14 ESTJ Strengths and Weaknesses for This Personality Type

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Personalities go beyond just being outgoing or shy. Matter of fact, there are 16 various personality categories according to Carl Jung. The ESTJ personality is one of them. Among the full list of personality types from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, this group makes up around 8-12% of the entire population.

When it comes to extroverts, people with the ESTJ personality are definitely at the top of that list. These extroverts are not just the life of the party – they are the ones organizing and throwing the party in the first place. They live for social interaction and love being surrounded by people.

Let's learn more about these take-charge personalities.

What is the ESTJ Personality?

The ESTJ personality type is one of the 16 personality types according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). People with this personality type are often described as practical, traditional, analytical, and goal-oriented. It stands for Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging.

These personality types are often seen as hardworking and efficient. They like to be in control and are often very good at organizing people and resources. ESTJs are usually good at following rules and procedures, since they value tradition and order.

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ESTJs are usually very good at communicating their thoughts and ideas.

You will often see people with this personality in jobs that require them to be in charge of others, such as managers, executives, and administrators. They may also do well in jobs that require them to be detail-oriented and analytical, such as accounting or engineering.

If you are friends with an ESTJ, you may find them to be loyal and reliable. They are often good at giving advice and offering help when needed. However, they may also be very blunt and direct. They can sometimes be overbearing and bossy.

7 Strengths of the ESTJ Personality

1. Hardworking

ESTJs are known for their hard work and dedication. They are often the first to arrive at work and the last to leave. They are always looking for ways to be more productive and efficient.

So, it is no surprise when people with these personality types end up in leadership positions like CEO or manager.

2. Organized

If you need help organizing your life or projects, ask an ESTJ. They are naturally good at taking charge and getting things done. ESTJs usually have a plan for everything. Whether they are dealing with people or resources, they like to have things under control.

When it is time to plan your dream wedding, you may want to call on an ESTJ friend. These detail-oriented people will be more than happy to help you plan every last detail, from the guest list to the menu.

3. Good Communicators

ESTJs are usually very good at communicating their thoughts and ideas. They are often quick thinkers and can easily find the right words to say in any situation. This trait helps them excel in jobs that require public speaking or writing.

On a personal level, you never have to wonder what your ESTJ friend or spouse is thinking. They will always tell you exactly how they feel.

4. Logical

When it comes to dealing with problems, ESTJs usually prefer to use logic and reasoning. They are not the type of people to let their emotions get in the way of making a decision. It is one of the reasons why you often see them in jobs that require critical thinking, such as law or medicine.

If you need someone to talk to after a break-up, an ESTJ is not the best choice. But if you need help fixing your car or figuring out your taxes, they are the perfect person to call.

5. Goal-Oriented

ESTJs are usually very goal-oriented. For example, they may set a goal to get promoted at work or to save up for a new car. Once they have set their sights on a goal, they will work hard to achieve it.

In many cases, the goal may come first and the details will be worked out later. This can sometimes lead to impulsiveness, but it also means that ESTJs are usually very driven and successful.

6. Confident

People with the ESTJ personality type are often very confident in their abilities. They are not afraid to take risks and usually believe in their own abilities. So be surprised when your ESTJ classmate runs for class president and wins.

entj strengths and weaknesses | istj strengths and weaknesses | esfj strengths and weaknesses
A person with the ESTJ personality type are often very confident in their abilities.

This confidence can sometimes be seen as arrogance, but it is usually just the ESTJ’s way of showing their faith in themselves.

7. Leader

Many ESTJs are born leaders. They are often the ones in charge at work or in their personal lives. They are usually very good at motivating and inspiring others to achieve their goals. As a result, many ESTJs end up in leadership positions.

7 Weaknesses of the ESTJ Personality

1. Overbearing

ESTJs can sometimes be overbearing and bossy. They like to be in control and may have difficulty delegating tasks or authority. This can make it difficult for them to work equally with others at times. The overbearing personality trait can also cause tension in friendships.

2. Stubborn

ESTJs can be very stubborn and inflexible. They usually have a set way of doing things and may refuse to change their methods, even if it would be more efficient. This steadfastness can make it difficult for them to adapt to new situations or take advantage of opportunities.

3. Insensitive

While people with this type of personality are usually good at communicating their thoughts and ideas, they can also be insensitive to the feelings of others. They may not realize when they are being too blunt or direct. This can make them seem insensitive or uncaring at times.

4. Impatient

Unfortunately, patience is not a virtue that comes naturally to ESTJs. They usually want things done now and may have difficulty waiting for results. This trait can make them seem impulsive or rash at times. So, an ESTJ may make a decision without considering all the options.

5. Workaholic

The ESTJ work ethic is admirable, but it can also be a weakness. These individuals may have difficulty relaxing or taking time for themselves. They may work long hours and have trouble enjoying their personal lives.

esfj strengths and weaknesses | estj weaknesses in relationships | estj personality traits
An ESTJ may work long hours and have trouble enjoying their personal lives.

It is typical for an ESTJ to put their work before their family and friends. Don't be surprised if your ESTJ friend keeps checking their phone during dinner or cancels plans at the last minute because of work.

6. Overly Serious

Since people with this type are often confident and goal-oriented, they may come across as overly serious. They may have difficulty enjoying life and need to learn to relax. Their strong sense of duty can also make them seem inflexible and unyielding at times.

7. Perfectionist

The ESTJ personality type is often described as a perfectionist. This means that they may have high standards for themselves and others. They may be critical of themselves and others when these standards are not met.

While high standards are great, many ESTJs must learn to accept themselves and others' imperfections.

Final Thoughts on the ESTJ Personality

ESTJs are confident, logical, and goal-oriented individuals. They are often natural leaders and have a strong work ethic. However, they can also be overbearing, stubborn, and insensitive at times.

If you are dating an ESTJ, be prepared for a serious relationship. They will likely want to get married and have a family at some point, but you may have to get used to them taking work calls during dinner.

Overall, ESTJs are great friends, partners, and colleagues. Just be prepared for their bluntness and high standards. You can take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test to see where you stand on the extrovert vs introvert scale.

And, learn more about the pros and cons of some introvert traits by reading our article, 14 INFJ Strengths and Weaknesses for this Personality Type.

Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

estj strengths and weaknesses | istj strengths and weaknesses | entj strengths and weaknesses
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