11 Sunny Day Coloring Pages for Adults & Kids

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Excited about summer?

A sunny day is always a happy sight. There may be some challenges along the way, but as long as you keep that positivity, nothing can keep you down for too long when the weather is fine and the sun is shining.

If you have been looking for sunny day coloring pages for adults and kids, then you have landed on the right page.

Today we are sharing a list of designs that you can print and download to color your stress away.

Ready yourself for the sunny days of summer with these beautiful coloring pages!

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1. Lovely Rainbow

Here is another coloring page for kids who like sunny days. As you know, the appearance of a rainbow symbolizes the end of rainy days and the start of sunny ones. This design is detailed enough for older kids and younger teens to enjoy.

2. Sunny Day in a Beautiful Meadow

Here is a picture of a sunny day in a beautiful meadow. Invite your kids to have some coloring fun during a picnic. There’s no better activity for a summer’s day!

3. Mr. Sun

Here is a coloring page that you can download or print directly, and it comes in high-quality PDF format. Kids who like rabbits and playgrounds will surely love to color this.

4. Nickelodeon’s Sunny Day

Does your kid watch the Sunny Day cartoon from Nick Jr.? If so, they might love this page! It has the main character, Sunny and her lovable dog Doodle, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

7. Good Morning, Sun! Mandala

If you are an adult or experienced colorer looking for intricately designed coloring pages, then you are in for a treat with this one from Walmart. It’s definitely worth the money, as you can see from the design.

6. Enjoy the Sunshine

First we have this coloring page for kids who love being outside and having fun on a sunny day. You can print it directly by clicking the image on the site and clicking the “print now” button at the end once you land on the next page.

7. Children Traveling by Train

Here is a page for both adults and kids to enjoy. It is not free, but it surely is worth the purchase. It is available in different sizes and formats, all with high-quality graphics.

8. To the Beach

Here is another paid printable featuring a beach scene with a lighthouse. When you buy it, you get two PDF versions and one JPG. Ready yourself for the beach by coloring this page while waiting for your ocean getaway!

9. Beach Scene

This design is from one of our favorite coloring pages sites. You can get a copy of this summer scene by clicking the “get it” link, which will redirect you to another one of our favorite coloring sites—Dover Publications.

10. Serene Beach Scenario

Enjoying the scene in the picture? You must be excited about sunny days! Print a copy of this free coloring sheet from Dover Publications while planning your next beach party.

11. Sunny Day on the Terrace

Oh, we just love the ambiance in this picture. While coffee and tea are perfect for rainy days, they are also nice on sunny days.

Final Words on Sunny Day Coloring Pages for Adults & Kids

Did you find the perfect printable coloring page for you and your kids? If so, what are you waiting for? Download it now and start coloring! We hope that we were able to help you choose the best sunny day coloring pages for your entire family.

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