21 Top Songs That Perfectly Describe Gaslighting

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Have you ever wondered if music can capture the intricate emotions of gaslighting?

Songs about gaslighting offer a unique lens into the world of emotional manipulation and the toll it takes on us. They resonate with those who've experienced it, providing solace and understanding.

In this curated list, we present 21 songs about gaslighting, each a musical masterpiece delving into the complexities of manipulation and self-discovery.

Dive into these compelling melodies and lyrics and let them guide you through the labyrinth of emotions. Your journey to understanding and healing begins here.

Let’s go!

1. Gaslighter, The Chicks

The Chicks, formerly known as the Dixie Chicks, released Gaslighter as the title track of their 2020 album. The song is a powerful anthem about a deceitful and manipulative partner, with lyrics that express the pain of being deceived and controlled.

Gaslighter captures the emotional turmoil of someone being manipulated and made to doubt their own reality. More than that, its upbeat tempo and bold lyrics specifically highlight the importance of recognizing and standing up against gaslighting.

2. Every Breath You Take, The Police

The Police's 1983 hit Every Breath You Take is often mistaken for a love song due to its catchy melody. In truth, it's a haunting exploration of obsession and surveillance. Sting's distinctive vocals and the song's eerie message contribute to its enduring appeal.

This song portrays a possessive and controlling figure who invades another person’s life. The lyrics convey an unsettling sense of surveillance, which can be seen as a form of psychological manipulation akin to gaslighting.

3. Gaslight, Snow Tha Product

Gaslight explores the themes of manipulation and deception in a relationship. Snow Tha Product's rapid-fire delivery and thought-provoking lyrics shed light on the toxicity of gaslighting.

The song confronts the tactics used by manipulative individuals to control their partners. Its raw honesty and aggressive style make it a compelling choice for those looking for the perfect song to understand gaslighting.

4. Gas Lighting, Lizzy Farrall

Lizzy Farrall explores the haunting and emotionally charged vulnerability that results from gaslighting. The song's melancholy melody and Farrall's vulnerable vocals make it a poignant reflection on the lasting impact of manipulation.

Gas Lighting depicts the struggle of someone who dares to rebuild their self-esteem after ending a toxic relationship. It is a stark reminder of the damage that gaslighting can inflict on a person’s psyche, even after they break away from it.

5. Gaslight, INJI

Gaslight by INJI perfectly portrays the disorienting experience of gaslighting, where reality becomes blurred and trust is eroded.

Its ethereal soundscapes and enigmatic lyrics create an atmosphere of uncertainty, and its dreamlike quality mirrors the unreality that often accompanies the feelings of confusion and frustration in those who are being gaslighted.

6. Who’s Laughing Now, Jessie J

Jessie J delivers an empowering anthem that talks about overcoming adversity from those who doubted her. The song's upbeat tempo and catchy melody serve as a backdrop to its message of self-confidence.

While not specifically about gaslighting, the song perfectly reflects the transformation from a position of vulnerability to strength. It serves as a reminder that those who have experienced gaslighting can reclaim their self-worth and prove their detractors wrong.

7. Gaslighting Abbie, Steely Dan

Steely Dan combines jazzy instrumentals with cryptic lyrics in this song, whose enigmatic nature leaves room for interpretation.

Gaslighting Abbie offers an intriguing perspective on the theme of gaslighting. While its meaning may be open to interpretation, its title suggests a connection to manipulation and deception.

8. Trauma, NF

Trauma delves into the emotional scars left by past experiences, including manipulative relationships. The powerful lyrics and introspective style make it a cathartic exploration of pain and healing.

NF's storytelling also sheds light on the struggles of those subjected to gaslighting.

9. Gas Lighting, Nevv

Gas Lighting by Nevv is a contemporary electronic track exploring manipulation and control. With its pulsating beats and haunting vocals, the song creates a sense of unease, capturing the unsettling atmosphere of distraction and deceit.

Its electronic soundscapes also reflect the disorienting experience of gaslighting, where reality is distorted.

10. Gaslight, Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett conveys a sense of anxiety through this song’s dark and moody production. She traverses the emotional turmoil of being manipulated and deceived by a partner. The song's haunting quality reflects the emotional depth of gaslighting experiences.

11. Cry Me a River, Justin Timberlake

Cry Me a River is a breakup anthem that addresses betrayal and deception in a relationship. Its catchy melody and Justin Timberlake's emotive vocals make it a memorable hit.

This song resonates with the theme of gaslighting in that it confronts the pain of being deceived by a loved one and the desire for closure after choosing to end the relationship.

12. It Wasn’t Me, Shaggy

It Wasn't Me has a playful reggae-infused melody, with lyrics that tell a story of infidelity and deception. The song's catchy chorus and humorous narrative have made it a favorite for years.

Although it is a lighthearted take on deception and denial, this song makes our list for being true to the nature of gaslighting. It may sound humorous, but the narrator's absurd excuses perfectly depict manipulative and gaslighting behavior.

13. Til It Happens to You, Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga never fails to amaze with her powerful and emotional songs that often address themes of trauma and resilience, and this song is no exception.

Til It Happens to You speaks of pain and acknowledges the struggles of those manipulated by others. It also delivers a strong message of strength and solidarity.

14. You’re So Vain, Carly Simon

Carly Simon's iconic 1972 hit You're So Vain has long been the subject of speculation regarding its inspiration. While the exact identity of the song’s main character remains a mystery, its lyrics suggest a relationship with someone arrogant and self-absorbed.

Its catchy melody and Simon's evocative vocals have made it a timeless classic.

The song is often related to gaslighting because it deals with a partner who constantly shifts blame and denies their actions. The narrator questions her own perceptions, wondering if she might be wrong about her partner's behavior.

15. Somebody That I Used to Know, Gotye ft. Kimbra

In this song, Gotye tells of a past relationship that turned sour. His and Kimbra’s distinctive voices combine to create a massive hit that topped the billboards.

Somebody That I Used to Know describes the aftermath of a relationship marked by deception, manipulation, and rejection. It touches on the feeling of being cast aside and the sense of betrayal—both of which are experiences often associated with gaslighting.

16. Lovefool, The Cardigans

Lovefool is a catchy pop song with a bittersweet twist. It tells a story of unrequited love and longing, with its upbeat melody contrasting with the lyrics.

While it primarily deals with the pain of unreciprocated love, it also touches on deception and emotional vulnerability. The narrator's willingness to believe in a love that may not exist echoes the emotional manipulation seen in gaslighting.

17. Love the Way You Lie, Eminem ft. Rihanna

Eminem's Love the Way You Lie, featuring Rihanna, is a provocative exploration of an abusive and tumultuous relationship. It delves into the complex dynamics of a toxic romance, where manipulation and deceit are prevalent.

It showcases the struggles of both parties involved, shedding light on the psychological turmoil associated with gaslighting.

18. Hustle, P!nk

Hustle is an anthem that addresses dishonesty and manipulation in relationships. Its empowering lyrics and P!nk's signature vocal strength give it a compelling edge as it confronts the theme of gaslighting head-on.

It encourages individuals to stand up against untruthfulness and deception.

19. Grenade, Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars explores the themes of unrequited love and sacrifice in this soulful ballad that became a fan favorite because of its emotional depth and focus on self-sacrifice and emotional abuse.

The narrator's willingness to go to extreme lengths for love can reflect the emotional toll often associated with gaslighting.

20. Gasoline, Halsey

Gasoline is an alternative-pop track with haunting lyrics touching on inner turmoil and emotional conflict. Its unique sound and evocative storytelling make it a standout in Halsey's discography.

It conveys a sense of being consumed by doubt and confusion, a common scenario for people who are often gaslighted and manipulated.

21. Gasoline, Audioslave

Chris Cornell’s distinctive vocals and the band’s powerful instrumentals give this gaslighting song a compelling edge. More importantly, the lyrics capture the intensity and confusion often associated with gaslighting.

The song's title and lyrics can be seen as metaphors for individuals' internal struggles when dealing with manipulative partners.

Final Thoughts on Songs about Gaslighting

In list of songs about gaslighting, we've delved into the intricacies of manipulation, self-doubt, and resilience as expressed through music. Each piece is a testament to the power of art in exposing the darkest corners of human relationships.

Whether you're seeking validation or simply exploring the depths of human emotions, these songs have stories to tell. We hope you've discovered songs that resonate with your experiences and found a source of validation, strength, and healing.

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