55 Powerful English One Word Mantras to Inspire You

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If you've ever been stuck and needed inspiration, you have felt the struggle of moving through the day and sometimes life.  We’ve all been there.

But what if I told you that one word could instantly change your outlook or mood? Life is too short for dull words and meaningless phrases. One-word mantras can boost positivity and wholeness.

English is full of dynamic words that can inspire, motivate, and help us achieve our goals. In this post, I'll provide a list of impactful words you can recite anytime to stay present and grounded. These are called mantras.

What is a mantra?

A mantra is a word or phrase chanted, usually as part of meditation practice. The repetition of the mantra helps to focus the mind and can lead to a feeling of calm and well-being.

Mantras can be in any language, but are often in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. There are also English mantras. Many mantras are sacred and have special meanings, but essentially any word or phrase can be used as a mantra. 

For some, mantras may seem like a practice dedicated to religious application and spiritual experience. Still, whether you consider yourself religious or not, research has shown that the power of intention is a noninvasive phenomenon.

Famous historical figures have been known to chant mantras before taking up tasks they know need immense mental energy to complete. In addition, mantras have also been said to help plants grow.

When selecting a mantra, remember what resonates with you and relaxes you. Some people prefer mantras in a particular language, such as Spanish or Chinese. Some mantras have a sound or rhythm that can be soothing to your soul.

Some people prefer mantras about a particular topic or focus, such as gratitude, acceptance, love, or abundance. 

Benefits of Chanting a Mantra

The mind naturally tends to wander while one is meditating. Mantras may be used to “regulate” the mind's wandering by providing a focused point. So, the technique is easy.

In meditation, just repeat the mantra to bring yourself back into the moment with awareness, sensing when our mind strays. The mantra's innate phonetic rhythm makes it a potent entryway into the present moment when it is repeatedly recited. Mantras also:

  • Rewires the mind's subconscious
  • Sound and rhythm are said to carry energy throughout the body
  • Boosts the release of feel-good hormones like endorphins
  • Encourages a more cheerful outlook
  • Regulates and slows down the heartbeat
  • Relieves stress and anxiety by calming the mind
  • Enhances the brainwaves active during meditation
  • Boosts immunity

Ready to give it a try? If so, we’ve put together a list of one-word mantras to get your started and feed your soul.

55 Powerful English One Word Mantras to Inspire You

  1. Womb – smother yourself in love; be cozy; feel safe, reconnect with your higher self
  2. Sage – extinguish evil
  3. Point – increase your vision and concentrate; discover your way; make a decision
  4. Move – improve one's stamina, ward off exhaustion, heighten enthusiasm, and dispel stagnation
One Word Mantras - Move - improve one's stamina, ward off exhaustion, heighten enthusiasm, and dispel stagnation | one word mantras for 2022 | list of mantras in sanskrit | best mantra to chant everyday
  1. Halfway – distances seem to be much shorter than they are
  2. Divine – create awe-inspiring feats of personal achievement
  3. Act – how to speak clearly and fluently, seamlessly transition
  4. Wait – learn something new
  5. Tap – transform; rework
  6. Reach – discover missing items; solve difficulties; maintain and mend locate what you're seeking for, such as missing objects like keys, documents, tools, answers to issues; problem-solve and innovate; remember
  7. Magnanimity – give generously and put a stop to petty behavior
  8. For – promote
  9. Cover – calm nerves
  10. Between – telepathic abilities; psychic awareness
  11. Tomorrow – dispel regret
  12. With – accord; harmonize; immerse
  13. Ridiculous – gain attention
  14. Phase – improve condition; develop objectives, routines, or patterns
  15. Now – act on instinct; stop procrastinating
  16. Limit – create boundaries; avoid being exploited. Regain control
  17. Giggle – get into writing mode; enjoy the work
  18. Fifty-three – Take charge
  19. Down – don't boast
  20. Circulate – get social
  21. Cancel – eliminate unfavorable or undesired situations. pacify; to calm; poverty-free
  22. Bring – join forces; make evident; bring about
  23. Scheme – promote, design, and produce
  24. Personal – produce a successful newspaper or newsletter; become a success
One Word Mantras - Personal - produce a successful newspaper or newsletter; become a success | 3 word mantra examples | mantra meaning | mantra words for transcendental meditation
  1. On – acquire fresh ideas; buy a vehicle; keep your desire alive; construct; create
  2. Listen – prediction of the future; connection to nature and one's spirit
  3. Hold – fostering a sense of identity
  4. Give – sell and assist others
  5. Done – be done; finish what you started, fulfill your deadline, or maintain your promise; strengthen your resolve
  6. Crisp – lift your spirits and help you feel more rested, reenergized, and brighter.
  7. Attention – pay attention to the smallest of details and refrain from being negligent
  8. Together – perform at a high level in any endeavor; having it all together
  9. Up – keep your spirits up; get rid of your inferiority complex
  10. Take – hone your skills as a leader
  11. Reverse – bury the hatchet
  12. Praise – make yourself attractive, stop being judgmental, and stop looking for faults in everything.
  13. Mask – protection from danger; a cloak
  14. Full – the highest possible standard; to go above and beyond; to increase the available resources
  15. Elate – take the negative and turn it into a positive.
  16. Dedicate – let go of your attachments.
  17. Chlorine – meet new people; make an impact; become a part of something greater than yourself
  18. Alone – improve one's emphasis on oneself
  19. Suffer – take charge of your achievement and well-being
  20. Root – uncover what you've been searching for
  21. Bubble – get beyond one's comfort zone, feel energized and enthusiastic
One Word Mantras - Bubble - get beyond one's comfort zone, feel energized and enthusiastic | one word mantras for 2022 | mantra words for 2022 | one word mantras for athletes
  1. Over – put an end to your angst
  2. Oil – remove friction, make it easier to work with, reduce stress, and separate
  3. Cute – be able to reason, discern, and deduce; have a keen mind.
  4. Watch – improve one's ability to do anything
  5. Slow – exemplify wisdom and patience.
  6. Postpone – stop whining and move on

Final Thoughts on One Word Mantras

If you’re open-minded, hopefully this list has inspired you to repeat these one-word mantras to improve your life. Anyone can use them, regardless of religious background or meditation experience.

If you need a sense of calm or well-being, you can use the one-word mantras at any time. Changing your life is easier if you surround yourself with positive thoughts and messages. For more inspiration, check out my post that lists affirmations to spark creativity and new ideas.

one word mantras | mantra words for 2022 | one word mantras for athletes
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