160 Simple Toddler Affirmations to Boost their Confidence

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Children can begin to internalize negative messages about themselves and their abilities from an early age, impacting their attitude and confidence for a lifetime. Positive toddler affirmations can counter those messages, giving kids the foundation they need to be happier and achieve more in their lifetimes.

Why Simple Toddler Affirmations are Important to Boost their Confidence

Young children can internalize negative messages about themselves, which can last a lifetime. Negative self-talk can create limiting beliefs that prevent adults from realizing their true potential, inhibiting their confidence and happiness, and many of these beliefs originate in childhood.

Positive toddler affirmations can help to counteract these negative messages, improving self-esteem and confidence and, in turn, improving childhood social relationships and success in school.

Positive affirmations are especially effective for children exposed to negative messages about their gender, body type, skin color, and other groups they may belong to, improving their performance in an academic setting.

Children need to hear positive messages about their values, abilities, behaviors, and interests rather than positive messages about their appearance or external attributes that are out of their control.

Affirming a child’s core values and abilities helps establish confidence and build the growth mindset that will benefit them for a lifetime.

160 Simple Toddler Affirmations to Boost their Confidence

  1. I am kind
  2. I breathe in; I breathe out
  3. I’m learning
  4. I try everything new
  1. I’ll try again
  2. It’s OK
  3. I’m OK
  4. I’m happy
  5. I can sing
  6. I can think
  7. I can smile
  8. I can go!
  9. I can be still
  10. I love people
  11. I’m a good listener
  12. I love animals
  13. I love plants
  14. I’m a good friend
  15. I love flowers
  16. I’m helpful
  17. I love trees
  18. I’m a good brother/sister
Toddler Affirmations - I’m a good brother/sister | affirmations for preschoolers | toddler affirmation video | positive affirmations for my daughter
  1. I do my best
  2. Mommy loves me
  3. Daddy loves me
  4. I love mommy
  5. I love daddy
  6. I am happy
  7. I have fun
  8. I make friends
  9. I’m not scared
  10. I’m brave
  11. School is fun
  12. I have friends
  13. I remember
  14. I feel feelings
  15. I am strong
  16. I am safe
  17. I am big
  18. I don’t quit
  19. I am smart
  20. I can do it
  21. I’m cool
  22. I’m good at learning
  23. I’m good at trying new things

I’m good at trying new things”

  1. I don’t give up
  2. This is a great day
  3. I am lucky to be me
  4. I am important
  5. I work hard
  6. I am fun
  7. I like to laugh
  8. I have good ideas
  9. I am growing every day
  10. I learn every day
  11. I make good choices
  12. I am not afraid
  13. I am not a quitter
  14. I am proud of myself
  15. I keep going
  16. I have a happy life
  17. Today is a happy day
  18. I do my best today
  19. My family loves me
  20. It’s OK to make mistakes
Toddler Affirmations - It’s OK to make mistakes | morning affirmations for kids | positive affirmations for my son | positive affirmations for babies
  1. It’s OK to try again
  2. It’s OK to be sad
  3. It’s OK to be mad
  4. I can say my feelings
  5. People listen to me
  6. I have a lot of ideas
  7. I do the best I can
  8. My feelings are important
  9. I ask good questions
  10. I listen to my mommy
  11. I listen to my daddy
  12. I listen to my teachers
  13. I listen to my friends
  14. I like to move around
  15. I figure things out when I try
  16. People like me
  17. I am friendly
  18. I can do hard things
  19. I can help
  20. I like being me
  21. There’s no one like me
  22. I am special
  23. Everything is OK
  24. It’s smart to keep trying
  25. I get better and better
  26. I do the right thing
  27. I don’t hurt anyone
  28. I laugh every day
  29. I am healthy
  30. There is nobody else like me
  31. I choose to be happy
  32. I like the whole world
  33. It’s OK to ask why
  34. I don’t know everything, and that’s OK

I don’t know everything, and that’s OK”

  1. I choose to be friendly
  2. I choose to learn
  3. I like learning
  4. I have a kind heart
  5. I have a smart mind
  6. I can ask for help when I want
  7. I have a strong body
  8. Every day is exciting
  9. I have beauty inside
  10. I belong to me
  11. I like to be myself
  12. I am just right
  13. I have a lot of questions
  14. I have fun every day
  15. I have everything I need
  16. Sometimes I get frustrated, and that’s OK
  17. I can do cool things
  18. I try new things
  19. I’m growing every day
  20. I help my family
  21. I can work
  22. I can play
  23. My family takes care of me
  24. I take care of my family
  25. I am the boss of my body
  26. I like to take care of myself
  27. I like to choose for myself
  28. I know how to share
  29. I am gentle
  30. Sometimes I need help, and that is OK
  31. I feel tired sometimes, and that’s OK
Toddler Affirmations - I feel tired sometimes, and that’s OK | toddler affirmation cards | affirmations for toddler girl | toddler affirmation video
  1. It is easy to be happy
  2. It is easy to learn
  3. I can do lots of fun things
  4. I have lots of choices
  5. I help my friends
  6. I can do great things
  7. I am powerful
  8. I am loved
  9. I keep trying
  10. Sometimes I feel scared, and that’s OK
  11. I like being myself
  12. Everybody is different, even me
  13. I listen to my feelings
  14. I can ask for help
  15. My friends can help me

My friends can help me”

  1. My family can help me
  2. Today is great
  3. I am honest
  4. I feel great today
  5. Mommy is proud of me
  6. Daddy is proud of me
  7. I do my chores at home
  8. If I can’t do something, I try again
  9. I like figuring things out for myself
  10. I feel happy with my family
  11. Sometimes I mess up, but it always works out OK
Toddler Affirmations - Sometimes I mess up, but it always works out OK | positive affirmations for my daughter | affirmations for preschoolers | morning affirmations for kids
  1. I get better every day
  2. I am important
  3. I am special
  4. I like to feel special and important

How to Use Simple Toddler Affirmations to Boost their Confidence

Here are some ways to use confidence-boosting affirmations with very young children.

Begin By Affirming Your Child

Take time to recognize and appreciate your child's positive attitudes, behaviors, and attributes. Get on their eye level, affirm these qualities with statements like “you are so generous with your toys” or “you did a great job sticking with that task,” and hug them. This type of recognition and affirmation is deeply meaningful to children and helps lay the foundation for their own self-affirmations.

Repeat Affirmations Together

As you use positive affirmations daily, perhaps as part of your morning or evening routine, include your toddler. Alternate saying your affirmations out loud while smiling at yourself in the mirror, so you are modeling self-affirming behavior for your child.

Invent an Affirmation Song

Simple songs are incredibly memorable, and small children love singing along with their families. Invent a simple song that includes the child’s positive affirmations, sing it together while driving, doing chores, etc.

Make Affirmations Part of Learning and Homework

Children can use positive affirmations while practicing spelling, handwriting, and other learning activities. Get creative and ask them to count how many things they like about themselves or create affirmations using specific letters.

Make “Affirmation Games”

Some ideas for positive affirmation games for children might be:

  • Ask the child something they like about themselves, then ask them to draw a picture of what that looks like
  • Ask the child something they did today that made them feel good, and act out that feeling with them
  • Create a toddler vision board by drawing, cutting out, or coloring pictures that describe their positive attributes, things they want to learn or try, or things they value and enjoy, and pasting those pictures onto a collage
  • Create a toddler gratitude journal by asking them to name something they are grateful for every day and writing it down together
  • Make a “good mood treasure chest” with your toddler. Make and decorate a fun box, then cut out paper circles to resemble “coins.” Help the child write or draw a positive statement about themselves on each coin, perhaps creating a new coin every day. When the child is feeling low, encourage them to shake up the box and choose a coin to affirm their values and confidence.

These positive activities can be incorporated into a toddler’s daily routine or part of play therapy activities for the family. Regular use of positive toddler affirmations will shape a child’s positive core beliefs about themselves and their abilities, improve their confidence and mindset, and create the foundation for a lifetime of success and happiness.

Final Thoughts on Simple Toddler Affirmations to Boost their Confidence

It is never too early to shape a child’s positive self-image and counteract negative messages. Making positive toddler affirmations part of your daily family life and incorporating them into different activities helps to create a positive mindset and a lifetime of benefits.

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