45 Great One-Word Compliments to Make Someone’s Day

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Nothing makes a person’s day like a sincere compliment.  In addition, a compliment is a powerful way for people to spread positivity to each other and good vibes.  When I am at my lowest emotionally, I can begin sharing sincere compliments with others; it not only brightens their day, but also lifts my spirits. 

You can share a compliment in any situation and varying circumstances.  For example, you can give a compliment to your spouse and children at home, your family, colleagues at work, and even your friends. 

Compliments mustn't be long and drawn out to make someone's day.  Instead, they can be one word compliments that have a significant impact and be encouraging.  

What are Compliments?

A compliment is a polite expression of praise, admiration, respect, and regard for another.  A result of a compliment is a boost of morale and strength to someone who may be emotionally fragile at the time… which is perfect for people we hold in high regard. 

Compliments can be given to cheer someone up who may be going through a hard time or encourage someone to stay motivated and keep going when they are already doing well.

Giving a compliment is considered an underrated act of kindness that can be shown to others.  It costs us nothing, yet studies reveal that when someone receives praise, it has the same positive impact on them as if someone had given them cash.  

It is an easy way to get in someone’s good graces and may be something they remember for a long time.   Remember, they don't have to be long to be strong.

45 Great One-Word Compliments to Make Someone's Day

1.  Authentic

Someone who doesn’t pretend.  They are honest, loyal, original, and true to themselves.  Authentic people don’t put up a false front.

2.  Bold

A bold person is courageous, confident, and willing to take risks.

3.  Calm

A calm person doesn't show anger, nervousness, or other strong negative emotions in situations.

4.  Gorgeous

Someone extremely attractive and very beautiful.

5.  Beautiful

When someone is pleasing to the eyes to look upon. 

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A compliment is a powerful way for people to spread positivity to each other and good vibes.

This can also be used to describe the pleasantness of someone’s personality. 

6.  Wise

Someone who has great insight and good judgment.  They are also knowledgeable and have lots of experience. 

7.  Phenomenal

Someone who defies all expectations.  They are without equals and spectacular beyond anything we can wrap our minds around.

8.  Humble

A humble person is not ego-driven or arrogant.  They are non-egotistical, usually have good self-esteem, and are comfortable in their skin.

9.  Precious 

A precious person is someone dear and beloved.

10.  Heroic

Someone noble, daring, brave, and demonstrates the traits of a hero.

11.  Extraordinary

Describes a person who is remarkable and unusual.

12.  Stylish

Someone sophisticated, elegant, and highly fashionable in their appearance.

13.  Creative

A person who uses their imagination and creativity to come up with an original idea. 

14.  Talented

A naturally gifted person with a fantastic skill to do something in an excellent way.

15.  Radiant

Pouring over with happiness, love, and emanating with good health.

16.  Delightful

Someone likable, charming, and full of delight.

17.  Understanding

A person who demonstrates sympathy, tolerance, and awareness for others.

18.  Hilarious

Someone who is extremely funny and amusing.  A person who can easily make others laugh.

19.  Bright

Describes a person who is quick-witted and very intelligent.

20.  Compassionate

When someone shows concern for others and is sympathetic to their situation.

21.  Outgoing

Someone who is very confident socially and demonstrates friendliness to others whether they know them personally or not.

22.  Enjoyable

A person who is pleasant to be around.  They may be attractive and have a likable presence about them.

23.  Kind

Someone who has or shows generosity, a considerate nature, and friendliness toward others.

24.  Lovely 

A person who is extraordinarily pretty or attractive. 

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You can share a compliment in any situation and varying circumstances. 

They are not only pleasing to the mind or senses but can be considered mind-blowing and very impressive.

25.  Self-Disciplined

A person who can demonstrate self-control to improve on their situation or condition.

26.  Graceful

Someone who demonstrates refinement, sophistication, and elegance in their demeanor and movements. 

27.  Remarkable

A person who is incredibly noticeable and garners a lot of attention.

28.  Cool

Someone who demonstrates composure and extreme calmness in various situations.

29.  Hot

When someone is sexually appealing and stimulates excitement within.

30.  Sensuous

An attractive person who brings physical and sexual gratification to another.  

31.  Wonderful

Someone uplifting and delightful.  They are also admirable and bring much pleasure.

32.  Sympathetic

Someone who expresses consideration and kindness toward others.  They help others experience comfort and warmth as well.

33.  Affectionate

A person who shows tenderness, fondness, understanding, and admiration towards another.

34.  Vibrant

Someone who is full of life, spirit, power, and energy.

35.  Respectful

When someone demonstrates thoughtfulness, politeness, and respect toward others.

36.  Glowing

A person who expresses profound pleasure through their posture and countenance.

37.  Approachable

Someone easy, sociable, pleasant, and easy to talk to.

38.  Peaceful

Describes a person who is easygoing, coolheaded, even-tempered, and not easily upset.

39.  Honorable

Demonstrates a standard of excellent behavior.  Someone worthy of respect and honor. 

40.  Captivating

A captivating person holds your interest, revives your imagination, and holds your attention.

41.  Handsome

Someone who can be described as good-looking, fine, well-proportioned, and a knock-out.

42.  Sweet

A person who is lovely, kind, and delightful.

43.  Amazing

Someone who amazes. 

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Giving a compliment is considered an underrated act of kindness that can be shown to others. 

They can also be considered outstanding, astounding, and someone who takes your breath away.

44.  Incredible

A person who is exceptionally good to a great degree.

45.  Eager

Someone who springs into immediate action due to an urgent desire to address a pressing situation. 

Final Thoughts on 45 Great One-Word Compliments to Make Someone's Day

It is wonderful to think that one word can have such a significant influence on the lives of others… especially if they are heartfelt and sincere. Everyone’s self-esteem can use a boost from time to time.  The world needs more optimism and positive people like you.

You can lift someone up and make a difference when they are struggling, no matter how badly. You can help another person feel better about himself, and like their life matters, which is a powerful emotion… not just for them, but you.

Trust me, you’ll want to use that power for good and start spreading that love and kindness everywhere you go!

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