42 Beach Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults to Enjoy in 2024

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Ready for some time on the beach?

We know we are! While you wait for that perfect summer getaway, here’s a great way to keep yourself busy and your stoke levels high—beach coloring pages!

Coloring actually has a lot of therapeutic benefits. That’s why we suggest starting the healing process with these beach coloring pages that we have prepared for both adults and kids.

The first half of our list is for children—this is a great way to make them more excited about going on vacation.

The second half is for adults and is an opportunity to prep yourself for all the surfing and partying you are sure to do this summer.

Let’s check out our list!

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1. Beautiful Beach

This is a bit more detailed than the previous designs, but it is still doable for kids (especially those who are a little bit older). Use this as an opportunity to color and bond with them.

2. By the Seaside

Here’s another detailed design that will be challenging for younger kids. You can download it straight from the link above. It comes in PDF format.

3. Happy Little Kids

This page is free to download, and comes in PDF format. Your kids will surely love it. Print it for them while they wait for the much-awaited vacation.

4. Beach Palm Trees

How about coloring those palm trees while watching the sunset? This page will get you super excited to head to the coast!

5. Beach Landscape

There’s nothing better than a beach landscape. Here’s an easy coloring page for kids who enjoy watching sunsets.

6. Beach Play Essentials

Here’s an edgy design for little kids who are just learning how to color. Take the time to show them the beauty of the beach and the art of coloring well.

7. Beach Bar & Grill

Here’s one for adults who enjoy detailed pages (not to mention a good old-fashioned bar and grill).

8. Flip-Flops on the Beach

When you are on the beach, do you prefer wearing flip-flops or walking barefoot? We like doing both!

9. Message in a Bottle

Have you ever written a message and put it into a bottle, then thrown it into the sea? This is a rite of passage for any true romantic who lives by the coast. Who knows? Someone might just get your message when you least expect it.

10. Beach Party for Two

Finally, here’s a design for those who love partying their heart out during a night at the beach! Life is fun and we need to make sure we get the most out of it!

11. Surf Turf

Here’s another page for the surfers out there. We know you are excited to get in the water. Get hyped for your trip by coloring this rad page!

12. Girl Surfer

Wouldn’t you agree that one of the best ways to enjoy the waves is through surfing? Enjoy the adrenaline rush of catching big waves and a cool breeze. While you are getting ready, print and color this page to build your excitement!

13. Palm Tree on the Beach

Imagine yourself enjoying a tropical vacation as you bring this sheet to life. As you color it, let your troubles drift away and your mind fill with peace.

14. Ocean Wave

Unleash your creativity with this relaxing ocean wave. Allow your crayons, brushes, or colored pens to dance while they create a beautiful sense of calmness.

15. Beach Huts

Step into a sun-soaked beach scene with this inviting coloring page full of beach huts. Feel the relaxing vibes of the seaside as you add color, creating your own slice of paradise.

16. Lawn Chair Vacation

There's nothing more relaxing than lying down on a lawn chair while feeling the sand on your feet. Let your coloring take you away as you turn this simple chair into your personal seaside sanctuary.

17. Surfer Couple

There’s nothing better than sharing a wave with the person you love. If you and your partner don’t surf, consider coloring this page together!

18. Beach Bar

Beach bars are a great place for those who like to unwind with a bit of alcohol and lively music. They provide a relaxing vibe that perfectly fits the ocean environment.

19. Surf Away

Here’s another coloring page for those who would like to spend their beach getaways surfing. This summer may be a good time as well to teach your kids how to surf!

20. Sand Castle

Remember those days when you got excited about the beach because you were looking forward to building sand castles? Revisit those days with this coloring page, then take the kids to the beach for a sand castle building competition.

21. Beach Runner

This little guy is so excited to get in the ocean he’s literally running to the water!

22. Summer Escape

Kids need their breaks, too. After a long year of going to school and studying for their future, they need to breathe, unwind, and play without worrying about any assignments or schoolwork. Summer is such a sweet escape!

23. Cute Kids

A cute coloring sheet with cute kids deserves to be colored by another cute kid—like yours. We’re sure the little ones will love this!

24. Surfing Toddlers

We already mentioned that this is the year to teach your kids to surf. But before doing that, coloring this page may be a great way to introduce the concept to them!

25. Do You Want To Build A Castle?

Here’s another fun coloring sheet that will surely remind you of building sand castles at the beach. What fun!

26. Summer Refreshments

Refreshments are a must during summer vacation! It’s important to stay hydrated when you are under the hot sun, and what better way than with a cooler full of tasty beverages?

27. Flip-Flops

This page looks like so much fun to color. Just look at those slippers and seashells and how intricately designed they are. Get your flip-flops (and colored pens) ready!

28. Bucket On The Beach

The tool for kids when they are on the beach—the sand bucket! Get them excited for their next beach adventure with this coloring sheet.

29. If You Like Piña Coladas

Well, do you like piña coladas? We highly recommend them. Try making one at home before heading out on your summer getaway, then color this page for inspiration!

30. Beach Buddies

Who is your beach buddy? For this girl, it is surely her cute pup. Whoever yours is, we hope this summer will be the best beach adventure yet!

31. Beach Bed

Nothing feels better than sleeping in a hammock like this while the sun caresses your skin—just don’t let it burn you!

32. Here Comes The Sun(set)

I can hear the Beatles singing…can you? Here comes the sun, du-rum-du-rum. Then again, this looks like a sunset. No matter. Sunsets are one of the best scenes to color, with that pale tint of pink and purple.

33. Beach Beauty

Isn’t she lovely? Don’t you love seeing beautiful kids playing with sand castles on the beach? That being said, this page is great for adult colorers. Just look at those details!

34. She Sells Starfish By The Seashore

This coloring page looks so satisfying…and challenging! With so many starfish to fill in, you will get to use all those colors you’ve been wanting to use this summer.

35. Under The Sea

This kid knows no fear. Not all kids have the courage to swim under the sea, but maybe it’s time to introduce yours to the ocean. Use this coloring page to alleviate their worries about what could be under the sea.

36. Lighthouse Family

There’s something about lighthouses that feels so classic and regal. Maybe it’s the knowledge that their purpose is to guard you and make you feel safe.

37. Picnic By The Beach

Who said picnics are for parks? A beach is a great spot for a picnic, with all those tropical fruits and drinks. Everyone is certain to have fun while swimming, running, and making sand castles!

38. Escape To The Beach

Here’s another very detailed template that adults will surely enjoy coloring. You can even add your own lines in between the rays of the sun.

39. This Way!

It’s going to take you some time to finish this coloring sheet. Don’t take too long—the sun and sand are waiting!

40. Time To Relax

Summer means vacation, so it’s time to relax. Take some time to breathe and unwind. Use this opportunity to reset and prepare for the next chapter of your life.

41. Refreshing on a Branch

Here’s a simple coloring page for very young children. We’re sure they will love it, since animals are every kid’s best friend.

42. Beach Time Is Family Time

If you haven’t been spending time with your family lately, maybe this is the right time to make up for those lost moments. Whether it’s a summer getaway on the beach or a simple coloring activity in the garden, we hope you get the chance to spend some quality time!

Final Thoughts on Beach Coloring Pages

Did you find a few coloring pages that quench your thirst for a beach adventure? Explore the wonder of coloring while you wait for your vacation to the coast.

You can also check our other coloring collections. Here are a couple of lists related to summer and vacations:

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