7 Positive Self-Talk Worksheets & Templates for 2024

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We all have that little voice inside that doubts us sometimes. But what if we could turn that voice into our biggest cheerleader?

That's where these positive self-talk worksheets come in. They can help us overcome our fear of the unknown overcome that anxious voice in our heads.

Think of these worksheets as friendly chats with yourself. They help you remember the good stuff about you and challenge the not-so-good thoughts.

Each worksheet has its own fun twist. Whether it's making a list, scoring feelings, or answering questions, it's all about boosting your confidence.

Ready to get started? Let's dive in and find the perfect worksheet for you!

1. Positive Thoughts

This positive self-talk worksheet from Centervention features two columns: “Feeling” and “Positive Thought.” You will be prompted to draw a line connecting each feeling to a corresponding positive thought that can improve your mood.

It is designed to guide you in reframing negative emotions and practicing positive self-talk, aiding in emotional regulation and fostering a healthier mindset.

2. Positive Thoughts and Affirmations

This worksheet presents a collection of 50 positive thoughts and affirmations designed to be recited daily.

In addition to simply reading them, you can utilize this sheet as a daily checklist, marking off each affirmation as you internalize it or placing it in a visible area to serve as a daily mood booster.

By consistently engaging with these affirmations, you can cultivate a habit of positive self-talk, gradually reshaping your mindset towards optimism and resilience.

3. Positive Self-talk Journal

The worksheet has 15 statements (similar to journaling prompts) that are designed to encourage introspection and self-reflection.

Beyond the obvious journaling approach, you could engage with one prompt per day, discuss it with a trusted friend or family member, or even use it as a meditation focus.

In this way, you can uncover and nurture positive self-talk patterns, strengthening your emotional intelligence and self-awareness in the process.

4. Pyschpoint Positive Journal

The “Positive Journal” by PsychPoint guides you in noting down three uplifting thoughts, experiences, feelings, memories, or interactions every day for a week.

With spaces provided for each day, it spotlights the positive moments in your daily life, helping to counteract any negative thoughts, anxiety, or self-doubt.

By maintaining this journaling habit, you can foster a consistent practice of positive self-talk, full of optimism and gratitude.

5. Things I Like About Myself

This collection of worksheets centers around the theme “Things I Like About Myself.” With a colorful and kid-friendly design, these printables encourage all people, regardless of age, to reflect on and appreciate their personal qualities and achievements.

Through these sheets, you and your kids can nurture a self-affirming mindset, promoting positive self-talk and boosting self-esteem.

6. Self-Esteem Check-up

This worksheet prompts you to evaluate 15 affirmation-style statements on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 indicating no belief and 10 indicating complete belief.

After tallying the scores, you will then assess your overall self-esteem using a similar scale. This is followed by a reflective question asking what changes would elevate your self-esteem by one point.

This exercise helps you to confront your self-perceptions and identify areas for growth, thereby fostering greater self-awareness and paving the way for improved positive self-talk.

7. Self-Esteem Journal

This “Self-Esteem Journal” worksheet offers eight prompts that encourage deeper self-reflection on one's self-worth and personal strengths.

Its structure is streamlined for focused reflection, rather than expansive writing. Engaging with these prompts can assist you in recognizing and validating your inherent value, fostering a more consistent practice of self-appreciation.

Final Thoughts on Positive Self-Talk Worksheets

The beauty of a positive self-talk worksheet lies in its simple yet powerful impact. It's a gentle nudge, reminding us of our worth and challenging us to see ourselves in a brighter light. We hope you were able to find one on our list that is a good fit for you.

Whether you're trying this practice out for the first time or making it a daily habit, remember: Every positive thought counts. Here's to a happier, more confident you!

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