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A Month of Happiness, Week 1: Psychostimulants, Laughter, Gratitude, Fake Smiles, and Happy Friends

Last week, I declared June the Month of Happiness. I decided to post one article every weekday, each containing a practical idea that you can apply to become happier, immediately. We talked about psychostimulants, laughter, gratitude, fake smiles, and making happy friends. I’m sure you’ll find at least one article that fits your interests, personality, and situation. Day 1: […]

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The Sweet Tune of June: a month of happiness

I have this problem. I’m interested in EVERYTHING. That’s bad – because want to provide YOU with value. I can’t do that unless I focus on a few things, one at a time. So I’ve declared June the Month of Happiness. Every weekday, I’m going to post one idea for making you a Happier Human. […]

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