35 Fun Thank You Memes to Be More Grateful in Life

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“Thank you,” are such wonderful words. Who doesn’t want to receive a message of gratitude?

Receiving appreciation from someone can make your entire day happy and can also make the person who have the thanks feel better. It just feels so great whenever someone recognizes your efforts.

This article gives your “thank you” a bit of a twist. Instead of simply saying, “Thanks” or “Appreciate it,” why not try using memes?

We have gathered 35 fun “thank you” memes for you and your friends. Some of them may come off as hilarious, but they will still get the point.

Let’s get started.

1. The Memer

If you aren’t sure how to say thank you and express your gratitude, just remember that you are a memer. Do what you do best—create and send memes!

2. Defeated Male

Oh, did that burn? Perhaps try replying, “Thank you for your honesty,” and then go your separate ways. Unless you want to get burned more!

3. Parting Time

We call this separation anxiety, and it’s totally fine. But sometimes you need to say thank you and goodbye for both of you to move one—even if the other party is just a game!

4. Meow Can I Help You?

We’d be very thankful if this cat could handle our complaints! Isn’t she adorable? Oh, and that’s her natural color. It’s not a microphone.

5. ChatGPT Wholesomeness

ChatGPT melting our hearts! Wish there were more real humans out there who could be this appreciative!

6. Thank You, Still.

We all have that special someone who accepts us for who we are, no matter what we do, and in every situation. Why not take this chance to say how much you appreciate them?

7. Letter of Resignation

Can you think of a cooler way to resign? Hand this resignation letter in and say thank you!

8. Thank You for Remembering!

thank you memes | thank you for being a friend meme | thank you memes for him

via 9GAG

We all need an Olly Smith in our lives—don’t you agree? Someone who can remember all of the things we forget.

9. Thank You, Jesus

thank you memes | thank you for being a friend meme | thank you meme for him

via 9GAG

No offense to religious folks, but we got to agree with Patrick on this. We bet Jesus would definitely say, “You are welcome, child,” if he heard it.

10. Thank You, Self

One key to maintaining self-care: Think of the future you! What would future you say about your actions today? After all, it’s better to finish everything now and rest later than to procrastinate until the last minute.

11. Making Friends

Everything seems to change when we grow older. Making friends, for instance. Instead of talking about the things we love, it feels better to talk about the things we hate. Isn’t that sweet?

12. True Love

thank you memes | thank you for being a friend memes | thank you meme for him

via 9GAG

We nearly cried when we saw this meme! Now you have an image to show when someone asks what true love means. Take this time to show your special ones how much you appreciate them!

13. Thank You, Foo Fighters!

thank you meme | thank you for being a friend meme | thank you memes for her

via 9GAG

There are things in life that you should be thankful for, even if you never think about them. Alright, this is pretty silly—but we laughed when we read it.

14. Best Boy Keanu

thank you memes | thank you for being a friend memes | thank you memes for him

via 9GAG

Who doesn’t love Keanu Reeves? He is literally one of the best people to ever work in Hollywood. And he actually did get these watches as parting gifts for everyone working on John Wick 4!

15. Papa Smurf, Y’all!

thank you meme | thank you for being a friend meme | thank you memes for him

via 9GAG

This melted our hearts! What’s better than waking up early and finding Papa Smurf teaching your class on a holiday? This is what effort looks like!

16. Library, A Safe Place

The library is one of the safest places to in public. When in doubt, go to the library. You will find solace there.

17. Thanks, Social Media

Seems like we can thank social media for at least one thing, after all. It’s kind of a relief to know that other people are going through the same things as you!

18. Thank You, Friends

This cake is for all our friends who never failed to support us, and who stayed with us even in the darkest moments of our lives. Thank you, friends, for tolerating us.

19. Thank You, Self Pt. 2

Gratitude is also something we need to give to ourselves—for the things we have done, for the things we have sacrificed, and for being the only person we can always lean on. Friends are friends, but you’ve got to take credit for the things you have done on your own.

20. Thanks, Memes

Cheers to all the memes that made us laugh our hearts out, especially during those times when we are at our lowest!

21. At Least, They Try.

It’s the thought that counts. No matter the result, these people just wanted to make you happy, so don’t they deserve your gratitude?

22. Thank You for Your Hard Work!

Here’s to everyone who works hard for themselves, for other people, and even for those who do not deserve their hard work. You are all doing a great job!

23. Thank You for Being Honest!

Here’s to all the people who choose to be honest rather than lie. Telling the truth is not always easy, but it is important to do.

24. Thank You for the Love!

Here’s to all the people who choose to love—even when it is difficult to do so. You might want to send this to everyone who cares for you, even in the moments when you are a pain in the neck.

25. Thank You for Your Service!

Here’s to everyone who keeps their promises—to honor and service!

26. You are the Best!

And here’s something you can send to your loved ones if you want to melt their hearts while expressing gratitude.

27. Cute Bear

Couple the last meme with this cute bear GIF and you’ll be surprised by people’s reactions. Nothing makes the heart happier than an expression of gratitude from someone we treasure.

28. The Office Bow

Ever heard of “The Office Bow?” Here’s Steve Carrell as your favorite regional manager, Michael Scott, demonstrating it perfectly! 

29. Cute Doggo

Isn’t this doggo cute? Use this meme if you are looking for an adorable way to say thank you to someone.

30. Adorable Cat

Or use this cat instead, if your recipient is a cat person!

31. Thank You Dance

Did you know there was a thank-you dance? Maybe we can add this to the things we need to learn so we can show our gratitude on a whole other level!

32. Cheers to All of You!

Everyone loves Leonardo things. Here’s the famous Great Gatsby meme and cheers to everyone!

33. Thank You for Your Time!

Time is one of the most precious gifts a person can give you. Whenever you can, thank those who have spent their time helping you or simply being with you.

34. Thank You for Your Cooperation!

It’s surprising how difficult it can be to find cooperative people. Don’t forget to thank them for helping out!

35. From the Bottom of My Heart.

Last but definitely not least, here’s a thank you meme you can use to show everyone you treasure how much you appreciate the love they give to you!

Final Thoughts on Fun Thank You Memes

We hope we made you laugh—or at least smile—with this list of thank you memes.

If a few of them caught your attention, save and send them to your loved ones to show gratitude!

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