87 Affirmations for Marriage to Improve Your Loving Relationship

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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” Mignon McLaughlin.

In reality, this can be difficult to do.

If you’re having trouble in your marriage or just need a reset, affirmations can help. Consistently repeating affirmations can strengthen your bond as a couple and allow your marriage to thrive.

We have listed 87 affirmations for marriage and explained how they can work wonders for your relationship.

Why Affirmations Are Important for Marriage

Family life can be hectic at times. When you’re juggling children, housework, work, and other activities, your marriage can easily fall down your list of priorities.

Couples start to take each other for granted when there isn’t enough spare time to work on their marriage. Worst-case scenario, partners fall out of love when they don’t feel respected or valued.

Affirmations for your marriage are the perfect place to start when you feel your relationship needs a boost. You’ll be amazed by how reciting positive beliefs about your relationship can get it out of a rut.

The Benefits of Affirmations for Marriage

Marriage affirmations are positive and encouraging statements that are vital to fostering a confident and healthy relationship.

These affirmations positively impact your conscious and subconscious mind. Over time, these declarations will replace negative thoughts and doubts with positive beliefs and habits.

They offer a daily reminder of why you chose to marry your spouse and how important they are to you. You’ll feel better knowing that you’re making time for your relationship in such a positive and powerful way.

Consistently reciting your affirmations helps you focus on the type of marriage you want to have. As a result, you’ll both begin to experience your desires in reality, and the love and passion you share will be reignited. This will give you the strength and determination to get through the tough times; now and until death do you part.

How Exactly Do Affirmations Work?

Affirmations help move your focus away from what you see as failures and towards the strengths in your marriage.

Your brain can adapt and change in response to different situations you experience. However, your brain can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality.

This is why affirmations are so successful. By imagining something – e.g., goofing around with your spouse – you’ll activate the same areas of your brain as if it were happening. How cool is that?

Repeating affirmations about yourself, your spouse, and your marriage encourages your brain to process the statement as fact. First, however, you need to believe in what you’re saying. When you do, your actions will change to match these new beliefs.

For example, replace “My wife/husband doesn’t have time to listen to me” with “My wife/husband thinks what I have to say is important.”

In this scenario, you’ll feel encouraged and confident about speaking to your spouse. And as you know, being able to communicate in a marriage is essential.

87 Affirmations for Marriage

  1. I value my spouse for all they do in our marriage.
  2. I am passionately in love with my spouse.
  3. I love my spouse unconditionally.
  4. I have faith in our marriage.
  5. Our marriage is a miracle.
  6. I married someone that is my best friend.
  7. I look forward to growing old together and being buried side-by-side.
  8. The unconditional love I receive from my spouse makes me a better person.
  9. My wife/husband and I strive for greatness in our marriage.
  10. I accept my wife/husband unreservedly.
Affirmations for Marriage - I accept my wife/husband unreservedly. | love affirmations for couples | how to write affirmations for marriage | best affirmations for marriage #affirmations #marriage #love
  1. My spouse and I are faithful to each other.
  2. My wife/husband is very supportive and encourages me to go after my dreams.
  3. I am devoted and committed to my spouse.
  4. My marriage is my priority.
  5. I respect my wife/husband’s individuality.
  6. Friendship, trust, and loyalty are the basis of our marriage.
  7. It's really easy to love the man/woman I married.
  8. I like my spouse just as much as I love them.
  9. I always knew my spouse was a good person, he/she proves it every day.
  10. I can be vulnerable with my spouse and not hold back my fears or insecurities.
  11. Every day our marriage grows stronger.
  12. I appreciate and respect our differences.
  13. I love doing things that make my wife/husband happy.
  14. I tell my wife/husband that I love them every day.
  15. Even if I'm reincarnated, I hope to still be married to the same person.

Even if I'm reincarnated, I hope to still be married to the same person.”

  1. I am loved.
  2. Being married to such a positive person makes life easier.
  3. I’m okay with my spouse having male/female friends.
  4. My wife/husband and I make a great team.
  5. I feel safer in the world because of my partner.
  6. I want the best for us, no matter what happens in life.
  7. We can endlessly communicate with each other without judgment or criticism.
  8. I always feel the love pouring from my spouse.
  9. I'm so blessed to have a spouse who listens, understands, and supports me.
  10. My wife/husband and I are so in love.
  11. I understand my spouse, and they understand me.
  12. Our bond is strong. Nothing can separate us.
  13. I make valuable contributions to our marriage.
  14. Our marriage is a precious gift.
  15. Our marriage brings me contentment and joy.
Affirmations for Marriage - Our marriage brings me contentment and joy. | affirmations for good husband | marriage affirmations law of attraction | affirmations for marriage restoration #couple #relationship #loving
  1. The past does not influence our future.
  2. Every day, in every way, we are growing closer and closer.
  3. We are meant to be together.
  4. We resolve conflicts calmly.
  5. My wife/husband makes me laugh every day.
  6. Our marriage has wonderful things in store for us.
  7. I look forward to growing old with my wife/husband.
  8. I never get tired of spending time with my spouse.
  9. I am willing to forgive us both when we make mistakes.
  10. My spouse always makes me think about life.
  11. We have the power and freedom to create the marriage we desire.
  12. We are honest with each other.
  13. My spouse supports my dreams and ambitions.
  14. I feel our marriage is truly blessed by God.
  15. Marrying my partner is one of the best decisions I ever could have made.

Marrying my partner is one of the best decisions I ever could have made.”

  1. We bring out the best in each other.
  2. I'm so lucky to have a relationship filled with laughter, understanding and love.
  3. We complete each other.
  4. Every day, our marriage becomes stronger and more stable.
  5. I love my wife/husband and tell her/him every day.
  6. I enjoy telling my spouse about my day as it brings us closer.
  7. We communicate healthily and constructively.
  8. My spouse is mature and doesn't hold grudges.
  9. We have a great physical and emotional connection that never waivers.
  10. We have a healthy balance of give and take in our marriage.
  11. Our marriage brings out the best in us.
  12. I am inspired to become like my wife/husband.
  13. My wife/husband is the best partner I could ever hope for.
  14. My wife/husband is non-judgmental.
  15. My wife/husband leads me towards the best things in life.
Affirmations for Marriage - My wife/husband leads me towards the best things in life. | biblical marriage affirmations | importance of affirmation in marriage | positive daily affirmations for marriage #postiveaffirmation #dailyaffirmations #affirmation
  1. I share everything with my spouse.
  2. We have a very comfortable and intimate relationship.
  3. Our love story is passionate.
  4. I always take care of my spouse.
  5. My spouse and I are patient and kind towards each other.
  6. We cherish each other’s presence.
  7. We always consult each other before making a decision.
  8. I will listen to my wife/husband when I am angry.
  9. I’ll always respect the choices my wife/husband makes.
  10. I appreciate everything my wife/husband does for me.

I appreciate everything my wife/husband does for me.”

  1. My wife/husband fills me up with pride.
  2. 57.My spouse and I continue to grow as a couple.
  3. I know my love isn't being wasted with my partner
  4. Our marriage is just as much fun as when we dated.
  5. We are respectful of each other's needs and feelings.
  6. Together, we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.
  7. We operate as a team, no matter what.

How to Use Affirmations for Marriage

Your affirmations are just one self-help tool that can offer some support in your marriage.

Every relationship is different. Therefore, create affirmations to suit your personal experience. The ones mentioned above can help you get started, and I’m sure you’ll find a few that resonate as is.

How to Make Them More Effective

Affirmations can feel like goals, but remember that you’re using these statements to get rid of your old beliefs and patterns. The quickest way to see change is by acting as if the change has already happened.

Goals are something you work towards. Your marriage affirmations remind you of what is happening now. This is why affirmations are phrased in the present tense.

When developing your affirmations, only use the present tense. For example, “My wife/husband fills me up with pride” instead of “My wife/husband filled me up with pride.”

When your statements are confident and in the present tense, it’s easier to believe them. Your belief will grow stronger and stronger each day. As soon as you start, you’ll feel excited and empowered about your relationship.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Marriage

Reciting positive affirmations for your marriage empowers you to transform it. Doing so also allows you to support and maintain already great relationships.

When you repeat your affirmations daily, you’ll start to feel more confident as you and your partner begin to flourish together once more.

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