35 Words of Encouragement for Someone Going Through IVF

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In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a complex, rigorous, and expensive procedure. On top of that, the period of going through IVF cycles is often a sensitive and distressing time for women, who’ve already had to deal with the stress of not getting pregnant on their own. For those reasons alone, offering words of encouragement for someone going … Read more

46 Powerful Words of Encouragement for Your Granddaughter

words of encouragement for granddaughter | to my beautiful granddaughter quotes | words to describe my granddaughter

When you become a grandparent, you’ve reached a special milestone in your life. Forming a bond with your grandchildren is something they will take with them for the rest of their lives. And of course, it’s something that will bring any grandparent joy. Having a granddaughter is especially sweet.  After all, you now have yet … Read more

61 Words of Encouragement to Comfort Someone with Depression

words of encouragement depression | words of encouragement for someone with depression | words of encouragement for someone with depression and anxiety

Chances are, someone you know personally in your family, on your job, in your neighborhood, in church, or civic organization is suffering from depression.  It may even be you that is depressed.  Love and support from those closest to you or close to a depressed person you know can be the lifeline needed to bring … Read more

45 Inspiring Words of Encouragement for Athletes

words of encouragement for athletes | encouraging words for student athletes | short motivational words for athletes

Even though you are blessed and gifted with the ability to run fast, jump high, and exhibit incredible feats of strength… it still does you mind and soul good to receive words of encouragement.  Whether in sports or life, setbacks and defeat are certain.  Those unfortunate circumstances are sure to bring pain and frustration.  And … Read more

85 Positive Words of Encouragement for Students

words of encouragement for students from teachers | wonderful words of encouragement for college students | encouraging words for students during this time

When you know a student is struggling with coursework and staying motivated, will words of encouragement help motivate and inspire them? You bet they will!  In fact, research studies investigating the power of verbal encouragement found that college students receiving encouragement from counselors reported they felt more empowered to earn their degree and make better … Read more

55 Important Words of Encouragement for a Caregiver

words of encouragement for a caregiver | exhausted caregiver quotes | caregivers quotes

Imagine having a career where you spend your days with people experiencing the roughest times of their lives. Additionally, you never walk into a situation where all is well… where people have a cheerful disposition and the environment is chilled and relaxed.   In many instances, the well-being of a person’s loved one is placed squarely on … Read more

50 Words of Encouragement for Soldiers & Military Members

words of encouragement for soldiers | short badass military quotes | short military quotes

Words of encouragement can be personal feelings or quotes that motivate, inspire, and spread love. They are meant to give hope and courage to anyone and everyone. From the anxious and sad, to the lonely and scared… no matter what the situation. These words can resonate with a child going to their first day of school from an elderly person going … Read more