How to Handle a Daughter Who Blames Her Mother for Everything

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According to author Elizabeth Stone, a child is a mother’s heart walking around outside her body. There can be nothing worse than when that little piece of your heart starts to turn against you. How do you handle it when your daughter blames you for everything?  Learning how to handle daughters who blame their mothers … Read more

13 Minimalist Toys: A Simple List for 2023

minimalist toy list | extreme minimalist toys | minimalist toys for 10 year old

Looking for minimalist toys that your children can play with, but without the hassle? Playtime is fun—until you get to the good part. Indeed, we’re talking about when you actually need to clean up and fix the kids’ toys. It’s already so hard to declutter the adult stuff. Hence, it’s a good thing that minimalist … Read more

9 Qualities of a Good Parent: How Many Do You Have?

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If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely been tested as a parent at some point.  No matter what age your child is, they will challenge you… whether it is intentional or not.  This is particularly common with children ages 2 and older. Maybe you’re wondering why your toddler is happy one minute and throwing tantrums … Read more

11 Best Free Online IQ Tests for Kids

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Want to test your kids’ intelligence quotient level? As parents, it is our duty to make sure that our children receive a quality education. It is our responsibility to consistently look for ways to improve their learning and knowledge. As part of this duty, we need to make sure that we understand their learning capacity. … Read more

17 Farm Animal Coloring Pages That Are Printable and Free

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Are you looking for a unique way to introduce farm animals to your children? If so, then why not try the wonderful recreational activity of coloring? In addition to learning, you and your children can also use this time to strengthen your relationships. Coloring is also a great way to reduce your stress and anxiety. … Read more

9 Printable Feelings Chart Examples for Kids

feelings charts for kids | printable feelings chart for kids | free feelings chart pdf

Recognizing and identifying one’s emotions is one of the best life skills you can have. Thus, teaching children as early as possible how to identify and express their emotions is an essential part of their growth and development. Asking them every day about how they feel is a crucial tool for improving their emotional intelligence. … Read more

32 Printable Kindness Coloring Pages for Children or Students

kindness coloring pages pdf free | kindness coloring pages for preschoolers | choose kindness coloring pages

Are you looking for some kindness coloring pages for your kids and young teens? If so, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll share with you 32 printable kindness coloring pages that your children can use to understand better the value of kindness. But before we proceed to the actual list, let us first … Read more

160 Simple Toddler Affirmations to Boost their Confidence

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Children can begin to internalize negative messages about themselves and their abilities from an early age, impacting their attitude and confidence for a lifetime. Positive toddler affirmations can counter those messages, giving kids the foundation they need to be happier and achieve more in their lifetimes. Why Simple Toddler Affirmations are Important to Boost their … Read more

96 Parenting Affirmations for Tough Moments with Your Kids

parenting affirmations | co parenting affirmations | positive affirmations for parents health

Every family has tough times that challenge your personal resilience and your skills as a parent. Dealing with these challenges calmly and positively can be incredibly difficult, so these positive parenting affirmations will help you deal with demanding times in the family. Why Parenting Affirmations are Important for Tough Moments with Your Kids No matter … Read more