11 Best Trivia Board Games to Play in 2024

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Want to be the trivia night champion from the comfort of your own couch?

Trivia board games are a brilliant way to unwind, offering a fun escape and a mental workout that can help relieve stress.

Trivia games bring people together, encouraging laughter and learning in a relaxed setting. From casual family gatherings to competitive friend groups, these games have something to offer to everyone.

In this article, we present a selection of trivia board games that promise to challenge and entertain players of all ages.

With questions spanning a wide array of topics, these games are perfect for those who pride themselves on their wealth of knowledge.

Ready to put your knowledge to the test and enjoy hours of fun? Keep reading to discover the perfect trivia board game for your next game night.

Let's get to it!

1. I Should Have Known That!

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Have you ever found yourself exclaiming, “I knew that!” after hearing the answer to a trivia question? Well, I Should Have Known That! is the trivia game that turns those forehead-slapping moments into competitive fun.

With over 400 questions covering a wide range of common knowledge, it challenges you to remember those little facts you've encountered hundreds of times, yet struggle to recall in the moment.

What sets this game apart is its scoring twist: You don't gain points for correct answers. Instead, you try to avoid losing them with each mistake.

It's a refreshing take on trivia, where your general knowledge saves you from a point deficit, adding a layer of strategy and a sense of urgency to every answer.

Designed for players aged 14 and up, this game is perfect for two or more participants.

Whether it's game night or a party, this compact box of questions promises to fill the room with laughter, surprises, and those inevitable exclamations of “I should have known that!”


  • Teaches while entertaining, with a vast pool of over 400 questions.
  • Flips traditional trivia on its head by deducting points for wrong answers.
  • Sparks social interaction for groups and parties; suitable for ages 14 and up.


  • Those who struggle to recall facts on the spot might find the game stressful.
  • Punishes mistakes by subtracting points, which can be discouraging.
  • Limited replayability, as players may memorize answers over time.

2. Smart Ass

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Smart Ass is the perfect game for those who pride themselves on a quick wit and fast answers. It's a trivia game with a twist, where players are rewarded for being the first to blurt out the correct answer.

Players take turns rolling the dice and answering from “Who,” “What,” or “Where” question cards, with the first to answer correctly moving forward on the board.

Each card offers a series of progressive clues that lead to the answer. It's a race against both the clock and each other, as players jockey to answer first and advance towards the finish.

If you are eager to prove you're the quickest thinker in your group, this game is for you. Ideal for parties and family game nights, Smart Ass provides a lively atmosphere with its dynamic gameplay.


  • Encourages quick thinking and keeps all players constantly engaged.
  • A broad range of questions means varied topics that can appeal to different interests.
  • Simple rules and quick gameplay make it easy to get started.


  • It can be chaotic, which might not suit players who prefer a more structured game.
  • Less assertive players may find it challenging to compete against louder individuals.
  • The competitive nature might not suit those who prefer more relaxed games.

3. Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition

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Trivial Pursuit Family Edition brings everyone into the game with a blend of questions for adults and kids alike. This version of the iconic trivia game ensures that players of all ages can showcase their knowledge across various topics.

With a quicker pace and a mix of question difficulties, it's the perfect game to bring families together for educational fun.

Gameplay involves answering questions from separate decks for kids and adults, allowing for fair competition. Players roll the die, move around the board, and attempt to collect scoring wedges by answering questions correctly.

Teams or individual players can battle it out to fill their pies with different category wedges, creating an engaging and competitive experience.

Turn off the screens and bring back the essence of family game night with Trivial Pursuit Family Edition. Whether you're a trivia buff or just love the thrill of competition, this game will test your knowledge and create lasting memories.


  • Offers a level playing field for both kids and adults with tailored question decks.
  • Encourages learning and bonding through interactive play.
  • Quick gameplay keeps the game moving and engaging for younger players.


  • May not challenge trivia-savvy adults as much as the classic edition.
  • Kids' questions may be too simplistic for older children.
  • The competitive element might overshadow cooperative play.

4. All Of Us

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All of Us is a trivia game that spans generations, making it a fantastic choice for family gatherings and game nights. Designed for players aged 12 and up, it celebrates diverse knowledge, so Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z can all shine.

Teams take turns fielding questions from a deck rich in cross-generational trivia, ensuring each round is a fair and exciting challenge. Each player gets the opportunity to answer questions from their generation, adding a personal touch to the gameplay.

With a 60-second timer adding pressure, players must think on their feet, selecting which generation's trivia they wish to tackle and racing against the clock to score points.

Bridge the generational divide and come together with this game for a boisterous family game night. It's the perfect chance to see which generation rules the trivia world, so gather your relatives, pick your teams, and get ready for a laugh-filled battle of the ages!


  • Engages multiple generations with tailored questions for everyone from Boomers to Gen Z.
  • Encourages team collaboration and family bonding.
  • The quick pace and diverse questions keep the game fresh and exciting.


  • It might be less engaging for families with members from only one or two generations.
  • The fast-paced nature may be challenging for players who prefer more time to think.

5. Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter

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Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter transports fans to the enchanting realm of witches and wizards with 1800 new questions spanning all eight films.

This edition features a custom game board with house mascot movers, inviting players to represent their favorite Hogwarts houses. It's a magical twist on the classic game, perfect for Potterheads eager to test their knowledge of the wizarding world.

Players navigate the board, answering questions in the categories Magical Locations, Magical People, and more, with varying difficulty levels to challenge even the most knowledgeable fans.

Players collect wedges for correct answers as the game delves deep into Harry Potter lore, ranging from easy queries to questions that could stump even Hermione.

The goal is to collect all of the category wedges and answer the final question correctly to win the game.

Gather your friends and family for a spellbinding game night with Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter. Whether you're a casual fan or a die-hard enthusiast, this game promises a fun-filled journey through the memories of Hogwarts.


  • A vast array of questions that cater to different levels of Harry Potter expertise.
  • The custom board and pieces add a unique and thematic touch to the game.
  • Suitable for a wide range of players, making it great for family and friend gatherings.


  • The game may be less engaging for those not well-versed in Harry Potter films/books.
  • Gameplay can be lengthy.

6. Lyrically Correct

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Lyrically Correct is the ultimate trivia game for music lovers who pride themselves on knowing every word to the biggest hip-hop and R&B hits of the '90s and 2000s. It's a face-off to see who can drop the correct lyrics and claim the title of the music master.

Providing a mix of nostalgia and challenge, this is the perfect centerpiece for any game night where beats and bars are the focus.

Whether solo or in teams, players draw cards and answer questions about iconic tracks, sometimes even performing a line or two to score points.

The 150-card deck, including 140 playing cards and 10 challenge cards, ensures a fresh experience each time, with a chance to relive classic rhymes and rhythms.

Whether you are rapping a slick verse or belting out a soulful hook, the game keeps everyone engaged and entertained.

If you want to elevate your party with laughter, fierce competition, and a walk down memory lane, Lyrically Correct is your jam.

Gather your crew, clear your throat, and get ready to battle it out with the hits that defined a generation. Let the games begin, and may the most lyrically correct win!


  • Celebrates popular music culture hits, appealing to a wide audience.
  • Engages players in more than trivia, with interactive challenges like singing and rapping.
  • The game's design encourages a lively atmosphere, perfect for parties and gatherings.


  • It may not appeal to those unfamiliar with the specific music era or genres featured.
  • The performance aspect might intimidate shy players or those who are less confident.
  • Due to the specific focus, the game may lack replay value once all the cards have been read.

7. Wit’s End

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Wit's End takes trivia night to a new level, offering a blend of classic trivia with brain-teasing challenges that will stretch the limits of your knowledge and reasoning.

This game isn't just about what you know; it's also about how you think, challenging players with various questions across multiple disciplines.

Players or teams navigate daunting questions in four categories—Teasers, Odd-1-Out, Sequence, and Wild Card—each designed to engage different aspects of cognitive ability.

As they ascend the game board, participants must tackle trivia, riddles, and brain teasers, ranging from pop culture and geography to arts and science. The dynamic nature of the questions ensures that every game is a fresh intellectual journey.

Are you ready to prove you're at your Wit's End? Gather the keenest minds you know for an intense battle of intellect and lateral thinking. It's time to test your knowledge, outsmart your friends, and see who reaches the top of the wit ladder.


  • Offers a rigorous mix of questions, challenging both trivia knowledge and cognitive skills.
  • Encourages strategic thinking, making it more than just a quiz game.
  • Suitable for a wide range of interests with its broad spectrum of topics.


  • May be too challenging or intimidating for casual players.
  • Could be better for older players, due to the complexity of the questions.
  • The competitive nature of the game might only suit some groups.

8. OK, Boomer!

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OK, Boomer is a generational trivia game that's as educational as it is entertaining. It is ideal for family gatherings where multiple ages come together, from the Silent Generation to Gen Z.

With 550 questions covering five different age groups, this game is a fun-filled way to bridge the generational gap and challenge everyone's knowledge.

The gameplay is straightforward and quick to set up: Simply lay out the generational decks, take turns answering questions, and collect cards from each generation to win.

Players or teams compete to show off their knowledge of other eras, with each correct answer taking them a step closer to being crowned the Trivia Champion.

Ready to challenge your family's trivia prowess across the ages? OK, Boomer is the perfect game to test your knowledge, share laughs, and create memories, whether it's a cozy night in or a gathering with friends and family!


  • Encourages intergenerational interaction and learning, with questions for all ages.
  • Easily portable for any occasion, making it perfect for travel and outdoor events.
  • The simple setup and engaging gameplay make it accessible and fun for all players.


  • Some questions may favor certain age groups over others.
  • May require a diverse age range of players for balanced play and full enjoyment.

9. Trivial Pursuit: Horror

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Trivial Pursuit: Horror Ultimate Edition is a spine-tingling trivia game that plunges you into the dark heart of horror across all media.

With 1800 questions, this edition is a comprehensive test of your horror knowledge, covering the gruesome, the haunting, and the downright creepy from movies, TV shows, and literature.

Players navigate the classic Trivial Pursuit board with a spooky twist, choosing from categories like Gore & Disturbing and Paranormal to earn their wedges.

Each question is a journey into the macabre, asking players to recall details from their favorite horror scenes and stories. The game includes custom horror-themed movers, adding a ghoulish touch to this test of nerves and knowledge.


  • A vast array of questions that cover a comprehensive range of horror sub-genres.
  • The themed game board and pieces enhance the horror experience.
  • The game offers a thrilling challenge for horror fans and trivia enthusiasts alike.


  • May not appeal to those who are faint of heart or have little interest in the genre.
  • The age restriction of 17+ limits the game to an older audience.
  • Many questions may be intimidating for casual players or those new to horror.

10. Half-Truth

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Half-Truth is a riveting board game that turns trivia night on its head, requiring a blend of knowledge, intuition, and luck. Players are presented with six possible answers to each question, but only three are correct, making every choice a gamble.

The game balances educated guesses and outright knowledge, with players betting on which answers they believe are true among the options provided.

As competitors navigate 500 cards across various topics, they must carefully weigh their choices, as each round is an opportunity to outsmart the other players.

Are you ready to put your smarts to the test? Half-Truth is the game that will have everyone talking, laughing, and wagering on what they know.

It’s a dynamic test of wits, where half the answers are a path to victory and the other half offer the risk of falling behind.


  • Has an innovative gameplay that combines knowledge with strategy.
  • Is accessible to a wide age range, making it great for families and mixed groups.
  • The variety of questions keeps the game fresh and exciting.


  • May be less appealing to those who prefer traditional trivia formats.
  • Players with a broader knowledge base may have a significant advantage.

11. Ultimate Pub Trivia

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Ultimate Pub Trivia brings the classic pub quiz experience into your home, offering a lively blend of camaraderie and competition.

Whether forming teams or hosting a streamed event, players can engage in a battle of wits across five diverse categories.

Participants answer various trivia questions, ranging from sports and pop culture to literature and beyond. Each category presents a unique test of knowledge, ensuring every round is packed with suspense and excitement.

With the flexibility to play in teams, this game encourages collaboration and strategy, making it perfect for larger groups.

Ultimate Pub Trivia is your ticket to an evening filled with questions, laughter, and friendly rivalry. It's an excellent choice for social gatherings or family game nights, promising a rousing challenge for all ages.


  • Broad range of categories keeps the game engaging for those with diverse interests.
  • Suitable for larger groups, promoting team spirit and social interaction.
  • Versatile setup allows for traditional play or hosting virtual trivia nights.


  • May not cater to those looking for more niche or specialized trivia topics.
  • The competitive team aspect might be less enjoyable for small groups or pairs.
  • Some younger players might find specific categories challenging.

Final Thoughts on Trivia Board Games

Our diverse lineup of trivia board games takes players on a journey through magical realms, intense challenges, and hilarious questions that will spark laughter and lively debates.

Each game offers a unique twist on trivia that will keep players engaged and eager to play again and again.

We hope you've found inspiration for your next game night, and that these games provide you with endless joy and spirited competition. Gather your friends, pick your game, and may the best minds win!

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