201 Fun True or False Questions for Kids in 2024

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I remember playing general knowledge as a kid and thoroughly enjoying the moments when I got the answers correct. I felt an absolute sense of accomplishment (and I felt pretty grown up if I am being honest).

With the holidays in full swing, I often overheard my niece telling her mother how bored she was. She had watched movies, colored, and even put on little plays for the family… but now she was over it and was looking for a challenge.

Are you looking for something stimulating and entertaining to give your kids a brain workout at home? Or are you a teacher looking for a fun and creative way to test your students?

True or false questions for kids are the answer. These types of questions are sneaky and an excellent way for kids to absorb information and think out of the box. You literally have a wealth of information at your fingertips, and with the right wording, you can really get their little brains going.

So if you need an icebreaker or a fun game to play on a retreat, test your kid's general knowledge with these 201 enjoyable true or false questions for kids. You'll be amazed at how much these little brainy boxes actually know.

What Are True or False Questions? 

A true or false question is designed to test a child's general knowledge. The beauty of these questions is that you are actually making the answer quite obvious (either by placing it in plain sight or by adding a little confusion to the situation), but you're leaving it up to them to accept or reject the statement.

These questions encourage children to think out of the box and look at the question more closely. The questions are in no way easy or straightforward. They are put across in such a way that a child may doubt the information they've been presented with and have to think carefully about the correct answer.

You want your questions to access the part of their brain that assesses higher-order thinking, but you're doing it in a sneaky and fun way. Presenting these questions to a group of children is very entertaining as they try to figure out whether it's true or false.

The questions you set out can be as simple as “1 + 3 = 4, right?” Or as complicated as “Was Mahatma Gandhi, a famous artist?” Either way, the simplicity or complex nature of the question will still have them second-guessing what they know to be true.

So basically, in a nutshell, true or false questions must encourage the kids to question the question.

Importance of True or False Questions for Kids 

True or false questions are essential for stimulating young minds. You want your kids or students to be able to think critically. They must be able to take a question and dig into their knowledge reserves (without automatically asking Google) to find the correct answer, even though the information is sometimes misleading

Let's take a quick look at some of the benefits of giving kids true or false questions

  • These questions engage children to learn more about the world around them.
  • It teaches kids not to believe everything they hear.
  • Posing these questions is a fun way to bond with your kids.
  • Asking true and false questions in a group setup is a creative way for kids to learn to debate among one another and work as a team.
  • These questions are excellent icebreakers for team building, retreats, and birthday parties (even for adults).
  • You can ask the questions in various ways, such as handing out written questions or asking the kids in a classroom setting (adding a time limit also makes these questions more intense and exciting).
  • True and false questions are an excellent way of testing a child's general knowledge. It'll also give you an indication of areas in their studies where they need more attention.

201 True or False Questions for Kids 

I have divided the questions into different categories so there is something for everyone. Jump ahead to the category you like, or test your little one’s knowledge by running through each category on the list.

Without further ado, let's dive into this amazing mix of 201 true or false questions for kids:

Smarty Pants Questions

  1. Was Rome built in a day?
  2. Do you like math?
  3. Is arachnophobia the extreme fear of the dark?
  4. Is astronomy the study of the stars?
  5. Is the blue whale bigger than a dinosaur?
  6. Is the unicorn the national animal of Scotland?
  7. Do carnivores only eat meat?
  8. Is the theory of Pythagoras used to measure a circle?
  9. Does photosynthesis speed up the development of photographs?
  10. Is the number six an even number?

true or false questions for family | true or false questions for kids silly | true or false quiz questions funny
True and false questions are an excellent way of testing a child's general knowledge.
  1. If you stretch your arms out wide, will the length of your arms be equal to your height?
  2. Do you enjoy Sudoku?
  3. If you won a seat on a rocket straight to the moon, would you go?
  4. Is a pediatrician a doctor that treats problems that involve feet?
  5. Do you have a stirrup in your ear canal?
  6. The American flag has 42 stars in it, right?
  7. Does coffee come from beans?
  8. Are there 13 rolls in a baker's dozen?
  9. When you mix red and yellow paint, does it make the color orange?
  10. Are there eight different colors in the rainbow?
  11. When playing tag, can penguins fly?
  12. Are elephants excellent swimmers in the ocean?
  13. Do doctors of philosophy fix broken toys for a living? 
  14. Do parrots live in the Arctic?
  15. Do ladybugs tickle eagles?
  16. Will a squirrel climb into a feeder and eat birdseed?
  17. Do bananas grow on trees?
  18. Are watermelons vegetables?
  19. If you tickle a plant, will it laugh?

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Hobby Questions

  1. Do you enjoy playing on the beach and building sandcastles?
  2. Is Minecraft a PlayStation game that's about mining coal?
  3. Should you wear waterproof socks when hiking?
  4. Can reading a book transport you to another world?
  5. Is the art of origami similar to karate?
  6. Is Xbox more advanced than PlayStation?
  7. Do you prefer active hobbies to more relaxing hobbies such as coloring in for fun?
  8. Would you agree that becoming an influencer on TikTok or Instagram is a lucrative hobby?
  9. Can a hobby make you famous?
  10. Is ice skating only done in countries where it's cold?
  11. Do you enjoy collecting coins and stamps?
  12. Super Mario is such a fun game; was he originally known as the Jumpman?
  13. The Lego motto is, “Only the greatest is good enough,” right?
  14. Does Super Mario celebrate his birthday on March 10?
  15. Does Superman live in Gotham City?
  16. Is interpretative dance a type of sign language?
  17. If you could travel at the speed of light, would you make it to the moon in 3 hours?
  18. Does the alphabet only have 26 letters?
  19. A group of birds is called a flock, but is a group of crows called a murder?
  20. Does the Strawberry Shortcake doll's hair smell like strawberries and cream?
  21. Is collecting different kinds of rocks called rockology?
  22. Can you play chess with different types of gummy bears instead of chess pieces?
  23. Is the hobby of stamp collecting known as geometry?
  24. Do model trains come in the same size as passenger trains? 
  25. Is birdwatching a hobby where you try to spot as many flying pigs as possible? 
  26. Do gardeners only grow radishes in their gardens? 
  27. If you play piano when you play piano, do you tap the keys with your feet? 
  28. Does writing poetry make you grow taller? 

When I Grow Up Questions

  1. When you grow up, would you like to be a superhero?
  2. An archeologist studies flowers, right?
  3. Do you think Peter Pan had the right idea by refusing to grow up?
  4. Does an acupuncturist repair damaged car tires?
  5. Do you agree that the best job in the world is a “professional sleeper?” (someone who tests mattresses and assists with sleep studies?)
  6. Is a snake milker a professional that feeds different flavors of milk to snakes?
  7. Do police officers like to drink coffee and eat donuts?
  8. Can paranormal guides see your past and predict your future?
  9. Does a movie watcher sound like a fabulous career to you?
  10. Do professional bridesmaids design and make wedding dresses?
  11. Is an iceberg mover a legit career?
  12. You get surfing instructors for humans, but do you get instructors for dogs?
  13. Would you like to be a professional mermaid?
  14. Do professional line standers stand in queues for you when you don’t have time to do something?
  15. Is a urologist a doctor that specializes in working with your kidneys?
  16. Was the earliest record of dentistry made over 5,000 years ago?
  17. Does a pathologist blaze new trails?
  18. When you grow up, would you like to be the president of a country?
  19. Is Superman's one weakness Kryptonite?
  20. Was Spiderman bitten by a radioactive chameleon?
  21. Is racecar a palindrome? 
  22. Do librarians get to read their favorite books all day long? 
  23. Do most adults have cookies for breakfast every day?
  24. Do New York City police officers wear capes with their uniforms?

Giggle Worthy Questions 

  1. Was Quasimodo from “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” known for the giant mole on his nose?
  2. Do you get a tennis elbow from playing too much tennis?
  3. Is it true that a cow jumped over the moon?
  4. Is a lion the king of the jungle?
  5. Does breaking a mirror result in 11 years of bad luck?
  6. The Milky Way is a type of ice cream, right?
  7. Finger sticks are also called fish fingers. Do fish really have fingers?
  8. Can a reindeer change the color of their eyes to help them deal with the different light levels during winter and summer?
  9. Is it true that the strongest muscle in your body is your tongue?
  10. Does the Mona Lisa painting have eyebrows?
true or false questions for family | true or false questions for kids silly | true or false questions about yourself
True or false questions are essential for stimulating young minds.
  1. Is boanthropy a disorder where a person completely believes without a doubt they are a cow?
  2. Adding the two numbers on the opposite side of a dice will always add up to the number seven, right?
  3. Is the nickname for New York the “Big Peach?”
  4. An eagle is known for having exceptional eyesight, but does a scallop have far more advanced vision?
  5. Are the glaciers in Antarctica made of 97% water (ice) and 3% penguin urine?
  6. Do snails happily sleep for up to 3 years?
  7. Can you have a sneezing fit in your sleep?
  8. Is a raisin simply a shriveled-up grape?
  9. Does a goat have the ability to change their accent based on their social circle of friends?
  10. Did Charlie Chaplin take 20th place in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike competition?
  11. Do penguins wear tuxedos to fancy underwater parties?
  12. Can cats speak fluent dog language?
  13. If you eat watermelon seeds, will you grow a watermelon in your tummy?
  14. Do apple trees have secret ninja skills and sneak around at night telling Johnny Appleseed stories?
  15. Will your eyeballs pop out if you sneeze with your eyes open?
  16. Are crocodiles good at ballet dancing?
  17. Do firefighters use milk chocolate bars to put our fires?
  18. Do racecar drivers get to eat ice cream while they race?
  19. Do most actors live inside your tv?
  20. Will strawberry milkshakes cure the common cold?
  21. Do snakes have 8 legs?
  22. Do you have to eat a lot of broccoli to be a superhero?

Fascinating Nature Questions 

  1. Do rabbits sleep with their eyes open?
  2. Is a whale's throat the size of a tennis ball?
  3. Does an octopus squirt ink?
  4. Do bees eat honey?
  5. Can a crab walk in a straight line?
  6. Is a two-inch thick rope made from spider silk strong enough to stop a Boeing 747 plane?
  7. Is the sun a star?
  8. Can hippos walk comfortably underwater?
  9. Is it possible for a cockroach to survive an atomic bomb explosion?
  10. Can you recycle paper up to 9 times?
  11. Is it possible for a cockroach to run around for up to a week without its head?
  12. Do cows drink milk?
  13. Is a baby kangaroo known as a kanglet?
  14. If a bee stings you on your hand, will it be able to sting you again?
  15. Do shrews communicate using echolocation (similar to a bat)?
  16. Can a plant be a meat eater?
  17. If an octopus injures itself, will it bleed blue blood?
  18. Do rabbits poop over 300 times each day?
  19. Of all the animals around, an octopus has the most love to give. Could this be because they have three hearts?
  20. An octopus is an amazing creature. Is it true that these intelligent sea animals punch other fish for fun?
  21. In the Atlantic Ocean, Is a group of whales called a school?
  22. Is collecting nectar from flowers how bees make honey?
  23. Do alligators live in saltwater habitats?
  24. In the Spring, do butterflies have dance-off competitions?
  25. Is the fastest animal in the world the cheetah>
  26. Are there animals that can live in both freshwater and saltwater habitats?
  27. Can an owl turn its head 360 degrees?
  28. Are spiders insects?
  29. Do frees get their food from the ground with their roots?
  30. Are Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs still alive and hiding in the jungle?
  31. Do bullfrogs drink water through their skin?

Weird History Questions

  1. Did Egyptian men and women wear makeup?
  2. Did Queen Elizabeth II invent a new breed of dog named the “dorgi”?
  3. Does the Egyptian alphabet only consist of 17 hieroglyphs?
  4. Did aliens build Stonehenge?
  5. Is the pool on the Titanic still full of water?
  6. Are boats and ships traditionally named after men?
  7. Were women allowed to star in William Shakepeare’s plays in the 1500s?
  8. Was King Tutankhamun only nine years old when he became king?
  9. Did President George Washington have wooden teeth?
  10. Did Halloween originate in Ireland?
  11. Was gladiator sweat sold as a beauty product in ancient Rome?
  12. Were mince pies traditionally made with mincemeat?
  13. Was ketchup originally created to be a medicine for an upset stomach?
  14. Was Cleopatra an Egyptian?
  15. Did Thomas Edison invent the lightbulb because he was afraid of the dark?
  16. Were the first animals in space tortoises?
  17. Does Harry Potter star in the latest Star Wars movie?
  18. Is Zeus the all-powerful king of the underworld?
  19. Does Mickey Mouse have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
  20. Is the Father of Time a gentleman named Archimedes?
  21. Is the Eiffel Tower in Paris taller than the Statue of Liberty in America?
  22. Were cats mummified and buried with their owners in Ancient Egypt?
  23. Was there an Australian war where the people fought emus and lost? 
  24. Is 38 minutes the length of the shortest war in history? 
  25. Did people in the Middle Ages believe gingerbread cookies had magical powers? 
  26. Did someone give President Andrew Jackson a 1400-pound cheese wheel in 1835?
  27. Did the Great Fire of London start because a baker forgot to turn off the oven in 1666?
  28. Was Julius Cesar kidnapped by pirates?
  29. Did the first astronauts wear pajamas to work in space? 
  30. Do teachers have to do homework?

Lucky Packet Questions (AKA a Random Mix)

  1. There are plenty of fish tales around, but are mermaids real?
  2. Is Sago pudding made from milk, sugar, and frog eggs?
  3. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You have butter fingers”? Does this mean you were playing with butter?
  4. Would you eat a bowl of agave worms as a delicious (and nutritious) snack?
  5. Do female praying mantises eat the head of the male praying mantis after mating?
  6. Is a diamond so strong that the only other material that can cut or scratch it is another diamond?
  7. Does Hakuna Matatha mean stress and worries for the rest of your days?
  8. Is it true that in the early 19th century, children used to do grown-up jobs, like sweep chimneys or work in factories?
  9. Kids love sweet things. Could this be because they have more taste buds than adults?
  10. Was 27 minutes the longest time recorded for a person holding their breath?
true or false questions funny with answers | true or false questions for adults | easy true or false questions for kindergarten
True or False questions must encourage the kids to question the question.
  1. Does chicken pox really come from chickens?
  2. A golf ball is covered in dimples. Are there 449 dimples to be exact?
  3. Is Batman real?
  4. Does the Sandman fill your sandpit with sand at night?
  5. Is a side effect of telling lies a growing nose?
  6. If the clock strikes 12 and you pull a face, will it stay that way?
  7. Has anyone played sports on the moon?
  8. Did Tiger Woods make his first hole-in-one at the age of three?
  9. Is a toad in the hole a famous breakfast?
  10. Was the Hawaiian pizza designed in Canada?
  11. Can the Great Wall of China be seen from outer space?
  12. Is the sun a planet? 
  13. During a thunderstorm, is lightning hotter than the sun's surface?
  14. Does Earth have only one moon?
  15. Do kangaroos work as school crossing guards in Australia? 
  16. Do giraffes use their long necks to play hide-and-seek with other animals?
  17. Can you create a paper tiger by folding paper in origami? 

Final Thoughts on True or False Questions for Kids 

Nothing is more fascinating than sitting with a kid and learning how their mind works. You can expect a little frustration and loads of giggles… but it's essential to not take their answers too seriously. It's all about having a good time and getting the wheels in their brains turning.

Children are so eager to learn new things, and they have a strong desire to impress you, and the fact that you're taking the time to question them shows them that you value their opinions (and that their answers matter).

Split up the questions and ask them a couple at a time. Obviously, you don't want to overdo it so that the fun is taken out of the game.

If you enjoyed these true and false questions, and would like to try out some other types of questions to get their creative juices flowing, check out our guide on the 118 get-to-know-you questions for kids.

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Enjoy, and who knows? Maybe you'll learn a thing or two (wink!).

true or false questions for kids | true or false quiz questions funny | easy true or false questions and answers list
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