75 Positive Affirmations for Moms [2024 Update]

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Mom-life may leave you feeling like you’re going a trillion miles per hour at times. On top of a never-ending to-do list, you’re constantly worrying about your children. There’s no time to focus on your own struggles because you’re too busy equipping your kids to succeed in life.

Affirmations are a simple self-help strategy to manage the ups and downs of being a mom. When you replace your negative beliefs with positive ones, you’ll create a better experience.

This article has 75 affirmations for moms and explains how affirmations work and how to merge them into your daily routine.

Why Affirmations Are Important for Moms

Motherhood can be the most challenging job in the world. Caring for the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of a small human is a difficult task. The work involved can leave you feeling stressed, tired, and inadequate. According to the American Psychology Association, moms report much higher stress levels than other demographics.

Research from Carnegie Mellon University offers proof that recognizing and focusing on your most essential values counteracts the harmful effects of stress on problem-solving skills.

Other Ways Affirmations Can Benefit You

They Improve Your Confidence and Self-Image

At times you may find yourself indulging in negative thoughts. For example, comparing yourself to other moms or not feeling attractive can hurt your confidence. Self-affirmations help boost your self-esteem as negative thought patterns are replaced with positive ones over time.

They Help Protect Your Emotional Well-Being

You pour love into your children daily, so why not do the same for yourself? Positive affirmations are acts of self-love and kindness that can stay with you for life.

They Encourage Self-Compassion

At times, it’s easier to show love to our family and friends, but we struggle to show ourselves compassion. Self-care is vital for true wellness.

Affirmations draw your attention to your positive qualities and strengths and inspire you to be the best mom you can be.

Relationship Affirmations

At times, motherhood may also take its toll on your romantic relationships. All relationships need effort and energy to work. Couples and family therapist Tracy K Ross believes that a relationship will get worse when not given attention.

Relationship affirmations can play a crucial role in developing emotional closeness, forming a deeper bond between you and your partner. In addition, affirmations offer you a way of making time for your relationship every day.

How Affirmations Work

Our mind works in mysterious ways. Your thoughts and beliefs affect how you behave and, in turn, create your reality.

We can program our minds to believe whatever we say, which means both negative and positive ideas can be true. This is because our minds are unable to tell the difference between reality and imagination. According to Walter E Jacobson, M.D., “Our subconscious mind plays a major role in the actualization of our lives and the manifestation of our desires.”

Scientific research has proven that you can change how you view yourself by repeating these short yet powerful, positive statements daily. This way, you can shape the mom-life experience you want to see.

75 Positive Daily Affirmations for Moms

  1. As a mom, I am doing my best, and my best is good enough.
  2. I choose to be happy.
  3. I was created to be my children’s mom. I am the best mom for them.
  4. I will practice self-care to be a good mom.
  5. Today I will make mundane tasks fun.
  6. Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.
Affirmations for Moms - Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better. | affirmations for overwhelmed moms | positive affirmations for parents health | positive affirmations for mothers and daughters
  1. Today I will pay attention to the positive aspects of being a mom.
  2. I will have fun with my children today.
  3. When my children are older, they’ll remember the quality time we spent together.
  4. I feel calm under pressure.
  5. I deserve to put my feet up and relax.
  6. Being a mom has revealed a strength in me I never knew I had.
  7. I don’t have to be a perfect mom.
  8. I am open to the lessons my children can teach me.
  9. Everything is going to be okay.
  10. I’m doing a great job.
  11. I’m everything my children need.
  12. My home is full of joy and love.
  13. I love my children unconditionally.
  14. I lead my children well.
  15. I embrace the present moment.
  16. I am brave enough to show my children vulnerability.
  17. My children are fortunate to have such a caring mom like me.
  18. I am confident. I am loving. I set an excellent example for my children.
Affirmations for Moms - I am confident. I am loving. I set an excellent example for my children. | affirmations for busy moms | positive affirmations for my parents | affirmations for new moms
  1. I love my life. My life is beautiful.
  2. I am grateful I get to spend time with my children every day.
  3. I will not compare myself to other moms.
  4. All that I do is to serve my family.
  5. I work hard to support my family.
  6. Every day I’m getting stronger and stronger.
  7. I find time to socialize.
  8. I have a strong and special bond with my children.
  9. I have all I need within me.
  10. I have people around me ready to help when needed.
  11. I’m not afraid to ask for help.
  12. I am calm when surrounded by chaos.
  13. I’m a lot more than a mom.
  14. Today I feel brave. Being a good mom takes courage.
  15. I provide a stable home for my children by putting them first.
  16. It’s okay not to love every moment of being a mom.
  17. Today I will laugh with my children.
  18. I will put on my oxygen mask first.
  19. No one expects perfection.
  20. I trust that my intuition will guide me.
  21. Today I will see the best in myself and my children.
  22. I am not affected by the decisions made by other moms.
Affirmations for Moms - I am not affected by the decisions made by other moms. | affirmations for new moms | affirmations for overwhelmed moms | positive affirmations for parents health
  1. I have a beautiful mothering body.
  2. I am grateful for motherhood.
  3. I love and accept my children as they are.
  4. I will lead my children using great examples.
  5. I have all I need to be happy.
  6. I am letting go of unrealistic expectations.
  7. Struggles are only temporary.
  8. I am strong and patient.
  9. I got this!
  10. Though I'm not a bad mom, I will stay open to ways to improve as a mom.
  11. Though I didn’t have the best mom, I will give my children the love I never had.
  12. I remain flexible to evolve as my kids get older.
  13. I will expose my children to environments that will broaden their view of life and what they can achieve.
  14. Being a mom can be my most significant source of entertainment after a stressful day at work.
  15. My kids value my presence even though they are more independent.
  16. I’m a great mom who doesn’t take her stress out on her children.
  17. As a pregnant mom-to-be, I fully embrace all that motherhood has to offer.
  18. My children are strong and confident due to my contribution.
  19. I don’t date anyone who doesn’t value me and my children as a package deal.
  20. My children grew up and have great jobs and families of their own. I did a good job.
  21. I don't always agree with my children's choices, but I raised them to be independent thinkers.
  22. Rest is a gift not only to myself but to my family as well.
  23. I do my family a disservice when I fail to take time to relax.
  24. I love being a mom, teaching my kids life lessons, and watching them grow.
  25. Things might be challenging for now, but it's not the end of the world. They will get better.
  26. I’m not afraid to ask for help when things get a bit overwhelming.
  27. I'm glad to be a safe place for my kids to come to when they have a problem, no matter how old they get.
  28. I pray for my children every day. I have peace in knowing they have God's guidance and protection.
  29. I won't feel pressured to keep up with the Joneses. My children are well taken care of physically, financially, and emotionally.

How to Use Affirmations for Being a Great Mom

So, when’s the best time to fit them into your schedule? Don’t worry. You’ll find plenty of opportunities throughout your day – you’ll be surprised how many.

When Getting Dressed in Front of the Mirror

To recite your affirmations out loud or in your mind as you look at yourself in the mirror is a great way to reinforce the statements. It may feel awkward at first, but it works if you trust the process.

  1. Stand in front of the mirror as you dress for the day and look yourself in the eyes.
  2. Say your affirmations three to five times each.
  3. Be present and take your time to think about the words you’re saying.
  4. Once you’re done, take some deep breaths and look at yourself in the eyes again.

During You-Time

When you have time to yourself, consider writing out your affirmations several times in a notebook. This is another powerful way to reinforce your new beliefs.

You can use the affirmations listed above or create your own. Start with the two most powerful words, “I am,” and make them specific and brief.


You can practice your affirmations by reciting them in your mind as you go about your daily business. You don’t need to be still. While out shopping, during your lunch break, picking up the kids from school, or at the hairdresser.

Anytime is the best time, as long as you’re consistent.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Moms

Affirmations help support you in many aspects of mom-life. These short phrases are potent and effective in creating the world you wish to see when repeated consistently.

A daily affirmation will change how you show up for yourself and your children in no time.

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