he stands out in a crowd, not for his charm, but for his unusually unique behavior.

These descriptions are quite harsh. I feel like the other archetypes, except for sigmas, that aren’t bold and pushy like alpha males are caste as weak men. The creator of the ranking system, Vox Day, doesn’t think much of the omega male. Here’s how he views him:

The omega is the quintessential social reject. The omega is the one who is not even in the game where women are concerned. Whereas the gamma might be the one muttering in his beer to his friends in the corner at the party, nobody ever even thought of inviting the omega.

If you think of it as a contest between the six male types, you’ll realize it’s about keeping the alpha male as the most celebrated archetype. However, positive omega traits are often overlooked, such as laid-back, gentle, self-reliant, empathetic, non-egotistical, and relationship-oriented.

Sigma Males in Romantic Relationships

Sigma males have a mysterious nature that helps them attract women just as easily as alpha males, but without needing to actively chase. The problem, though, is that they’re not hurried for commitment. You’ll have to be skillful to capture their hearts.

They like to think things through carefully and are decisive and intentional. Perhaps, they’re even a bit on the emotionally unavailable side or are happy being alone and single for as long as possible.

omega male personality | delta male personality | sigma male personality
The omega male is the lowest-ranking male archetype and has been stereotyped as the opposite of the alpha male.

They will at least let you know their intentions, compared to other males who tend to play games. When ready to settle down, they are 100% in!

Be warned, however. Their desire for solitude means you’ll need to give them a lot of space to do their thing. It helps if you’re an independent partner who is actively occupied with your career and hobbies.

Omega Males in Romantic Relationships

Omega males are suitable for women who prefer low-intensity relationships with low-maintenance men. These guys fit the bill for many reasons. They are easygoing, mild-mannered, empathetic, and affectionate.

The omega is the kind of man who will be in tune with your emotions and seek to pacify you after a hard day at the job. He’s your cuddle buddy and emotionally supportive partner, which is a sign of emotional maturity. He’d rather hang out with you and watch your favorite chick flick than hang with the boys.

The guy doesn’t conform to societal rules of masculinity. Therefore, he’s willing to take on feminine roles in a relationship, such as cooking and child-rearing. Certain women find these characteristics attractive in a relationship.

13 Important Differences between Sigma Male vs Omega Male

After examining sigma male personality traits alongside omega male traits and characteristics, I won’t exactly say the two are polar opposites. As one writer puts it, they are “as different as night and day” yet equally fascinating!

Their unique traits and the stark differences might account for why sigmas and omegas are ranked number two and number six respectively, on the pecking order. Let’s take a look at the sigma males vs omega male traits and characteristics that set them apart.

#1. Sigma Leads Omega Follows

The quintessential difference when it comes to sigma male vs omega male is their approach to life. One is an innate leader, and the other has no problem following the pack. It’s not surprising, since omegas are on the last tier of the male dominance pyramid.

Of course, a sigma guy doesn’t need a pack to lead, but he attracts people anyway. As a boss, he demonstrates authority without needing to be bossy.

With omegas, they don’t appear interested in taking the lead in anything. They are perfectly fine trailing behind. There’s some good in that. They make great team players because of their willingness to take and follow instructions.

#2. Sigma is Dominant While Omega is Submissive

The omega male reminds us a lot of the beta male, who is also known for being very submissive. As such, he may do well in a female-led relationship. Because he easily gives in and lets others have their way, people mistake that for a lack of control over his life.

He’s the type that willingly allows his partner to make the decisions and simply follows along. He’s out to please, even at the expense of his own dignity.

You won’t get this type of behavior from a sigma man. He’s dominant and assertive, but not as brash as the alpha male. He’s out to please no one but himself. That’s not to say he’s selfish. He gets along well with others due to his charisma and is a leader, not a follower.

#3. Sigma is an Influential Go-Getter but Omega is Too Passive

The so-called introverted alpha male is thought to be just as powerful as extroverted alphas, but with a smooth edge. He doesn’t have to bark to get people to follow his lead. His charisma does the work, and team members love him for that.

On the other hand, they say you can smell the ‘weakness’ of omega males from a distance. Honestly, I think their agreeability is often confused with weakness. What some people see as a weakness in them, others see as a character strength.

However, influential people are influential because they dare to have different opinions. They rebel against laws and traditions they believe are oppressive like sigma males do. One can see why omegas are branded as weak for not possessing those latter sigma traits.

#4. Sigma Shuns Social Connection but Not Omega

The ‘lone wolf’ doesn’t need to belong to or associate with a tribe to feel valued as a person. He’s capable of relying on himself to meet his needs. He’d rather retreat into his shell to think, strategize, and reboot.

His preference comes across as being socially avoidant. Remember sigmas are introverted by nature and introverts are often wrongly labeled as antisocial.

omega male personality | sigma male personality | gamma male
A sigma male is a new male type ranked second to the alpha male on the socio-sexual hierarchy.

While omegas are introverted as well, they don’t mind social connections. The problem is that they could benefit from a how-to-lesson. In other words, no matter how they try, they appear socially awkward.

Masculinity critics say lacking social interaction skills can come from not being raised by a strong authority figure, such as their father.

#5. Sigma Can Be Manipulative When Omega is More Compliant

Sigma males are aware of their charm and finesse, which gives them an easy edge over people.

They may use their ability to influence others to get them to comply, even if it involves using subtle manipulation strategies. Think of the Raymond Reddington character in the Netflix series, The Blacklist.

Manipulation is seen as a good tactic in this dog-eat-dog world if it’s done for good and not evil purposes, as seen with malignant narcissists.

Your typical omega male isn’t really wired to manipulate others to get their way. They are more straightforward.

They will express their needs, even if it’s not as eloquent as a sigma male speaks. You’ll find they are agreeable and are willing to please more than pushing back, arguing, or competing.

#6. Sigma’s Introversion is Motivated by Choice and Omega by Low Self-Esteem

Both sigma and omega males share traits of an introverted personality, such as staying to themselves. However, their introversion is influenced by distinct factors.

Critics believe sigma introversion comes from being innately self-reliant. Sigmas don’t feel they need a crowd to be successful. In their minds, their confidence, passion, and intelligence will help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

While there’s a connection between social withdrawal and isolation and low self-esteem, omega guys desire to be in touch. So, poor self-esteem may not be the reason for their introverted traits. Furthermore, introversion does not always mean being socially anxious or avoidant.

Omega men just don’t seem to have that quick wit and alluring charm like sigmas do that draw people in. Accepting their personality limitations is likely what causes them to shy away from socializing and not because of low self-esteem.

#7. Sigmas are Doers and Omegas Prefer to Preach

For change to occur, we need people who will expose oppression and those who are ready to do the hard work to influence change.

Omega males are more inclined to highlight the social problem and leave it there. Sigma males will spend time brainstorming solutions and orchestrating ways to stop corruption and injustice.

Omegas are interested in being heard mainly for recognition and validation but aren’t willing to get their hands dirty. That part requires aggressiveness and pushing past systemic boundaries to achieve changes in things like policies and laws.

By nature, omegas aren’t aggressors. Even though sigmas aren’t as pushy and controlling as alpha males, they aren’t afraid to use subtle aggression or manipulation to influence change.

#8. Sigma Doesn’t Commit Easily Whereas Omega is Relationship Inclined

Omega males are wired for close relationships. Remember they are affectionate by nature and emotionally in touch with themselves and others. Sigmas are emotionally intelligent and self-aware but committed relationships aren’t really a priority. The ‘lone wolves’ love the freedom to roam as they please without having to answer to a romantic partner.

Besides, they have to warm up to the idea of commitment, whereas omegas are willing to dive right in. This particular sigma male vs omega male difference makes omegas far more suited to women who are relationship oriented.

#9. Sigma is Driven Toward Success but Omega Has Unusual Interests

Both types of males are introverted, but sigma uses their time in solitude constructively. For example, planning a business venture or a corporate takeover. The guy is driven and eager to succeed by leveraging his knowledge and leadership skills.

On the other hand, the omega guy’s mind isn’t normally preoccupied with that kind of stuff. He’s said to have odd or unusual interests and hobbies.

He’s always down for video games, lounging around, and being less than productive. His knack for creativity does make it easier for him to land a career in the arts, design, and creative expression. For example, being a comedian–perfect for a man who enjoys being silly.

#10. Sigma Takes Life Seriously While Omega is a Child at Heart

A sigma male is a man on a mission. He has plans, goals, and dreams to fulfill and a desire to leave his mark on the world. Not the omega man.

six male personality types test | male personality types test | alpha beta gamma delta omega sigma personality test
Omega men just don’t seem to have that quick wit and alluring charm like sigmas do that draw people in.

Besides having unusual interests, you may notice a common theme that cuts across almost all of the literature out there on omega males.

They refuse to grow up. They are playful even when they should be taking things seriously. That’s how they approach life–carefree and lighthearted.

#11. Attracting a Mate is Easy for a Sigma but Not an Omega

When it comes to attracting women, the omega man has nothing on his sigma rival. He has to chase and lure women.

On the other hand, his competitor has a natural way with the ladies. They gravitate to him. He can pick and choose and has the luxury of holding off on commitment. He’s confident there will be a woman to settle down with once he’s ready.

Omega typically blends in, unlike a sigma guy. You’ll more easily notice a sigma in a room full of people because of his mysterious aura. He turns heads, and that makes him more memorable than an omega guy.

Sigma Male vs Omega MaleWho Is Better?

Here’s the thing. No single male archetype is perfect or better than the other. They all have unique and positive traits. One may have more peculiar traits than others. Rest assured, they all have character flaws that some people may have an issue with and others overlook.

Whether you’re a sigma or omega, knowing how your traits compare to the rest of the clan lets you see why you act differently. You can capitalize on your positive traits to build a successful career or business, and form healthy relationships.

I do think the omega male can grow on you if you take him as he is instead of comparing him with the higher-ranking archetypes.

Final Thoughts on Sigma Male vs Omega Male Differences

The sigma male is sometimes regarded as the new, improved, modern-day alpha male. Omegas are relegated to the bottom tier of the hierarchy. As far as their traits go, you can look at them as positive or negative.

Many people think sigma males are socially avoidant and full of themselves. Others view them as intuitive, deep thinkers, and good decision-makers since they spend a lot of time reflecting and introspecting.

The amiable, agreeable nature of omega males can be a plus. Arguably, they have traits that make them better that alpha males. Alpha male supporters would say, “not by a long shot!”

Fortunately, omega males can develop their masculine traits if they’re not happy with their qualities or how society views them. Who knows, they might not give a damn. They may be happy with themselves the way beta males are. Beta males are loyal followers.

Do you find the sigma male personality appealing? Check out 11 Steps to Be More of a Sigma Male.

Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

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