96 Parenting Affirmations for Tough Moments with Your Kids

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Every family has tough times that challenge your personal resilience and your skills as a parent. Dealing with these challenges calmly and positively can be incredibly difficult, so these positive parenting affirmations will help you deal with demanding times in the family.

Why Parenting Affirmations are Important for Tough Moments with Your Kids

No matter how good, consistent, and positive you are as a parent, moments of challenge and conflict are inevitable. The different personality types, development levels, goals, and objectives within a family lead to moments of disconnect when it’s hard to get on the same page. There are three main reasons that these challenging moments arise.

External Challenges

The family may deal with external pressures and stresses that cause tension and conflict. For example, events like divorce or loss, financial stressors, or world events can all cause different emotions in different family members. Trying to tackle external pressures by working together as a team is essential in these moments.

A Child’s Moods and Behaviors

There is no doubt that children and teens can behave in frustrating ways and often at the worst possible times. In these moments, it is crucial to trust and empathize with your children, remembering that they are expressing a need or emotion with their limited tools and not trying to manipulate you or make your life difficult.

Your Own Feelings and Intentions

It is difficult to make good parenting choices when you are tired, hungry, stressed, or anxious. While it often may seem like there is no time or it is the lowest priority, self-care is a critical aspect of good parenting.

Positive parenting affirmations can be a great way to calm and re-orient yourself, helping you stay calm and make better decisions in challenging moments.

In other words, you can control only so many things in life. So, in times of stress and conflict, the important thing is to focus on controlling yourself and maintaining a calm, positive attitude to get through hard times in a healthy way.

96 Parenting Affirmations for Tough Moments with Your Kids

  1. It’s good for my child to see me handle challenges in a positive way
  2. I accept and validate my child’s feelings
  3. Everyone in our family has a right to express their emotions and opinions
  1. I recognize my emotions of fear
  2. I recognize my emotions of anger
  3. I take a break when it’s stressful
  4. I take care of my own peace of mind
  5. Progress, not perfection
  6. It’s OK that I don’t know what to do yet
  7. I love this child no matter what
  8. I recognize my desire to control others
  9. I am older, and I know that this will pass. My child is still learning
  10. Children act out with the people they trust; this is a good thing
Parenting Affirmations - Children act out with the people they trust; this is a good thing | positive affirmations to tell your child | positive affirmations for new parents | lenient parents affirmations
  1. We will get through this
  2. Sometimes my child feels sad or angry, and that’s OK
  3. I can handle whatever comes up, even if it’s hard
  4. Parenting is an adventure that’s not always easy or fun
  5. My child and I are both learning, and sometimes that is hard
  6. I release my fear
  7. I release my anger
  8. I release control
  9. I am uncertain, and I accept that
  10. We are learning to be better people together
  11. We will get through this together
  12. I respect their right to choose
  13. I release what I cannot change
  14. I relax and breathe
  15. I can not control other people, especially not my children
  16. Everyone has a bad day sometimes, and that’s OK
  17. Sometimes I feel sad or angry, and that’s OK
  18. We are teaching each other to be better people
  19. I will learn from this experience
  20. I take care of my mental and emotional health for myself and for my family
Parenting Affirmations - I take care of my mental and emotional health for myself and for my family | affirmations for strict parents | parenting affirmations youtube | gentle parenting affirmations
  1. I make sure to get enough rest for myself
  2. I make sure my child gets enough rest
  3. I can ask for help if I need it
  4. I don’t know everything, and that is OK
  5. I do not blame myself
  6. I do not blame my child
  7. I share plenty of attention with my child
  8. My child can ask for help from me or from others if they need it
  9. I admit my mistakes
  10. I make mistakes, and that is OK
  11. I remember what is going right
  12. This is hard, but I can do hard things
  13. We will figure this out in time
  14. Pain is not fatal
  15. Pain is not failure
  16. We have a great future as a family
  17. I have a great future for myself
  18. My child has a great future ahead
  19. My child is a unique individual with different needs than other family members

My child is a unique individual with different needs than other family members”

  1. Time is on our side
  2. My child is a good person
  3. I am a good person
  4. I feel frustrated, and that’s OK
  5. I can’t control events, but I do control my reactions
  6. I am creative and able to solve this problem
  7. I am in this for the long haul
  8. Being a parent is not easy. But it is worth it.
  9. Every human is different, right from the beginning
  10. Tomorrow is another day
  11. This is important, and I will do my best
  12. This is uncomfortable for me, but I can handle it
  13. I am doing my very best
  14. I am strong
  15. I am consistent
  16. I am patient
  17. I am loving
  18. This is uncomfortable for my child, and they are figuring out how to handle it
Parenting Affirmations - This is uncomfortable for my child, and they are figuring out how to handle it | mindful parenting affirmations | good parenting affirmations | daily parenting affirmations
  1. I am funny
  2. I have a light touch
  3. I don’t take things personally
  4. My life is bigger than this situation
  5. My child’s life is bigger than this situation
  6. When I am wrong, I apologize
  7. I can’t read my child’s mind; I ask them to explain to me
  8. My child can’t read my mind; I tell them what I am thinking and feeling
  9. People quarrel sometimes; that is normal
  10. I will be patient with myself
  11. There are many ways to be a good parent; I will find my own way
  12. I will be kind to myself
  13. I am not easily offended
  14. I was a child once; I remember it was hard sometimes
  15. I do not give up
  16. When I lose my temper, I own up and apologize
  17. I set a good example for my child
  18. I show up for my child
  19. I make a plan for when I feel overwhelmed
  20. I change my expectations when necessary
  21. I have boundaries, and I make sure they are respected
Parenting Affirmations - I have boundaries, and I make sure they are respected | co parenting affirmations | louise hay parenting affirmations | positive affirmations for good parenting
  1. I respect my child’s boundaries
  2. My skills and abilities are enough for this situation
  3. I am learning to listen
  4. I am teaching my child how to listen
  5. I can control my behavior

How to Use Parenting Affirmations for Tough Moments with Your Kids

In those challenging parenting moments, it’s essential to take a moment and check in with yourself to make sure that you are making smart, positive choices, and parenting affirmations are a great way to do that. Here is how to use parenting affirmations in challenging times.

Practice Good Self-Care

Generally, it’s always a good idea to approach parenting from a place of health and wellbeing. First, take basic care of yourself, including getting good sleep and nutrition, healthy exercise, and positive adult social time. In addition, being attentive to your needs helps you take better care of others.

Practice Positive Parenting

The communication skills and interpersonal relationships that help families navigate challenging moments are built on a foundation of everyday interactions.

For example, engaging in positive shared activities like family dinners, outdoor activities, and family board games helps build the social and communication skills parents and children need to get through challenging moments.

Take a Moment With Your Affirmations

In the heat of a conflict, take a moment to take a deep breath and repeat your positive parenting affirmations out loud 5-10 times. It is also beneficial if parents help children choose their own affirmations so that kids can also cultivate a more positive attitude.

Listen and Communicate

It is usually hardest to practice active listening during moments of challenge and conflict, yet those are the moments where those skills are needed most. Modeling active listening and open communication helps kids handle conflict and stress in a healthier and more productive way so they can move past the negativity together.

Final Thoughts on Parenting Affirmations for Tough Moments with Your Kids

Positive parenting affirmations are a great way to help you make good decisions in stressful moments, and there are many ways to use affirmations to change your mindset.

Parents can also help kids create their own affirmations, and engage in group mindfulness activities, to help ease everyday communication and cooperation within the family. Positive parenting is a challenge, and no one gets it right every time, but taking care of yourself is a great way to begin.

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