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Self-discipline Outdoes IQ Predicting Academic Performance in Adolescents

Some combination of personality, intelligence, and environmental factors determine success. Intelligence and environment are usually considered to have a much larger role than personality. This study shows that personality may play a larger factor in academic performance than previously thought. Some background: The research behind IQ and performance in adolescents Greater ability to delay gratification measured at […]

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Predicting Achievement From Self Control

Can you predict achievement from self-control? Dozens of studies have already established that personality can influence important life outcomes, like getting a good job, staying married, and doing well in school. However, these studies are rarely if ever experimental. As a consequence, hidden variables could be skewing the results. This study improves the validity of using […]

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6 Uncomfortable Truths about Happiness

The Great American Dream – anyone can rise up from poverty to become rich and beautiful. These dreams come from our culture – work hard, get a great education, work even harder, make lots of money, become attractive, marry a beautiful spouse, have kids, retire in a beach house. Generally, our culture is good. It motivates and […]

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The Science of Compassion

The Science of Compassion See the studies behind compassion. Why does compassion help? What can it do? Why does it matter? Discover the science of compassion and how it can make a difference in your life. Many studies are beginning to show not only the positive impact of having more compassion but the effectiveness of techniques to […]

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