29 Funny INFP Memes to Laugh at Your Introversion

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Are you an INFP, or what they call a “mediator?”

INFPs are introspective to the core. They try to listen to the people around them as much as they can. They also try to put themselves in other people’s shoes to understand what it feels like to be in their situation.

If you are an INFP, then we’re pretty sure you are probably a meme-lover, too! Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of the funniest INFP memes to give you a bit of a chuckle.

These memes are super relatable, and we bet you will know exactly what they are talking about.

Let’s check them out!

1. Adopt your diplomat.

You just have to pick your poison—we mean diplomat. Just make sure you are the patient, nurturing type!

2. Too real.

It’s not that INFPs don’t like to work. There is just something in the workplace that makes them want to draw those 25 UNO cards instead.

3. Sorry, bestie.

When your best friend comes and invites you to go out, but you just want to lie in your bed by yourself all night.

4. Don’t mess up the logic!

Don’t think that you can define us with your logic! INFP usually do love animals, but that’s not necessarily because they are INFPs!

5. Imagination vs. Real Life

INFPs have a lot to say, but like all other introverts, they sometimes struggle to get it out. If you listen long enough, though, you’ll realize how powerful their points are.

6. Why, You ENTPs?!

Why do ENTPs love torturing INFPs? They know our weaknesses!

7. Finally!

Thinking outside the box is a common trait of perceivers. It always feels good to see other people willing to step outside of their comfort zones and considering new ideas.

8. Amateurs!

We are guessing that most INFPs would agree INTPs are the ultimate introverts. But that’s not to take anything away from INFPs status!

9. Pick your nerd.

Do you love nerds? According to the 16 categories under Myers-Briggs, these are the personalities commonly associated with being a “nerd.” They are all just really smart!

10. Aren’t they the same?

When you ask someone what the difference is between an INFP and a person with social anxiety and depression, all INFPs will eventually have to admit this—and then laugh it off.

11. High five!

Help, help—of wait, is that an ENTP up there? My INFP friends and I are doomed!

12. I’m scared!

There are times when INFPs don’t want to face reality, but at some point, we all have to!

13. Cheers to all INFPs!

No one is going to debate the size of an INFP’s heart. If you have an INFP friend, you should take the time to show your gratitude and let them speak. They need a therapist, too.

14. Is it just an INFP thing?

If you are an INFP, are you doomed to a life of solitude? We don’t think so—at least, we hope not!

15. Share your story.

The rest of the world feels heartless to many INFPs. Maybe you just haven’t found your supportive community yet!

16. INFP as mediators.

INFPs are natural mediators, but you may not be aware of how much it tires them out. If you have an INFP friend, try your best not to exhaust their kindness and patience.

17. INFP spotted.

When your friends are all extroverts and they come barging into your house all at once. Stop! Go away!

18. This is too much pressure!

Here’s the perfect portrayal of an INFP when faced with too much pressure. We wish you luck!

19. INFP hobbies.

How relatable is this?! We know a few INFPs, and they can attest to the truth of this meme. Life is all about having fun…alone, in a little corner of your room.

20. INFP stare.

Here comes the INFP stare! Good luck to anyone who finds themselves on the receiving end of it! At least it’s not the INTP stare….

21. ENFP vs. INTJ vs. INFP

ENFP is always aggressively chasing after things, INFP shyly slinks away, and INTJ just ignores everyone else completely. Does that sound about right?

22. This can’t happen!

Being an intuitive isn’t always easy—but it’s still a gift. You just have to learn to control it.

23. Please, stop talking.

Intuitives are easily overwhelmed when they are surrounded by too many noisy people. They need a calm environment, or things are likely to go haywire!

24. INFP moment.

That INFP moment when you need to get away from the crowd and just breathe. This is exactly what we feel!

25. Now, you know.

It’s an introvert thing. But it’s not like we push people away intentionally. It’s just a way to bring some calm into our world.

26. Shyness overload.

Introverts tend to excel in their careers but not so much in their love lives. It isn’t easy to put yourself out there!

27. Everyone, stop!

Never annoy an INFP who didn’t get enough sleep. Sleep is their sanctuary.

28. That’s tiring.

We might be smiling on the outside, but on the inside all we really want is to get home for some much-needed alone time!

29. Extrovert’s keychain.

All the introverts out there can probably relate to this. We love our extroverted friends, but it would be nice if they let us have some freedom every now and then, rather than trying to drag us everywhere with them!

Final Words on Funny INFP Memes

We hope these INFP memes were able to give you a good laugh.

If you are not an INFP but you have a friend who is one, try to remember that introverts need their space and alone time.

While they are often compassionate and nonjudgmental, they have a tendency to shut people out when they are overwhelmed, so be patient with them.

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