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Deliberate Practice Spells Success : Why Grittier Competitors Triumph at the National Spelling Bee

In this study, the specific reasons why grittier spelling bee finalists reach higher rounds was assessed. The observation that grit correlates with spelling bee performance had already been made. Grit was found to predict two behaviors which in turn lead to increased performance – more practice, and better practice. More practice is self-explanatory – the […]

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Predicting Achievement From Self Control

Can you predict achievement from self-control? Dozens of studies have already established that personality can influence important life outcomes, like getting a good job, staying married, and doing well in school. However, these studies are rarely if ever experimental. As a consequence, hidden variables could be skewing the results. This study improves the validity of using […]

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Resisting Everything Except Temptation: Evidence and an Explanation for Domain-Specific Impulsivity

Through a series of 3 studies, the idea that temptation can be domain-specific is explored. The authors bring up the example of Tiger Woods – of how he displayed paragon level self-discipline in most areas of his life, but was found to have succumbed to temptation over a dozen times in one specific area (Holly Sampson, etc…) […]

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Role of Test Motivation in Intelligence Testing

IQ tests, in their ideal form, accurately measure intelligence. In the real world, they don’t, for several reasons. First, many portions of an IQ assessment test crystallized knowledge – that is, they test for facts that have already been memorized. Although knowledge is a component of intelligence, intelligence, as it is usually used, means, ‘how fast can this person learn?’ The […]

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