100 Fertility Affirmations to Help Conceive a Baby

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Trying to conceive a baby can be an exciting, challenging, and uncertain time. It can be incredibly stressful for people who struggle with infertility or worry about their ability to conceive a child. Fertility affirmations can help aspiring parents remain calm and positive, improving their chances of becoming pregnant.

Why Fertility Affirmations to Help Conceive a Baby are Important

The connection between mental health and conception has been debated in recent years. While there is no doubt that infertility, inability to conceive, and many medical fertility treatments can be stressful and even depressing, the link between psychology and fertility remains poorly understood.

For decades, it has been believed that parental stress and worry make it more difficult to conceive. Then a newer generation of researchers suggested that this belief was an old wives’ tale. A 2011 study showed no link between a woman's emotional distress and her ability to get pregnant.

However, more recent studies have used more accurate methods to explore the links between a woman’s psychological well-being and her ability to conceive. For example, past studies relied on a woman’s own self-assessment of her mental state and emotions, which may have introduced inconsistencies and variables.

Instead, more recent studies have measured cortisol and amylase levels (stress-related hormones) in the body. As a result, they have proven what old wives claimed the whole time: stress, anxiety, and depression harm a woman’s ability to conceive.

Unfortunately, simply telling yourself to relax and stop worrying is not a very effective way of reducing stress. Instead, it’s vital to use fertility affirmations to create a calm, positive mindset that can help you conceive more quickly.

100 Fertility Affirmations to Help Conceive a Baby

  1. We are ready to be parents
  2. I welcome this new life
  3. My body will nurture a new being
  4. My body is a safe place for my baby
  5. I am healthy and strong
  6. I nourish my body with healthy food
  1. I see our future together as a family
  2. I get plenty of sleep
  3. I am full of positive energy
  4. I am radiant with optimism
  5. My joy lifts me up
  6. My mind is tranquil and calm
  7. I prepare each day for a new life to begin inside me
  8. I joyfully welcome my child into the world
  9. I am open to conceiving a child
  10. I release all stress and worry
  11. All that I hope for will come to pass
  12. I am sufficient for this child
  13. I am ready for the adventure of pregnancy
  14. I care for myself as I will care for my child
  15. We are well prepared for the conception of a child
  16. I trust that we will conceive at the perfect time
  17. We share our joy and excitement about having a child together
Fertility Affirmations - We share our joy and excitement about having a child together | affirmations for improving egg quality | fertility mantra | fertility affirmation cards
  1. Pregnancy is completely natural
  2. I am stronger than I have ever been
  3. Sex is more loving as we try to conceive a child
  4. My body is made for this
  5. I exhale worry and inhale confidence
  6. I trust my body to know what to do
  7. We cherish each other as we will cherish our child
  8. I am happy and well
  9. I expect a rich and happy future for myself and my family
  10. I prepare well and wait patiently 
  11. My partner and I are closer than ever
  12. We are full of gratitude for the possibility of having a child together
  13. Each day brings me closer to conceiving a baby
  14. I am confident that everything will be well
  15. I am worthy of conceiving a child
  16. I am fully able to have a successful pregnancy
  17. I am full of courage and confidence
  18. I believe in this future child
  19. I believe in myself as a mother
  20. I choose health and peace for myself and my child
Fertility Affirmations - I choose health and peace for myself and my child | pregnancy affirmations | affirmations for conceiving twins | fertility affirmations app
  1. I love this journey
  2. I am thankful for my body
  3. My life is the doorway for a new being to come into the world
  4. I am at my best right now
  5. I am fertile. My partner is fertile
  6. I deserve to have a child
  7. Everything will work out perfectly for us
  8. We are a family
  9. Pregnancy is my next adventure
  10. I can do this beautifully
  11. Good things will come to me
  12. Today is a great day
  13. My body is ready to cradle a new life
  14. I am ready for motherhood
  15. I will conceive at the perfect time

I will conceive at the perfect time”

  1. I am proud of myself
  2. I have everything I need to conceive a baby
  3. I trust myself
  4. I take time for myself
  5. I am thankful for all the good things in my life
  6. I am eager to know my child
  7. I surrender my body to this task
  8. I breathe in peace and breathe out anxiety
  9. My breath nurtures my child
  10. My thoughts nurture my child
  11. I welcome our future life together
  12. This is my time
  13. All the systems of my body are in harmony
  14. I am prepared to carry a baby
  15. I am relaxed as I wait for this new life
  16. I am ready to conceive a child
  17. Together we welcome the conception of a new life
Fertility Affirmations - Together we welcome the conception of a new life | fertility affirmations ivf | affirmations for improving egg quality | fertility affirmations youtube
  1. Success is inevitable
  2. I am completely safe and cherished
  3. I accept each day as it is
  4. I release what I cannot control
  5. This moment is completely perfect
  6. I have inner and outer beauty
  7. I keep myself strong with exercise
  8. I carefully guard my health
  9. I welcome this new beginning
  10. Life will soon begin inside of me
  11. My womb will soon receive a fertilized egg
  12. My positive thoughts create my reality
  13. My dreams are coming true
  14. My life is a great gift
  15. I see myself round with child
  16. I appreciate my body for all that it can do
  17. Our egg and sperm join together to create a healthy child
  18. My body will protect and nourish this new life
Fertility Affirmations - My body will protect and nourish this new life | affirmations for conceiving twins | pregnancy affirmations | ertility affirmations app
  1. The future is happening now
  2. I am happy to be who I am
  3. I am surrounded by life and love
  4. I accept myself just as I am at this moment
  5. I surrender the need to be in control
  6. I am completely satisfied
  7. My heart, mind, and body are open to this new life

How to Use Fertility Affirmations to Help Conceive a Baby

Here are the most effective methods to use fertility affirmations to help conceive a baby:

Choose Powerful, Meaningful Affirmations That Speak to Your Needs

When choosing or creating your fertility affirmations, select the ones that speak to your most important needs and fears and are most meaningful and powerful for you. Try repeating different affirmations to yourself in the mirror, noting how they make you feel and which ones make you smile. Choose fertility affirmations that fill you with joy and confidence.

Explore Your Emotions

Set aside time to explore all your feelings and emotions in this tumultuous time. Use a journal to record your thoughts, externalize your feelings, and express your doubts and anxieties. Understanding and accepting your emotions is a powerful way to practice self-care and build emotional resilience.

Identify Negative Mental Habits

If you are a chronic worrier or overthinker, identify the events that trigger these negative habits and practice positively re-directing these thoughts.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a great way to ground yourself in the here-and-now and release anxiety and stress about the future. Letting go of what you can’t control helps to make you calmer and happier and gives you a more balanced insight into the factors you CAN control.

Engage In Healthy Self-Care

Taking care of yourself, inside and out, is the best way to stay calm, optimistic, and healthy when trying to conceive. Take long walks in nature, relax in a hot bath, sing along with your favorite songs, have fun times with friends and family … whatever helps you relax, de-stress, and positively enjoy your everyday life.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

If you feel overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, worry, or depression, seek the insight and support of a professional. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it, and seeing a therapist may also help you learn communication skills and coping techniques that will make you a better parent, so it benefits you and your baby-to-be.

Final Thoughts on Fertility Affirmations to Help Conceive a Baby

Even though it is filled with joy and hope, trying to conceive can be an anxious, stressful time. The tumultuous emotions and physical stresses can make it challenging to remain patient and positive, so use positive affirmations for fertility to help you reduce stress and stay calm.

Taking care of yourself is the first step to a healthy pregnancy, so begin the journey today.

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