14 ESTJ Strengths and Weaknesses for This Personality Type

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Personalities go beyond just being outgoing or shy. Matter of fact, there are 16 various personality categories according to Carl Jung. The ESTJ personality is one of them. Among the full list of personality types from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, this group makes up around 8-12% of the entire population. When it comes to extroverts, … Read more

100 Fertility Affirmations to Help Conceive a Baby

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Trying to conceive a baby can be an exciting, challenging, and uncertain time. It can be incredibly stressful for people who struggle with infertility or worry about their ability to conceive a child. Fertility affirmations can help aspiring parents remain calm and positive, improving their chances of becoming pregnant. Why Fertility Affirmations to Help Conceive … Read more

117 Wednesday Affirmations to Power Through Hump Day

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Wednesday is a notoriously difficult day, especially for people who don’t like their jobs. But, even when people like their jobs and enjoy the work, it is challenging to maintain energy and motivation throughout the week, and Wednesday is the biggest challenge. So here are some great Wednesday affirmations to get you through hump day. … Read more