83 Genuine Compliments for Your Boyfriend (That He’ll Love!)

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A timely, sincere compliment can turn a bad day into a good one and turn someone's frown upside down.  Besides, who doesn't love to hear a compliment, right? 

This article will explore how to uplift and encourage that special guy in your life.  We will show you several excellent examples of what you can say to him that will make him feel loved and valued, bring the two of you closer, and make you feel warm inside in the process. 

But first, we will discover why compliments are important to your boyfriend and the benefits of sharing those heartfelt sentiments with him.

Why Is It Important to Give Compliments to Your Boyfriend?

Most men feel loved when you give them words of affirmation to compliment them.  If he is the type of guy that loves to shower you with compliments, it is because that is likely his way of showing love.  Therefore, it is the way he receives love as well. 

So, giving positive, affirming compliments encourages him and boosts his self-esteem.  They could also be called “declarations of acceptance, respect, and appreciation,” amongst many other things. 

You remind him of what you love and admire most about him and what he possesses that impresses you the most. 

It is also essential to pay attention to your boyfriend to see if he is being unusually hard on himself because of a difficult time at work or in other personal matters. 

For every put-down he has, your compliments can bring validation and remind him of just how great of a guy he is. 

And it reinforces that despite the things going on in his life, he has someone who loves and supports him, even at his lowest point.  

Compliments show your boyfriend that you are there for him and a safe, loving space for him to become a better man. 

A “good man” doesn't want to let down a special lady who has been there for him and saw the best in him, even when he couldn't see it for himself.

When giving words of affirmation to compliment your boyfriend, keep the following things in mind: 

  • Speak from the heart with sincerity and empathy.
  • Be specific about what you admire most about your boyfriend.
  • Drop the L word (Love) frequently to reinforce your feelings for him.
  • Leave sweet love notes for him to find or make unexpected posts on social media complimenting your boyfriend.
  • Speak well of him and tell others what you admire about him when in public.
  • Make it personal while highlighting his strengths and personal values.

Benefits of Giving Compliments

We should always seek to be an enhancer rather than a minimizer.  None of us want to be in a relationship with someone who minimizes everything we do and treats our efforts as if they mean nothing. 

When you compliment your boyfriend he feels loved, appreciated, and, most of all, seen and valued! 

In any relationship, there is a crossroad that you come to where you can make the left turn and fall into criticism, frustration, and divisiveness… or make a right turn where your actions are calculated and beneficial to your partner

I want to encourage you to make the right turn and purpose in your hearts to build up your boyfriend. 

Compliments for a boyfriend cause you to go down the right road and avoid that left turn.  As a result, your relationship will be stronger. 

Taking the right road does not validate bad behavior, but establishes a pattern of acceptance, despite his shortcomings.  And when you express concerns, they can come across lovingly and not in a combative way.

Here are a few more benefits of complimenting your boyfriend that can significantly benefit your relationship and bring you closer together.

1.  By complimenting him, you magnify his good qualities over the bad.

What we focus on is what is magnified, much like wearing a pair of reading glasses.  What you focus on becomes enhanced, and you see it in greater detail. 

So, please focus on the good things your boyfriend does and compliment him on them. You may just get a clearer picture of the type of man he is and his heart toward you.

2.  Tell him how you feel, and you both feel better.

When you share heartfelt sentiments with your boyfriend, it will not only relieve his stress and give him a physical and mental boost, but it will also enhance your mentality as well. 

3.  You invite positivity into the relationship.

Figuratively, compliments pull up in the driveway of your relationship in one car, and criticism and negativity share another car and come into your relationship driveway in another. 

Now, both of them are standing outside the door of your relationship, knocking and trying desperately to come in. 

It may seem that the negative is knocking harder.  So be purposeful in opening the door to compliments and letting them be a regular part of your communication with your boyfriend. 

Even if things don't work out between you two, you take comfort in that you still tried your best by not letting the negativity in.

4.  Your relationship becomes richer.

When you compliment your boyfriend, you add to the emotional bank account of the relationship, making it richer. Negativity subtracts from the account; sincere compliments add to it.  When you two become closer, that’s the interest.

5.  Complimenting him before others create a united front.

In a world of players, users, and cheaters, many people are emotionally unavailable and have no desire for a committed relationship. 

So, they prey on those in relationships to satisfy their need for attention and physical pleasure without commitment. 

Complimenting your boyfriend in front of other guys shows them you are committed to your guy and value that relationship too much to jeopardize it.

6.  Shows your creative side.

When considering ways to compliment your boyfriend, you may feel compelled to write a poem, create a song, draw a picture, or some other grand gesture. 

As you think about ways to show him how special he is, he will become overwhelmed when he sees how thoughtful you were as a result of it. 

7.  He will know that he is always on your mind.

When you give thoughtful compliments to your boyfriend, he will see that you notice EVERYTHING!  

He will realize you think about him, even when you aren't in each other's presence. 

It always means a lot when people think about you, even when you're absent from one another.  In a sense, it makes you feel closer, even if you’re miles away.

83 Genuine Compliments for Your Boyfriend (That He'll Love!)

1. You love me like I’ve never been loved before.

2. You're the best boyfriend I've ever had.

3. You are amazing, beyond my wildest dreams.

4. I feel loved and adored, and it's all because of you.

5. I couldn't have imagined being with a man like you who would make me so happy.

I couldn't have imagined being with a man like you who would make me so happy.”

6. You’re a sweet man.

7. I am the most blessed woman in the world to have you as my boyfriend.

8. You treat me so well, and you treat my kids like they’re your own.

9. I have searched for a long time for a love like this.

10. I never knew a man like you existed. I’m grateful you are a part of my life.

11. You are such a handsome man; your smile has always melts my heart.

12. Wow! You are so strong and hard-working.

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13. I love a man in a uniform!

14. You're always on my mind and in my heart.

15. Your voice is so soothing. It calms me when I am feeling anxious.

16. There is my tall, dark, and handsome man. 

17. I love the way you love me. And I feel safe when I’m in your arms.

18. You are such an intelligent man; I love listening to you talk.

19. I trust you more than I have trusted a man before.

20. I have so much respect for the man you are.

I have so much respect for the man you are.”

21. It was hard not to fall for a sweet, thoughtful guy like you.

22.  Woah, baby!  Look at those muscles!

23. My family loves you. But I knew they would because you're an incredible guy.

24. I always feel safe when I am with you.

25. You listen to my ideas, and I appreciate you. You make me feel valued.

26. You go out of your way to make me happy, and I love that about you.

27. A guy like you only comes around in movies and romance novels.

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28. You are one sexy man!

29. Your kiss sends chills down my spine!

30. I love that you have big strong hands.

31. For a big strong man, you are caring and gentle.

32. You are always thoughtful of others and their needs. I love that you're a kind man.

33. I love a man with a beard.

34. I have the best time when we are together.

35. I love how thoughtful you are with your gifts I have to watch what so say around you.

I love how thoughtful you are with your gifts I have to watch what so say around you.”

36. Your #1 goal is to make me happy, which makes me feel so blessed.

37. This girl has the best boyfriend in the world.

38. You work so hard, and then still make time to check on me. I like that.

39. My kids love having you around. They say you’re so much fun.

40. Thanks for being there for me when I wasn’t feeling well. You are always so thoughtful and caring.

41. You place my happiness above your own. Thank you for all you do.

42. I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.

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43. I know you didn’t feel like it, but you still came to see me. I love you for that.

44. I love when we go on road trips. Time spent with you is never time wasted.

45. You make me the happiest woman alive.

46. My life has not been the same since you and I started dating. My friends even say I’m a more joyful person.

47. My friends say they get tired of me talking about the things you do for me.

48. My girlfriends asked me if you had any brothers because they want a guy like you.

49. You look so handsome; I may have to keep you at home to myself.

50. I appreciate the flowers, baby. You always know how to brighten my day.

I appreciate the flowers, baby. You always know how to brighten my day.”

51. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when I’m with you.

52. I have never grinned so much in my life.  Every time I think of you, I smile.

53. You are the funniest man I know.

54. You treat me so lovingly and respectfully when we are out in public.

55. I love how you open doors for me everywhere we go. You’re so sweet.

56. You’re a wonderful and respectful man. I see how loving and patient you are to others when we go out.

57. You are the hardest-working man I know.

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58. You're such a fantastic cook. I love every meal you fix.

59. I have the most fun when I'm with you.

60. You have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

61. I think you could fix anything broken, just like you fixed my broken heart.

62. You have helped restore my faith in men and made me hopeful for a bright future. 

63. I knew you would know what to do.

64. Standing next to you, I feel protected.

65. My dad was very impressed by you. That says a lot. He never likes my boyfriends.

My dad was very impressed by you. That says a lot. He never likes my boyfriends.”

66. As the song says, “How sweet it is to be loved by you!”

67. You look fabulous in a suit!

68. I love a man with a bald head.

69. Like fine wine, you get better with age.

70. Don't cover up those grey hairs in your beard, sweetheart; the salt and pepper look is sexy.

71. You still give me butterflies until this day.

72. I am so proud of you, honey!

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73. Your laugh is so cute.

74. I still get weak in the knees when I look into your eyes.

75. I love your cologne. You always smell so great.

76. You treat me so well, and you're always so sensitive to my feelings.

77. I never thought I’d get to date such a hot guy!

78. You’ve got the best hair.

79. I tell everyone that you are genuinely a great guy.

80. You are so creative; I would have never thought of a solution like that.

You are so creative; I would have never thought of a solution like that.”

81. You have terrific penmanship for a guy.

82. You always say the sweetest things to me.

83. I always look at you and say, “I’m so glad he’s mine!”

Final Thoughts on Genuine Compliments for a Boyfriend

Life is hard, and harsh words are sometimes easier to say than kind words… but sweet words repel anger. So, when compliments for a boyfriend are sincere and intentional, you reinforce everything that is good about him.

You are also encouraging him to keep up the good work.  We live in a world that consistently finds reasons to tear men down.

They are being told they aren’t needed, and they’re being picked apart. So, your boyfriend could use your heartfelt support to remind him of his importance when all other voices are saying otherwise.

To have a thriving relationship with a good man, you must be his biggest supporter.  He will always be hard on himself, but never let him question how amazing he is in your eyes.  

When you share your heart with him, you remind him how blessed and fortunate he is to have a girlfriend like you in his life who cares.

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