11 Toxic Person Tests to See if You’re Hurting Others

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It is easy to tell if someone in your life is becoming too toxic to handle, but is it also easy to tell if you are the one being difficult?

You might find it uncomfortable, but checking with yourself for toxic behavior is as essential as checking the relationships you have with everyone else.

In this article, we share with you nine toxic personality tests that can help you determine whether you are hurting others.

Let’s get started!

1. Truity: Toxic Person Test

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We highly recommend this Truity: Toxic Person Test to determine if you are indeed showing signs of toxicity. If you are, then it will also show you what type of toxic person you are—are you the Mansplainer, Drama Llama, Karen, Slacker, Con Artist, Debbie Downer, or Control Freak?

The test consists of three parts, including two sets of accuracy-level questions and one set of checklists. The last page asks for your demographics, like age, gender, educational attainment, and yearly income, but you can always choose not to answer. It is only for research purposes.

Upon submitting your answers, you will get your result right away, as well as a brief explanation of it. If you need more details, you can opt to sign up for their newsletter and they will send you a report about your toxic trait.

2. Wengood: Am I A Toxic Person?

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Wengood: Am I A Toxic Person? is not a test, per se, but it gives you 10 signs that may confirm your toxic tendencies. There are no instructions on how to determine your toxicity level, since there aren’t even questions. But if see many of the signs in yourself, you may be a toxic person.

3. Reach Out Recovery: Am I the Toxic Friend?

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This Reach Out Recovery: Am I the Toxic Friend? quiz helps you figure out if you are a toxic friend. It consists of seven situational questions that focus on what you would do if you were in these circumstances. Each item gives you three choices. All you have to do is choose which one you would most likely do.

4. Living Better Lives: Am I A Toxic Person?

trity toxic person test | do i have a toxic friend test | how do you tell a toxic person they are toxic

This test has a similar concept as the last one.

Living Better Lives: Am I A Toxic Person? test presents 15 questions that are mostly reflectional. In general, they pose the question, “What would you usually do?” and then give an immediate answer. You only have to answer whether it’s a yes, no, or sometimes. Your results will show automatically upon submitting the last answer, as well as a bit of explanation.

5. Adorned Heart: Do You Have Toxic Tendencies?

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This Adorned Heart: Do You Have Toxic Tendencies? test are for those who don’t like too many page redirects. Once you start, a checklist with 35 items will be shown. You just have to click on those that apply to you as a person in a relationship (with a partner, friend, or family member).

When you’re done, submit your answers and your toxicity level will be shown in percentage form. There is also a brief explanation. Note that the questions are self-reflective and help you determine “Do you identify yourself as such?”

6. HealthShots: Are You Brave Enough to Find Out If You’re a Toxic Person?

am i a toxic person test | how to know if your friend is toxic test | toxic trait person test

HealthShots: Are You Brave Enough to Find Out If You’re a Toxic Person? quiz consists of 14 questions that are answerable by yes, no, or sometimes. Most of them are self-reflectional, with some requiring you to imagine a given situation.

You cannot change your answer once you click on your choice, so you need to think about the question carefully before answering. When you’re done, the results will show in a pop-up box, along with a very brief explanation.

7. Modern Era Counseling: Got a Toxic Parent?

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This Modern Era Counseling: Got a Toxic Parent? test has a different twist. It does not test if you are a toxic person. Rather, it tests whether or not your parents exhibit toxic traits. While the site believes that “no parent is perfect,” it also notes that some are “downright toxic.”

You have to think about only one parent when answering the quiz, and you should be as honest as possible. Do not think of this as “criticizing your parent.” Instead, think of it as an objective way to reflect on your experience as a child.

8. Marriage.com: Toxic Personality Test

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In this Marriage.com: Toxic Personality Test, you are given a mix of 20 objective and subjective questions. The objective questions are answerable by yes, no, or sometimes, while the subjective questions provide a list of choices that are situational and answer the question, “What would you do?”

The results of the quiz are automatically shown upon submitting your answer to the last question. You are given a score and an explanation of that score. One thing we noticed about this test is the user interface isn’t very user-friendly. You are redirected to a new page for each question. Other than that, the content seems to be accurate and relatable.

9. QuizTerra: How Toxic Are You?

difficult person test | am i a toxic person | am i toxic quiz psychology

Finally, we bring you QuizTerra: How Toxic Are You? quiz. You will probably enjoy answering this test because each question comes with a corresponding funny meme, image, or GIF.

The test consists of only 10 situational and objective questions and the results are shown automatically after the last question.

10. MindBodyGreen: The Toxic Person Test

toxic person tests | difficult person test | toxic person traits

Mindbodygreen offers a 16-question test designed to help you self-assess for toxic traits. It delves into various aspects of your behavior and attitudes to determine if you exhibit signs of being toxic.

It encourages introspection and helps you acknowledge that everyone can sometimes exhibit toxic traits.

Completing the test takes about 1-2 minutes, and it covers a range of common toxic behaviors.

The aim is not to label, but to provide insight. If toxic traits are identified, the article offers advice on addressing them. This approach helps users understand and improve their interactions and relationships.

11. Quizondo: Am I Toxic? 3-Minute In-Depth Analysis

toxic person test | difficult person test | toxic persons traits

This Quizondo: Am I Toxic? 3-Minute In-Depth Analysis quiz includes 15 questions focused on your behavior with friends and family and reactions in hypothetical situations. It is designed to help you determine if you exhibit toxic traits.

The quiz is straightforward, guiding you through a self-exploratory process to recognize potential toxic patterns. With an average completion time of 1-2 minutes, the quiz provides quick insights into your interpersonal dynamics.

It's designed not just to identify toxic traits, but also to raise self-awareness. If toxic characteristics are detected, the quiz highlights them, encouraging personal growth and improved relationships.

Final Thoughts on Toxic Person Tests

Now that you have seen this list, we hope you’ll be able to find enough courage to take a test.

There is nothing wrong with checking in with yourself every once in a while. Before analyzing your relationships with others, assess whether you are a good friend, family member, and partner.

Life is too short to be toxic.

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Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

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