ISTP vs. ISTJ: 6 Differences Between These Personality Types

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ISTP and ISTJ personalities are nimble, practical, and very much down-to-earth. However, although they have some general traits in common and are only a letter apart, these two types can be quite different once we delve into the details. In fact, comparing ISTP vs. ISTJ personality types will reveal some crucial differences in how these … Read more

ENFJ vs. ESFJ: 7 Differences Between These Personality Types

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Of all Myers-Briggs 16 personality types, ENFJ and ESFJ are most commonly mistyped. They’re extroverted altruists who love to focus on their communities. Their differences are seemingly minor but revolve around intuition and sensing, so discussing them is relevant. In some ways, we can view ENFJ vs. ESFJ as “giver” vs. “caregiver,” which sounds similar … Read more

ESTJ vs. ENTJ: 6 Differences Between These Personality Types

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If the Myers-Briggs personality test shows that you’re an ESTJ, it means you’re the “executive” or the “director.” But if the test shows you’re an ENTJ, you’re more of a “commander” or “general.” These titles have similar traits, but many differences separate them too. So, what are the most prominent distinctions in an ESTJ vs. … Read more

15 Ways to Respond When an Introvert Ignores You

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The American culture thrives on outgoing and extroverted people. The motto is bigger and louder is better. So when someone introverted or shy seems to ignore you, it can feel like a personal attack. I have transitioned from a shy kid to more of an outgoing introvert in adulthood. Even with my more outgoing introversion, … Read more

ESFP vs. ENFP: 5 Differences Between These Personality Types

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Like most people, you know a few ESFP and ENFP personalities. Maybe you even are one yourself. These personality types are outgoing, energetic, and optimistic, easily making friends and connections everywhere. However, despite their many similarities, there are some significant differences between ESFP and ENFP personalities, and they are worth understanding more deeply. What Is … Read more

ENFJ vs. INFJ: 6 Differences Between These Personality Types

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At first glance, it may seem that introversion and extroversion is the only difference between the ENFJ and INFJ personalities. However, introversion or extroversion preferences can create enormous differences in how a person lives, works, and interacts with the world around them. Therefore, let’s examine the surprising differences between ENFJ and INFJ personalities. What Is … Read more

ENFJ vs. ENFP: 6 Differences Between These Personality Types

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In the US, the ENFP personality type is much more common than the ENFJ. And while these two personalities share much in common and have many similar characteristics, they often behave very differently. The key position of the fourth preference type plays a huge role in how people act and present themselves to others, magnifying … Read more

ENFP vs. ENTP: 6 Differences Between These Personality Types

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In the realm of personality types, it is relatively common for extroverted perceivers to also be feeling types, promoting cooperation and harmony, and using empathy as a guide. However, they are less likely to be thinkers, focusing on logic and consistency rather than cooperation and harmony. This isn’t the only difference between ENFP vs. ENTP … Read more

ISTP vs. INTP: 6 Differences Between These Personality Types

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The ISTP and INTP personality types have a lot in common and share many of the same characteristics that make them stand out in a crowd. However, they have critical differences in how they work with information that can drive highly different behaviors. Let’s examine these essential differences between the ISTP vs. INTP personality types. … Read more