20 Famous Fictional Characters with ISTJ Personality

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ISTJ personality types are one of the most common and powerful out there. ISTJ people are incredibly realistic, practical, traditional, and systematic. Think of people that are smart, introverted, love tradition, and stick by their values. They aren’t the “unicorn” of personalities, they are real.  In fact, examples of some real-life people with ISTJ personalities include: … Read more

31 Famous Fictional Characters with INFP Personality

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I’m sure you’ll agree that fictional characters’ personalities can seem fascinating. One of my favorite characters is Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Actor Johnny Depp portrays the character beautifully and stays true to his personality type.  When I see the way fictional characters display their given personality traits throughout their lifespan on the … Read more

7 Top Highly Sensitive Tests & Quizzes for 2024

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What does it mean to be a highly sensitive person? Do you want to know if you are one? IDRlabs explains that people with high sensitivity are those with brains that are able to “process sensory information more deeply than others.” Often, they are misunderstood as being “shy” and “introverted.” Being highly sensitive can be … Read more