50 Quick Things to Do When You’re Feeling Down

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Have you been feeling down lately?

Or are you looking for some great ideas that can help you improve your mood?

We all have those down moments when we feel unenthusiastic about life. It seems like no matter what we do, we can’t get ahold of ourselves, and things just continuously fall apart.

But during those times, there are always ways to get rid of those negative thoughts. There are a lot of things you can do to lift your spirit and boost your morale.

In this post, we share with you 50 ideas you can use to give yourself a shot of positivity. They won’t take too much of your time, as you only need 30 minutes or less to complete them mot of them.

Let’s get to the list!

1. Listen to your favorite music.

Studies show that listening to feel-good music can make you feel happy. This is because it stimulates the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for our feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

2. Play with your pet.

Animals and pets bring us peace and joy. There is just something in them that simply makes you feel better!

3. Do something fun.

Play around the house—or wherever you are—and enjoy a fun activity. If rest is not what you need, then a bit of an enjoyable break might do the trick.

4. Look through old photographs.

It is always nice to look back and remember happy days from the past. It puts a smile on your face whenever you reminisce about the good old days.

5. Find something to laugh at.

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Check out videos for a good, heartfelt laugh.

They say that laughter is the best medicine—and they aren’t kidding. Check out funny YouTube videos or Internet memes for a good, heartfelt laugh.

6. Revisit messages.

Go through old text messages, emails, or voicemails that can bring back happy memories. Doing so will remind you of how loved and appreciated you are.

7. Read self-help books or blogs.

Or simply ready anything that you know will inspire you! A chapter or two won’t take too much of your time.

8. Doodle on a piece of paper.

You do not need to be an artist to be able to draw. Show your artistic side by simply drawing anything you want. Note that any form of art can actually help get rid of the negative emotions you are feeling.

9. Do some coloring.

Get yourself a coloring book and a new set of crayons. It is nice to feel like a kid again—it helps take your stress away.

10. Fly a kite.

Flying a kite gives you a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. There is just something about flying a kite that can increase your happiness, without requiring too much effort on your part.

11. Pop that bubble wrap.

You have probably done this once or twice—or many times in your life. Doesn’t it feel great? Bubble wrap is not just for securing new or breakable items. It is also there to alleviate all of your stress and anxiety.

12. Decorate your working space.

Having a messy working table or space can fill your mind with chaos. It is nice to tidy up and redecorate your working space every once in a while—this opens your mind to alternative perspectives.

13. Play or learn a musical instrument.

Have you ever wondered where musicians get their inspiration? They are at their best when they are feeling either overly happy or extremely sad. Use your emotional state to inspire you to create music. Who knows? You might be this generation’s Sinatra!

14. Watch cute videos.

While you are busy scrolling through your Facebook feed or YouTube channel, why not check out cute videos of cats and dogs? They are great stress-relievers!

15. Wrap yourself up in soft blankets.

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Have fun by wrapping yourself up in soft blankets.

Grab a bunch of blankets and bed sheets and wrap yourself up like a burrito. There is no logical basis for this—it is simply a fun thing to do to cheer yourself up!

16. Cook something.

Go to the kitchen and experiment with the raw food in your fridge. Cook something for yourself and appreciate your invention. Even if it doesn’t taste great, you get an A+ for the effort!

17. Collect old clothes to donate.

Search through your closet and look for some old clothes you can donate to volunteer groups or care homes. Instead of wasting your energy thinking about sad things, do something that will benefit your soul and other people.

18. Go for a walk or a quick run.

Get out of your house and take a walk or run at the park, or around the neighborhood. Walking and running helps clear your head and gets rid of the negative thoughts.

19. Go for a bike ride.

 If you are too tired to walk or run, you can take your bike (or rent one) for a 30-minute bike ride. This is a great way to enjoy nature.

20. Drink water or your favorite drink.

Drinking a nice, cold beverage gives you that invigorating freshness you need to reset your day. It puts you in a better, more revitalized, relaxed mood.

21. Rest or take a nap.

You are probably feeling down because you are tired. Sometimes, you just really need to pause for awhile and recharge.

22. Eat a healthy snack.

Most people eat junk food when they feel sad—don’t get caught in that trap! Do the opposite and eat something healthy like fruits, nuts, or vegetables. Your body will thank your for choosing a healthier, happier lifestyle.

23. Eat ice cream or pizza.

Then again…eating junk food is not always bad. There are those times when you need your comfort food, and that is perfectly okay. Just make sure that you do not do this as a regular get-out-of-a-rut routine.

24. Drink some tea or have a coffee break.

Tea can make you happy due to the calmness and relaxation it brings. Meanwhile, coffee releases dopamine, which gives you pleasure. So whenever you feel a little down, spend some time brewing and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

25. Meditate or spend time doing yoga.

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Meditation and yoga have a lot of benefits, particularly when it comes to increasing happiness.

You are probably aware of the many benefits that meditation and yoga can bring, particularly when it comes to increasing happiness. If you do not know how to meditate or do yoga positions, consider taking a class or getting a book to teach you.

26. Exercise those muscles.

Exercise is another way to release those famous dopamine hormones. Plus, it isn’t just the “healthiness” of it that makes you feel happy; you also feel a sense of accomplishment whenever you finish a routine.

Working regularly can contribute to a greater sense of happiness and well-being.

27. Embrace the sun.

Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. It is best to do this during the early morning, although you can bask just about any time you want. Wait for the sun to shine and welcome it with arms wide open and let it help ease your morning anxiety.

28. Be spontaneous.

Let go of your routine and old, boring habits. Experiment by doing something that you have never tried before.

29. Hug someone.

Look for your mom in the kitchen, your dad in the garage, or your older or younger sibling in the living room. You probably just need a warm, sincere hug to lift your mood.

30. Cry yourself a river.

Crying is another way to release those pent up emotions inside you. If you feel like you want to be dramatic for a while, don’t restrict yourself. Let the crying ease your pain.

31. Get something done.

One easy way to get rid of those negative thoughts is to get some work done. It may be a deadline for work, a household chore you need to finish, or a project you have been working on since the start of the year. Whatever it is, make yourself productive.

32. Take a bath.

Shower all that stress and negative thoughts away. Take a warm, relaxing bath, complete with essential oils and fragrant soaps.

33. Watch the stars or clouds.

Go to your rooftop on a cozy night and enjoy watching the stars. Alternatively, sit outside your veranda and appreciate the lovely movement of the clouds. You will be surprised how relaxing this activity is.

34. Dance and move around.

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Dancing from the heart will help lift your spirits up.

Who cares if you aren’t a professional dancer? Everyone can dance. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not—what matters is that you do it from the heart.

35. Go to a playground.

Be a kid again and swing until you are exhausted. Or call your best friend and ask him or her to play on the seesaw or monkey bars with you. Feeling like a kid again can definitely lift your mood.

36. Soak your feet in hot water.

Doing this helps to regulate the blood flow throughout your body. There is no scientific explanation of how it affects happiness, but it just feels so great and amazing that you might get addicted to the feeling.

37. Sing your favorite songs.

Singing is another way to release those dopamine hormones. When you sing, you are exercising your inner muscles, triggering the positive effects of exercise and breathing.

Looking for song ideas? Check out these roundups:

38. Daydream.

Think about that time when you wanted to become a famous actor or actress. Or simply imagine the path you are planning to take to achieve your dreams. It is nice to daydream sometimes—it gives you hope and inspiration.

Don't engage in it too much though! There is such a thing as maladaptive daydreaming.

39. Pause and reflect.

You might feel like you are running out of time, as if life is rushing by too fast. During those times, take a moment to pause for a while and reflect on the things you have accomplished so far.

40. Try to reach out.

Call your best friend and tell him or her about what you feel. Don’t bottle up those negative feelings—let them go.

41. Write your heart out.

If calling a friend is not an option, or not something you feel like doing, writing down what you are feeling is an alternative. Release your emotions with the help of a pen and paper.

42. Try to prioritize.

When you start to feel down and depressed, it is probably because you feel like your life is out of balance. If this is the case, take a break and start re-organizing your priorities.

43. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Be nice to yourself—your failures do not define who you are. Look at the mirror and tell yourself how wonderfully made you are.

44. Create an affirmation message for yourself.

feeling down for no reason | feeling down today | feeling down in the dumps
Create an affirmation message for yourself and be reminded of how amazing you are as a person.

Think of something positive you want to tell yourself, and write it down on a small piece of paper. Post it in a place where you can always see it so that you will always be reminded of how amazing you are as a person.

If you're looking for affirmation ideas, check out these blog posts:

45. Unplug and disconnect.

Get off the Internet every once in a while, even just for 30 minutes. Sometimes our stress comes from everything we see on our social media platforms.

46. Do something beautiful for yourself.

For women, you can dye your hair or do a quick makeover to boost your confidence. For men, style your hair or look for good fashion combinations.

Taking care of yourself is essential for your health, happiness, and success in life. Here are some self-care day ideas you can try.

47. Make a list of what is making you sad.

To be truly happy, you need to understand yourself and determine why you are feeling whatever it is that you are feeling. If you know what aspect of your life you need to improve, you can easily create strategies to make things better.

48. Write a letter to your future self.

Pretend that you are writing to the future version of yourself. Include the challenges you have already overcome, the things you are proud of right now, or anything you would like your future self to remember about this present time.

When you are done, keep that letter for a later date. Someday you might be surprised by what you wrote!

49. Take some time to be grateful.

Replace those unwanted emotions with feelings of appreciation and gratitude. When you start feeling grateful for the things you have, you turn your negative feelings into positive ones.

50. Pray.

When all else fails (or even if it doesn’t), prayer can turn your day around. No matter whom they are addressed to, prayers have power—even if it’s just in making you feel better.

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Final Thoughts on What To Do When Feeling Down

Life may not always be as fun as we want it to be. There will always be those moments when it’s going to drag you down and make you feel like you are definitely not winning.

But don’t let life get you down. You just need to take a break, and then you will be back on your feet.

We hope that with the ideas we provided above, you were able to find ways to improve your mood whenever you feel stressed-out or beaten down.

Remember, that rut you are in is just a temporary state—you will always find your way back toward a better, happier life.

And if you're looking for more resources on how to handle feeling down, check out these blog posts:

Finally, one proven way to improve your happiness and life satisfaction is to focus on goals that truly matter. To get started, check out this FREE printable worksheet and a step-by-step process that will help you set effective SMART goals.

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