Book Review: The Happiness Hypothesis

Happiness Hypothesis is good! I read, a lot. At least one book a week, often more. My list of non-fiction books I’ve read but need to review is currently 43 and of that list the Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom is in my top five. Also, of that list, this is one … Read more

The Value of Positive Psychology for Health Psychology

Did you know that how you think affects your health? That is one of the larger findings from the field of positive psychology. For example, those with a more optimistic perspective live longer, can recover from illness faster, and are more likely to engage in positive health¬†behaviors¬†(exercising, not smoking, etc…). This research article is a … Read more

Book Review: The 7 Day Energy Surge

Will splurging on this 7 Day Energy Surge really surge your energy levels? Maybe… if you’re lucky and if you have the discipline of a monk. For all others, expect a moderate bump. The 7 Day Energy Surge by Cynthia Cohen and Jim Karas is a great book. None of the chapters by themselves are … Read more