48 Printable Heart Coloring Pages for Adults

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Ever added your own personal flair to heart coloring pages? Now’s the chance!

As the month of love approaches, you might be looking for unique gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones. Flowers and chocolates have become commonplace, but perhaps you want to show them you care with something unique and thoughtful.

In this article, we share with you a list of printable heart coloring pages that you can use to create unique gifts for your special people.

Friends, family, or your partner—they are all part of the happiness you feel today. Don’t you think they deserve all the love and care you can give them?

To help show that care, check out these coloring pages that you can use prepare for them. Even if they aren’t fond of gifts, you can still color them together to bond and create wonderful memories.

Let’s get to it!

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1. Decorative Frame Floral Heart

First off, check out this heart-shaped frame. You can use it to frame your pictures or artwork, or you can insert a photo of your loved one and send it to them as a gift this coming Valentine’s Day.

2. Decorative Love Frame Heart

Here is another heart frame with a different design. It is a lot simpler than the previous one, so it is probably more suitable for those who like minimalist designs rather than fancy ones.

3. Heart-Shaped Floral Dream Catcher

If you like dreamcatchers, then this heart coloring page might pique your interest. You can turn it into something to decorate your home.

4. Cute Owls and Hearts

Here’s another heart frame that is perfect for couples. The design is also quite complex, so coloring it for your partner can show them the effort you put into your relationship.

5. Hearts & Flowers

Here is a handful of hearts for you to color. We can only imagine how it will add color and joy to your home decor.

6. Floral Heart

This floral heart mandala could serve as the perfect gift card, wall decoration, or collectible.

7. Roses Heart

Don’t worry, we have got loads of free printables for you as well. Check out this heart that is made of beautiful roses. You can download it for free in PDF format by clicking the link above.

8. Healing Hearts

We’re not quite sure why Fave Crafts named this piece “Healing Hearts,” but it may be because it is in a mandala-like pattern, making it suitable for stress relief and relaxation. Whatever the reason, take this chance to heal your heart through coloring.

9. Heart Dreamcatcher

Here is another dreamcatcher with a more complicated design. You can download this image for free.

10. Mother & Daughter Heart

Mothers and daughters can bond over this coloring page while waiting for Dad to come home. It also makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or Children’s Day.

11. Heart Mandala

This heart mandala is free. You can either print it directly or download it first to adjust its size. There is also an option to color it online if you prefer to do so.

12. Heart with a Floral Pattern

This is a complicated design, but if you are looking for a challenge, it might just be perfect. Try coloring it with your friends, family, or partner.

13. Heart Doodle

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via homemade-gifts-made-easy

Here is one for kids, teens, and the elderly. It is rather easy to color, so they shouldn’t have a hard time completing it.

14. Swirly Pattern

love coloring pages for adults | heart coloring pages anatomy | human heart coloring pages for adults

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

Here’s another design that’s great for kids and teens. The swirls look like waves, so shades of blue might look nice on this one.

15. Mini-Hearts

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via homemade-gifts-made-easy

If you are looking for super tiny, detailed designs, this sheet is for you. These mini-hearts are perfect to cut out and paste on your planners and journals.

16. Butterfly Flowers

free heart coloring pages for adults | love coloring pages for adults | heart coloring pages anatomy

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

Do you like butterflies? If so, this heart coloring page might be perfect for you. Print it out and color it with your loved ones over coffee or hot chocolate.

17. Waves of Love

love coloring pages printable | heart coloring meaning | heart coloring pages for toddlers

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

The swirls in this design look like ocean waves surrounding the word “love.” Choose your favorite colors and dive in!

18. Dolphins in Love Bay

heart coloring pages for adults | love coloring pages for adults | heart coloring pages anatomy

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

Dolphins symbolize loyalty and the ability to connect with other people. In love, they represent faithfulness and good communication. What’s sweeter than coloring this sheet with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with!

19. Love Heart with Leaves and Flowers

Here is a challenging design for all the expert coloring fans out there. We recommend using watercolor paints on this one since that will create a pretty effect on the flowers.

20. Tunnel, Curves, and Hearts

This unique coloring sheet blends a lot of different designs to produce an interesting take on art. If you want to relieve your stress from school or work, print this page out and color your way to relaxation.

21. Heart Circle Mandala

This heart circle mandala looks just like a Christmas lantern. The small, intricate design elements will be super fun to color!

22. Heart Anti-Stress Mandala

Here is a set of anti-stress heart mandalas that can take all of your troubles and worries away. Use different colors to make it look bright and vibrant.

23. Heart Bracelet

Doesn’t this design look like a bracelet? Next time you order customized jewelry, this might serve as good inspiration.

24. Flower Power Frame

Here is another frame with tons of hearts and flowers. You will surely enjoy working on this DIY frame.

25. A Garden in My Heart

This valentine heart coloring page has beautiful flower patterns inside. You can use reds or pinks when coloring or change them up depending on the occasion.

26. Circular Heart Mandala

This design doesn’t have a heart shape on the outermost layer, but you can see a bunch of lovely, little hearts inside. It is just like your heart—protected with big layers of tissues and muscles, but full of radiant light at the center.

27. Masked Heart

This design may look simple, but it actually takes some talent and planning, especially if you use different shades of the same colors.

28. A Couple of Hearts

Here’s another fun design that includes two hearts to symbolize you and your partners love. Color it for Valentine’s Day then spent the rest of the day together!

29. Love Heart Butterfly

You can get this butterfly/heart design from Shutterstock in high quality as long as you pay for it. The finished design would make a magnificent design on your home wall.

30. Fancy Flowers & Butterflies

This drawing could pass as a pendant or bracelet design. If you choose to mount it on your wall or use it as a gift card, the frame is equally elegant as the heart drawing itself.

31. Decorative Heart, Flowers, and Butterflies

We think you are going to love how detailed this page is. It is the complete package, full of hearts, flowers, butterflies, and swirls.

32. Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

When you have a grateful heart, you become a happier and healthier individual. You learn to appreciate even the smallest of things. Your heart and mind are at peace and your body and soul become more relaxed. 

33. Heart Hourglass

We really love this unique coloring sheet. The hourglass concept makes the design super elegant and mystical. The flowers are also cute and challenging to color.

34. Heart Balloons

These heart balloons look like they are on their way to the heavens. Don’t you love the feeling when your heart flows freely, unencumbered by stress or worries?

35. Flowers in My Heart

Having flowers in your heart is the same feeling as having butterflies in your stomach. When you are especially happy about something, you feel like you will burst with emotions. Color this sheet in a way that represents how you feel!

36. Tile-Styled Heart Pattern

Looking for something intricate to color? This page is the perfect option. Look at how detailed the small squares and circles are. We bet it will keep you entertained all afternoon.

37. Curve-Patterned Heart Mandala

This design has lots of curves and swirls. Once you are done coloring it, you can take inspiration from the design and making stained glass artwork or kaleidoscopes.

38. Difficult Heart Mandala

This design is going to be really difficult to color—but that just means more fun for you. Dive deep into your collection of colors and see where your heart leads you!

39. Another Floral Heart

Here’s a heart full of different flowers to satisfy your craving for all things beautiful and aesthetic. You might need more than an hour to finish it, but the time will be well spent.

40. Kaleidoscope Heart

This looks like something you can use as a design for your next DIY project. Print it out, color it, then roll it up and use it as a homemade kaleidoscope.

41. Love is Beautiful

Love is indeed beautiful—and what better way to say it than with a homemade card that says, “I love you?” Color this printable and present it to your loved one on their special day.

42. Fill Your Day with Love

Some days are rough and overwhelming. It may not be easy to fill your day with love, but you can at least spend some time coloring this page to remind yourself that life is awesome.

43. Heart Candy

Are you looking for something detailed and intricate to color? Here’s a heart candy for you! Try using candy colors to make it look realistic.

44. Heart Roses for Valentine’s Day

Roses and hearts really go well together? You might want to be resourceful and present this as a gift card to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day!

45. Lock My Heart

We love how this lock is designed with simple elegance. The rose and vines on the side plus the swirls at the bottom create a beautiful aesthetic.

46. Hearts in Gears

Are you a fan of gears? Go a bit techy with this printable coloring sheet from Christian Book. It has a unique design and there is space provided for a customized message.

47. A Hearty Pattern

Check out this intricate pattern if you are up for a challenge! The heart is the central element, but there are a lot of different designs for you to color.

48. Hearts in Different Versions

How about some cutouts? You can use these different versions of hearts as a design for your bullet journal!

Final Thoughts on Heart Coloring Pages for Adults

With all the coloring pages we presented, we hope that a few of them have caught your attention. Print them out, grab your color pencils, and color your stress away!

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