83 Great Compliments for Coworkers at Your Workplace

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Let’s be honest. We spend much our lives at our workplace among coworkers. In fact, the average person clocks approximately 90,000 hoursbasically a third of your life

A colleague of mine is having a hard time at work. He’s always saying he wishes someone would just give him a pat on the back or tell him he’s doing a good job.

Are you in a similar situation? Do you or your co-workers feel underappreciated? Are you looking for a way to lift their spirits at work?

In this article, I share 83 great compliments for coworkers you can use. But first, let’s begin with why it’s so important to give compliments to your coworkers.

Why Is It Important to Give Compliments to Coworkers? 

Human beings have an ingrained psychological need to feel accepted and respected. Complimenting your coworker shows them they are recognized and appreciated. The act of complimenting someone significantly impacts their happiness, creating a positive atmosphere at the workplace. Receiving compliments is an essential part of anyone’s personal growth.

The receiver and the giver benefit from a compliment. You receive gratitude when you compliment someone, boosting your self-esteem. You focus on the good in people, which will have a ripple effect throughout your workplace. 

Complimenting others makes you feel good about yourself and helps build a community in your workplace where you feel accepted and supported. What an excellent and simple way to contribute to others’ well-being while boosting your own, right? 

Everyone benefits from this small act.

Here are a few of the amazing benefits of giving compliments to your coworkers: 

  • Builds your coworker’s confidence
  • Boosts your coworker’s morale, making them want to go above and beyond in the workplace for their colleagues and employer
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Enjoy their work more

83 Compliments to Give Your Coworkers 

I admit that before complimenting my coworkers, I was pretty nervous. What if they rejected my compliments? Or what if I delivered it wrong? Or what if they misunderstand what I was trying to say? 

But then I realized how necessary it was to give positive feedback, because secretly, I was hoping for a compliment in return (to make sure that I was still doing a good job at work). I mean, deep down, we’re all looking for reassurance, aren’t we?

Positive affirmation is a must in the workplace. It stops us from slipping into that horrible negative headspace. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about—that place where every hiccup is a mountain, and all you talk about is how you can’t wait to quit your job (or you continuously wish for the week to be over so you can breathe when it’s the weekend).

With that, here are 83 of my favorite compliments for your coworkers that are guaranteed to lift their spirits!

Compliments to Encourage Teamwork

In reality, not everyone is a team player, but working together is so important. And it’s even more important to express gratitude when your coworker works well with others.

1. Since you joined our team, things have been so much better. I don’t know how we’d cope without you; you’re an asset to our team.

2. I appreciate how you took the initiative and stepped in to help us. We needed extra eyes on this project; you helped us close the deal.

3. You impressed us today. I know the hours were longer than usual, and I’m so grateful you’re dependable.

4. It’s not every day your coworker also happens to speak another language. Your experience is priceless, and we’d have lost that client if not for you.

5. You’ve found your place in our team, and we enjoy working with you.

6. Your organizational skills are exceptional, and you couldn’t have joined our team at a better time.

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Complimenting your coworker shows them they are recognized and appreciated.

7. How you handle clients and situations in the office motivates the rest of us. You never let anything get you down. 

8. You have such a great work ethic. If you have some free time, I’d like to get some tips on time management.

9. We appreciate that you are such a team player. Thanks for always being open to sharing your ideas. 

10. Your dedication to our team hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Compliments after a Rough Day at Work

Not every day is sunshine and roses, and you can expect rough days in the workplace. A simple, uplifting compliment goes a long way when comforting a coworker.

11. Today was very rough, but I think you did a great job at keeping it together.

12. I love how you helped that patient calm down, especially under such traumatic circumstances.

13. You do so much for the workplace and always ensure things run smoothly. Please let me know if I can help.

14. We all agree the client had no right to speak to you that way, but well done handling the situation like a pro.

15. I think it’s fantastic when someone can handle a challenging situation without taking it personally.

16. I couldn’t have handled that any better. Thank you for still showing the client respect. I know it wasn’t easy.

17. You did your best today, and I’m so grateful.

18. I thought you should know the team is thankful for how you diffused that awkward tension in the meeting today.

19. You are doing such a fantastic job; please don’t let this day bring you down.

20. Even though this wasn’t the best day, having you on our team made it so much easier.

Compliments for a Bubbly Coworker

Some days don’t go as well as others, and you may not be feeling particularly enthusiastic or energetic that day. Your colleague may be the ray of sunshine you need, and their enthusiasm is easily transferred.

21. I was struggling to get through my day. Then you walked in and cracked a joke that lifted all our moods. 

22. You are the perfect amount of bubbly, serious, and fun. I speak for everyone when I say we’re lucky to have you on the team.

23. You have a refreshing outlook on life, and I can see how your work ethos inspires others.

24. Thank you for always seeing the lighter side of a difficult situation. 

25. I’d like to say I think you handled that like a boss. We could all learn a thing or two from you.

26. So management just stopped by. They have noticed a positive change in the office thanks to your upbeat personality. Keep up the excellent work.

27. Thank you for always bringing the right amount of bubbliness to the workplace. It helps set the mood for the day.

28. I can see you enjoy working here; you’re fantastic. We enjoy working with you.

29. I am having a meeting with a particularly grumpy client today. Would you mind sitting in on the meeting with me? I value your opinion. 

30. Please keep bringing that quirky sense of humor to the office. It’s so refreshing and brightens all of our days. 

Compliments to Praise Your Coworker’s Skills & Achievements

It’s important to let your coworkers know you acknowledge, admire, and appreciate their particular skills in the workplace. 

31. Your organizational skills are impeccable, and you’re great at managing your time. Would you mind giving me a crash course?

32. Thank you for listening to me today. I felt understood and seen.

33. The way you handle our clients and your coworkers is inspiring. You’re such a go-getter, and it makes me want to work better too.

34. I overheard you speaking to a patient today. You’re so well-spoken and you have such an excellent manner. Those are two skills you can be very proud of. 

35. You’re making such a difference in the office, and we all feel you deserve to be employee of the month.

36. You’re so good at explaining things. Would you mind running the brief past the investor in a way that’s easier to understand?

37. Congratulations on your promotion. We’re all rooting for you and knew you could do it. 

38. You’re such a role model. I hope someday I’ll be able to inspire others like you do.

39. I just knew you had it in you after nailing that presentation today. Congratulations on your promotion. 

40. Congratulations on landing that transfer. Whoever takes your place here is going to have big shoes to fill. 

Praises for a Newbie

Do you remember your first day at a new job? I do. It’s overwhelming and intimidating. So make a newbie feel at home with a friendly compliment.

41. Congratulations on having such a great first day. You really took the day in your stride and dealt with everything that was thrown at you.

42. Considering this is your first time typing from audio, I’m super impressed at how well you did.

43. First impressions are always important, but you’ve continued to amaze us. Well done on your first day.

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The act of complimenting someone significantly impacts their happiness, creating a positive atmosphere at the workplace.

44. I’m impressed that you began operating the switchboard after two days of training. 

45. A client just told the boss how friendly and professional you dealt with them over the phone. Keep up the excellent work. 

46. Thank you for always doing your best. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

47. You put a lot of effort into that slideshow. I didn’t realize you were such a pro at creating presentations. 

48. Thank you for always making sure you look neat for work. It says so much about our company.

49. I can see you take pride in your career. Thank you for making sure your deadlines are met in a timely fashion. 

50. You mentioned you didn’t enjoy public speaking in school. Well, I thought you spoke so confidently and eloquently at the end-year function.

Compliments to Sweeten Their Day

A thoughtful compliment is always appreciated. It’s nice to surprise a colleague with a sweet compliment during the day.

51. I’m blessed to work with you. You’re always so helpful and eager to get on with the job.

52. Seriously, I wish we had at least another 5 coworkers like you. You are doing such a great job.

53. You have a gift when it comes to dealing with people. The clients are always cheerful when they leave the office.

54. One of our more senior clients was battling to load her email on her phone. You were patient with her, even though she asked the same questions a few times. Thank you for being so sweet.

55. I couldn’t have wanted a better coworker. I am so glad we get along well.

56. Everyone in the office is talking about your design for the charity posters. The design pops. 

57. I just have to tell you how much I enjoy working with you.

58. I noticed you are good at writing emails; would you mind giving some of our younger team members some tips?

59. We’ve all been so swamped with work this week, and I appreciate how you handled the stress so well.

60. I just wanted to thank you for always being so reliable and willing to work overtime when necessary. It means so much.

Sincere Compliments for Your Coworkers

Give sincere compliments to your colleagues; most people will pick up when something is insincere and that damages trust.

61. You really helped out your coworker when you recommended them to your client. You have such a giving nature in the office and we noticed it today; it’s wonderful. 

62. The work you’ve been doing over the past few weeks is admirable. 

63. You surprised me today when you started answering the phones for me. I was so busy and couldn’t get to everything. I’m so grateful. 

64. You’ve made such an impact on me and the whole office with your positive attitude.

65. The effort you put into your latest project is incredible.

66. I’m really glad you spoke up today and shared some great suggestions in today’s meeting. 

67. Thank you for being such a team player today. The client was happy to see we were all focused on a common goal.

68. The way you solve problems is motivating.

69. Well done on setting such a good example today. 

70. You’re a good team player and showed the client you have their best interests at heart.

Compliments for Your Boss

Like your coworkers, your boss also needs to know they are appreciated. 

71. Congratulations on the department’s outstanding performance. Your positive attitude and constant motivation inspires us.

72. Thank you for designing the new processes and procedures that you have put in place for us. It’s really helped us keep our systems running smoothly.

73. Thank you for your open-door policy at work. It’s comforting knowing we can approach you for advice or help at any time.

74. I just wanted to say your guidance and mentorship has been instrumental in my working career.

75. You were so understanding when I took time off from work to take my son to the doctor. You’re a great boss, and I appreciate your kindness. 

76. A trait we all admire about you is that you always remain level-headed in a crisis. 

77. I appreciate that you’ve given me more responsibilities to prove myself in the workplace. 

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Receiving compliments is an essential part of anyone’s personal growth.

78. As a team, we thought it was important for you to know that we count ourselves lucky to work for such a great boss.

79. You give me the confidence to do my best, and I don’t think many employees are fortunate enough to work for a boss with values like you.

80. Your work ethic and discipline have inspired me to be more committed and proactive in my daily tasks. You always lead by example, which is motivating.

81. Thank you for always taking my ideas and suggestions into consideration.

82. Your leadership qualities are amazing, and we’re appreciative how you handle staff issues.

83. My promotion wouldn’t have been possible without your support, patience, and guidance.

Final Thoughts on Compliments for Coworkers 

Everyone craves to feel appreciated and recognized in their workplace. So be that person who makes their coworkers happy by complimenting them often. It’s not that difficult and the feeling you’ll pass along will likely be contagious.  

These compliments have been carefully compiled for different situations and are just the tip of the iceberg. Are you looking for more inspiring compliments? Then check out this list of compliments guaranteed to keep your workplace a happy and positive environment

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