How to Make a Girl Like You Over Text [with 13 Examples]

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Have you developed a crush on a girl? Are you trying to get her to like you, but don’t know how to communicate very well?

Texting is a great tool for expressing emotions, flirting and actively get to know someone better. In this article, I’ll offer a few tips on how to make a girl like you over text. After all, we’re on our phones much of the time anyway, so why not make the most of it?

Why is Texting an Effective Way to Flirt?

Texting provides honest communication between two parties. The interaction is faster, more convenient, and requires minimal effort than a typical phone call. Likewise, you can spend time developing a response that is meaningful towards the girl you like.

Still, texting comes with specific rules and etiquette that you should learn to follow. Once you master the art of texting, you can grow a deeper connection with that special someone.  

Texting is a great way to improve or work on a relationship. That’s because texting literally puts the tools you need to express yourself right at your fingertips.  Sometimes, it’s easier to communicate our feelings over text than face-to-face.  We have the chance to think about what we will say and improve our messages before we send them.

Likewise, it’s fun and exciting when you receive a text from your crush, you’ll want her to feel just as special as you do when she receives your texts. So, how are you supposed to accomplish that?

Since texting is the most popular form of communication, you want to be great at it so that you can get a girl to like you. The goal is to create a stronger connection with a girl to make her interested in you. It’s essential to put in the effort and actively win her over.

But be cautious: things like auto-correct or texts lost in translation can throw a wrench into things and make your efforts seem lost. Don’t worry, though, I’m here to help… with all of it.

I’ve provided detailed instructions and examples of what to do and not to do in a text conversation.  Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to connecting with the girl of your dreams!

1. The First Text

So, you have her phone number…what now? Social rules dictate when you should send that first text which varies depending on who you ask. Don’t let the pressures of social norms ruin your chance. Do what feels right in the moment and from previous conversations you’ve had with her. After you decide when to text her, you must figure out what to text her.

The first text should include a detail you remember from a previous conversation. A meaningful text allows for further discussion and ultimately a way to bond over something you both enjoy. Also, if you need other ways to start a conversation, here is an excellent article about the best conversation starters. Just remember to translate the tips organically in text.

You: Hey, what are you up to? I’m about to watch that movie you recommended.
Her: Nice! I hope you like it. I’m just about to walk my dog.
You: I’m excited to watch it. I didn’t know you had a dog! What’s the breed?
You: Hey.           
Her: Oh hey, what are you up to?
You: Nothing.

The great thing about texting is the ability to share directly from the internet. If she is interested in something, you should find a related article or video. It requires limited research, and it’s a chance to make her smile. It’s also a perfect way to prove that you know a lot about her and she will appreciate the effort. Every once and a while, surprise her with a silly GIF or a simple image of what she likes.

You: [Link to Band Tour Dates] Hey, I noticed your favorite band is coming to town. Want to get tickets?
Her: OMG YES! That would be awesome! Come over, and we can pick our section together.
You: lol, cool. I’ll be over in about an hour.
You: [Link to a funny video]
Her: ?
You: Oh, I thought you would find this funny.

3. Keep it Interesting

A natural lull session may occur if you text a girl for a while. Meaning you both might run out of things to talk about. Don’t let this discourage you. There are plenty of things to talk about, and you must continue to search for new and exciting topics. It’s essential to keep her engaged in conversation, so she knows you are putting in the effort to text her.

Ask questions about her or random topics that explain more about her character. Everyone loves to talk about themselves so set the stage for her to answer questions that she finds interesting. Don’t just flood her phone with random questions with no meaning behind them. Also, ask her further questions about her answers and maybe answer some of your questions yourself. If you need some help finding good topics, here are 212 Good Questions to Ask a Girl You Like.

You: Hey, random question.
Her: lol, okay?
You: What’s one thing you’ve done that you wish you could do again?
You: Guess what?
Her:  What?
You: I’m bored.

4. Random Compliments

While conversations are flowing over text, it’s a good idea to throw a compliment in there every once and a while. If you really like this girl, it will be easy to find things to compliment her on. Whether it’s how she laughs, dresses, or jokes around, you should actively tell her how much you appreciate her. Everyone enjoys a compliment that makes them feel good about themselves and the person giving it. Here is an example of how to provide a compliment during a text conversation:

Her: Ugh, I had the worst day at work. My boss made me feel like an idiot.  
You: That sucks. Don’t let him get to you. You’re one of the hardest workers I know.
Her: That means a lot, thank you. 😊
You: Of course!
Her: My sister and I got into a fight. She said I’m a selfish person.
You: Just ignore her.  
Her: I mean, I try, but it still hurts.
You: It will pass.

5. Timed Texts

Sometimes the best way to show a girl you care is to keep track of special occasions in her life. She will know how much you care when you send a perfectly timed-text related to the experience. If she is going through a hard time or needs to attend a special event, it’s the perfect time to shoot over a text.

The texts can be as simple as a good night or remembering something important. She’ll see that you care about her enough to remember significant or small occasions, which will make any girl feel special. However, sending multiple good night texts may become repetitive, so here is a great article that provides 41 Cute Good Night Messages & Texts for her.

You:  Hey, I know you have that big presentation today. I just want to wish you good luck, and you’re going to do great!
Her: Thank you so much! That means a lot!
You: Of course, I want to hear all about it when it’s over.
You: You busy today? Want to hang out?
Her:  I can’t, I have a presentation for my job today. It’s a pretty big deal.
You: Okay, what about after?

6. Flirty Texts

Once you make it clear you are interested in this girl, it’s time to take it to the next level. Flirty texts are a great way to see what she likes in a relationship. Keep in mind a flirty text is not the time to become intimate over a text conversation. It’s a playful way to let her know how much you enjoy getting to know her. With luck, she’ll flirt back and want to get to know you more too. The goal is to give her as many butterflies as she does for you.

You: You looked amazing in your yellow dress today.
Her: Wow, thank you, I noticed your hair cut too. It looked good. 😉
You: Lol, I wanted to look nice for you. 
You: You were so hot last night. You should wear that lipstick more often.
Her: Um, yeah, I don’t know.
You: Every guy had their eye on you at the bar.

7. When to Use Proper Grammar

Many of us are guilty of using improper grammar while texting. It’s all fun and games to purposely misspell some words during a funny text – it’s another to do it in a serious conversation. It’s okay to allow certain words to slip or shorten the length of sentences. However, this behavior must stop when the conversation becomes more serious.

Text conversations can get heavy fast when you are dealing with emotions. Proofread your texts before you send something meaningful. Auto-correct creates unfortunate texts that are not meant to be sent. Don’t let the simple power of a misspelled word change the meaning of a message. Remember to use proper grammar when necessary and be lenient when having fun.

You: I don’t want to see you later. My sister is in town, so I want to spend time with her.
Her: Oh…okay.
You: I’m so sorry. That was an auto-correct. I meant to say: I DO WANT TO SEE YOU! But my sister is in town, and I need to spend time with her – want to hang out tomorrow?
You: I dnt want two go there.
Her:  Oh, were you thinking of another place?
You: Srry, I mean I wnt to go but cant.

8. Stay Appropriate

Although flirty texts can be fun, a line must be drawn in the sand so she doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Refrain from going into intimate details about her body. Remember, you are trying to get a girl to like you, so don’t rush into a situation where she may resent you.

Do not send the text if you wouldn’t say it to her face. Likewise, don’t send anything offensive, even as a joke. You want her to feel as if she can trust you with valuable information without you taking it too far. Be mindful of what you text and how you text it.

Her: My friend is throwing a pool party. I can’t decide between my red or blue bikini. 
You: My favorite color is blue, but I’m sure you’ll look lovely in both!
Her: I’ll go with the blue. 😊
Her: I’m just about to head in the shower. I’ll call you in a bit.  
You: How about some pics of you in the shower? 😉
Her: That’s not funny.

9. Send Her Images

When you have a crush on a girl, you probably think about her a lot. When the love bug bites, it bites hard. A great way to let her know how you feel about her is by sending cute images to her phone. A text can express many emotions; however, an image can equal that same message.

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A great way to let her know how you feel about her is by sending cute images to her phone.

Find creative ways to send her an image you think she will enjoy so that she knows you are thinking about her. Also, be sure to create text follow-up messages after the photo. You don’t want to send a random image without any context.

You: [Image of Flower] Isn’t this your favorite flower?
Her: Yes! I love chrysanthemums.
You: I’m going to pick a few for you.
You: [Image of random dog]
Her:  Is that your dog?
You: No. I just thought it was cute.

10. The Waiting Game

Make her wait. Now, at first, you may be thinking that it is manipulative. However, you must understand how a quick text might come off. She may find you too clingy, or she is too overwhelmed to answer a text. You must remember that even though we always have access to our phones – she does not have to respond immediately when a text is sent. She could have many things in her life that keeps her busy, such as her job, family, and friends.

If you’d like to get her to like you, it’s best to give her space. The best way to do that is to wait before sending a response text. That way, she knows she does not have to stay on top of your conversations while she is busy. When she finally responds after a few hours, give yourself time to answer her text. Lastly, if she apologizes for the late response, don’t make her feel guilty about it. Here is an example of how to handle a conversation if she has not responded in 24 hours:

Her: I’m sorry for not getting back sooner. Ugh, it’s been a busy couple of days.
*One Hour Later*
You: That’s okay. I understand how busy you can get. Don’t worry about it.
*One Minute Later*
Her: Thanks for understanding. Anyway, YES! I would love to see you tomorrow.
*One Minute Later*
You: Great! I’ll make reservations and get back to you soon!
You: You haven’t responded in a while ☹
*One Hour Later*
Her:  Sorry, I’ve been busy.
*One Minute Later*
You: I was just hoping we could hang out.
*One Hour Later*
Her: I’d like to, but I don’t know when I’m free.
*One Minute Later*
You: Can you make time?

11. Be Cautious of Jokes

Sometimes it’s challenging to figure out the inflection of a text. In person, it’s easier to let people know you are joking because you speak it in a sarcastic tone. However, when we joke over text, we lose those tones in our voices. Its okay to make jokes over text, but you must be cautious about how you make them.

Importantly, please do not make jokes that are aimed at her expense. A little teasing every once and a while can be fun, but she may take it literally. Don’t let a joke derail a relationship because it was lost in translation. Most of us enjoy a good joke, but it’s often all about the delivery. PS, check out these tips

You: So I’ve been reading a lot lately. Right now, I’m reading a book on antigravity.
Her: Wow, sounds educational.
You: Yeah…I really can’t put it down.
Her: OMG! LOL!
You: Have you heard the joke about the fat chick?
Her:  I’d rather not.
You: Why?

12. Don’t Overdo It

As you text the girl you like, you must remember not overdo it. Meaning when we receive notifications for a text, they appear on our phone screens until they are read. Some people have a habit of sending too many texts at once. Remember, if you were on the other end of those texts, how would your phone react? That’s right, your phone would bing or light up every few seconds. Please don’t make her panic and turn her phone on silent because you sent five texts in a row while she’s at work. Keep your texts short and sweet.

You: You were everywhere yesterday. 
Her: lol, what does that mean?
You: Okay, so I was walking to work and noticed a car was playing your favorite song. I started singing it to myself, and then I saw someone walking their beagle. It looked just like YOUR dog, I swear. And then, I noticed a flower bed of chrysanthemums in a shop window, your favorite flower. It was crazy, but it made me think of you all day.  
You: Yesterday was crazy.
Her:  What happened?
You: Well…
You: I was walking through the park.
You: And I realized this girl was walking her beagle.
You: The beagle looked exactly like your dog Sparky.
You: So I asked the owner what the dog’s name was.
You: You’re never going to believe this.
You: Its name was SPARKY!!!
You: Can you believe it???

13. Post-Date Texts

Sometimes the first date is an excellent way to test the waters. It’s crucial to set a good example during the date. There are many rules to follow on a first date, like keeping your cool, asking questions about yourself, and being polite. There is one other rule that you must follow: a follow-up text. The post-date text should happen within 24 hours after the date ends. You want to let her know how much you enjoyed her company and you can’t wait to see her again.

You:  I had the best time with you last night. You looked beautiful. I could have listened to you talk for hours.
Her: I had a lot of fun too. Are you free to get a coffee sometime soon?
You: I would love that.
You: Wanna hang out again?
Her:  Um, maybe.
You: I kind of need to know so I can make plans.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Girl to Like You through Text

Texting is a fantastic tool to get to know someone better.  When it comes to a romantic interest, you want to be sure to engage in respectful, fun, and engaging conversations… no matter how brief. More is not always better.

Remember our tips to stay focused on the girl and you’ll likely win her heart!  And when you two have finally made it to the next stage, you can enjoy this article with 101 Would You Rather Questions for Couples. The honeymoon phase of any relationship is great, but it’s all the rest of it that really counts. If you want to be truly happy in life… you’ll want to find a match with similar interests, goals and dreams.

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