60 Workout Affirmations to Say Before Exercising

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People typically consider the physical aspect of working out to be the most challenging part of keeping a consistent routine. However, mental barriers can stop you from accomplishing your fitness goals or even from starting your journey in the first place.

If you’re looking for a way to train your mind before training your body, you’ve come to the right place. These 60 powerful workout affirmations will be your best workout partners.

Why Workout Affirmations Are Important

What’s challenging about working out is the commitment it entails. It’s not a one-time occurrence like a job interview, where you prepare yourself and then quickly see it through to completion.

Instead, working out is an extensive process, and you might need a motivational boost every step of the way.

First, there’s the issue of starting your fitness journey, which can be a challenge in itself. You might be plagued by self-doubt and a lack of willpower.

Feeling like your goals are unattainable can keep you from trying to accomplish them. So, it’s essential to discipline your mind before disciplining your body.

Using affirmations, you can focus on the benefits of working out and how each small step will get you closer to your bigger goal. As a result, you’ll feel empowered to work out and get your life together.

However, merely starting a workout routine isn’t enough. If you just show up and do the bare minimum, you won’t get the most out of the experience. This is where affirmations can help.

Using these energizing statements, you can prepare your mind before starting each workout session. Then, going into the session energized and with a positive attitude will go a long way toward a successful and productive workout.

Perhaps you’ve started a workout routine and are committed to getting the maximum out of every session. Still, you barely notice any changes in your body. This can be incredibly frustrating, so it’s one of the most common reasons people give up exercising.

Reciting affirmations can help you appreciate and focus on the small changes you can see. If there aren’t any changes yet, choose affirmations that remind you that success doesn’t come overnight. When it comes to your fitness goals, patience is the name of the game.

Another important aspect of keeping a long and healthy workout routine is not being too hard on yourself. It’s essential to recognize when your body needs rest and recovery time. Affirmations can help you take time off without feeling guilty.

These powerful statements will remind you to be grateful that your body is capable of working out. Taking days off and getting enough sleep are equally important as sticking to a workout routine.

If your workout routine includes going to a gym, choosing a place you genuinely enjoy is essential. You should associate your gym with positive feelings so that you don’t dread going there every day. Repeating how much you enjoy the gym on your way to it can help you form that association.

Finally, what if all is well already? You’re regularly working out, and you’ve reached your goals. Now what? Well, now you’re in it for the long haul. By maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, you’ll honor your body and the effort you put in to be where you are.

Affirmations that keep you on track long-term are just as important as those that brought you onto the track and kept you going.

60 Workout Affirmations to Keep You on Track

Working out is one of the most crucial parts of our overall well-being and happiness. We present you with 60 affirmations to help you be the best version of yourself.

  1. I am passionate about exercise.
  2. I will transcend any laziness and self-doubt.
  3. I feel energetic and motivated to start working out.
  4. I am determined to stop making excuses.
  5. My body craves exercise, and I honor my body’s wishes.
  6. I am working toward reaching my goal weight every day.

I am working toward reaching my goal weight every day.”

  1. I will have a fantastic workout session.
  2. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about giving your best.
  3. I am focused, disciplined, and ready to do my best.
  4. I am strong, and working out comes easily to me.
  5. I can do any exercise I set my mind to.
  6. I love working out every day.
  7. I am always motivated to exercise.
  8. I am proud of my progress.
  9. My gym is a great place to be.
  10. I love leading an active life.
  11. Exercising makes me happy and strong.
Workout Affirmations - Exercising makes me happy and strong. | post workout affirmations | pre workout affirmations | weight lifting affirmations
  1. I can go the extra mile.
  2. Working out has improved my health.
  3. I am motivated and ready to lose weight.
  4. I have faith in my strength.
  5. My body is transforming every day.
  6. Losing weight comes easily to me.
  7. I lose weight every day.
  8. I feel healthy and fit.
  9. I love my body and my curves.
  10. I adore what I see when I look in the mirror.
  11. I am thankful that my body allows me to work out regularly.

I am thankful that my body allows me to work out regularly.”

  1. I am losing weight quickly but healthily.
  2. I am committed to working out and eating healthy.
  3. My body is a temple, and I look after it every day.
  4. I am building the body of my dreams.
  5. I am dedicated to making my body strong and resilient.
  6. I am building muscles every day.
  7. I am patient, and I know seeing results takes time.
  8. I am determined to overcome any setbacks.
  9. I am proud of not giving up.
  10. I might fail from time to time, but I will never quit.
  11. I learn from my failures and use them to do better next time.
Workout Affirmations - I learn from my failures and use them to do better next time. | healthy body affirmations | affirmations exercise worksheet |
  1. It’s okay to take rest days to avoid overexercising.
  2. I will not give up until I reach my goal.
  3. I am determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  4. I am on a mission to be the healthiest version of myself.
  5. My body will repay me for my hard work.
  6. I am determined to achieve my fitness goals.
  7. Rest days and recovery time are important for a healthy routine.

Rest days and recovery time are important for a healthy routine.”

  1. I am fully committed to each workout session.
  2. I have never been healthier.
  3. I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in.
  4. My stamina is improving every day.
  5. I love how I feel after completing a workout session.
  6. I fall asleep easily after working out.
  7. I feel energized and confident when I work out.
Workout Affirmations - I feel energized and confident when I work out. | pre workout affirmations | weight lifting affirmations | affirmations exercise worksheet
  1. I feel better mentally when I work out.
  2. Working out invigorates me.
  3. My physical and mental health is improving.
  4. I can now fit in clothes that used to feel too tight.
  5. I enjoy going shopping and rewarding myself with new clothes.
  6. I deserve to feel healthy and content with myself.
  7. Keeping the weight off comes easily to me.

How to Use Workout Affirmations

Exercising and getting fit is all about the routine, just like reciting affirmations. This isn’t the only thing they have in common.

When reciting affirmations or working out, you should:

  • Repeat the statement or the exercise several times.
  • Take it slow to increase the effect on your body.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Act with confidence.
  • Set realistic goals.

Don’t forget that there are different methods of using affirmations. Depending on your goals, you can:

  • Write them down in a journal.
  • Say them out loud to yourself.
  • Use them while meditating.
  • Share them with your workout partners.
  • Write them on post-it notes and arrange them around the house.

If you’re working out in your house or home gym, you might benefit from posting reminders throughout your workout zone. Since there are stages to working out, you can use these written affirmations to cover all the bases. Here are some ideas to get you started.

You can stick post-its:

  • Next to your bed, especially if you work out in the morning.
  • Around your workout gear or equipment to give you an extra confidence boost.
  • Close to your shower to allow you to appreciate the effort you’ve just put in.
  • On your fridge, to help you stick to a healthy diet.

When choosing the best affirmations, consider the stage you’ll use them in. For example, affirmations before, during, and after a workout usually differ in tone and length.

Before starting a workout, choose impactful affirmations to give you a healthy push and energy boost.

While you’re exercising, it might be best to use shorter affirmations. After all, you’re focusing on breathing correctly, so it might be challenging to remember and recite lengthier selections.

After you’ve finished, go for more serene statements to help you catch your breath, cool off, and recognize your effort.

Final Thoughts on Workout Affirmations

Mixing affirmations into a workout routine can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Maintain a healthy mindset, and your body will follow suit. Stay patient, consistent, and positive, and you’ll reap the benefits of all your hard work.

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