23 Loyalty Memes About Staying True to Others

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Are you loyal? What about your friends—are they loyal too?

Is there someone to whom you’d like to send some loyalty memes?

In this article, we have compiled a list of loyalty memes about staying true to yourself, to your loved ones, and to those who you share a special connection with.

Let’s check them out!

1. Please, take note.

Al Pacino clearly knows his priorities. Do you? Loyal people often have small circles and know whom to trust.

2. Blood vs. Loyalty

Blood is one thing, but loyalty is something else altogether. Sometimes, the most loyal people are those who don’t share even the tiniest drop of blood with you.

3. What we all need and expect.

Here’s a meme you can send to someone you are just getting to know. Setting expectations as early as possible is important, particularly if you can’t stand people who turn their backs on you as soon as they get the chance.

4. Get ready, dude.

Have you ever encountered someone who suddenly changed without warning? That person just might have been loyal man who has been pushed to the edge. Now you are in for it!

5. Can we all agree to this?

Do we have to shout it loud for the people in the back? Why would you be loyal to someone who isn’t dedicated to you in the first place? Life is all about give and take.

6. Who can relate?

Where are all of our Imgflip users? You clearly know what loyalty means if you are still on that site, despite all of the other meme sites that have popped up.

7. Pure loyalty.

We all have friends who’d choose us over their partners—just make sure they don’t say so out loud! There’s nothing better than knowing that you have a loyal friend, no matter what.

8. 100% legit facts of adulting.

Do you ever have those sudden realizations as an adult? I guess it’s inevitable that eventually we will all want to settle down and have some stability.

9. Ladies, listen.

What do you think about this meme? Does it ring true? For richer or poorer means being loyal to each other, no matter what!

10. Loyalty has no face.

I think we can all agree that loyalty shouldn’t depend on whether or not the person you are being loyal to is present. They need to have your back, even when they are behind it!

11. A way to figure it out…

This one gave us a bit of a chuckle. Your wife might not find it quite so funny—but you can be sure your dog will still love you.

12. We know who to trust.

Raise your hand if you agree! We have all had (and might still have) our fair share of rough treatment. Fortunately, we can lean on people who have our backs no matter what.

13. Be loyal to yourself.

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Self-love is the number one rule. Being loyal to yourself indicates to other how valuable you are and makes them realize that you expect the same from everyone else.

14. Oh, a test of loyalty.

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This one’s pretty funny, even if it’s a bit raunchy. It feels good to know people will stop what they are doing to text us back—but there are times when knowing that is TMI!

15. Loyalty in your job.

In our society, we tend to prioritize loyalty to our jobs and paychecks—but we do our hardest work for people we truly respect.

16. What loyalty really means.

Do you have a friend who calls you out whenever you do something wrong? Consider yourself lucky—that’s genuine and authentic loyalty. A loyal friend always has your back, but they also know when to set you straight.

17. Ultimate test of loyalty.

Who stays when you lose it all? Who abandons you when you have nothing left to offer? This is the ultimate test of loyalty.

18. Size doesn’t matter. 

Al Pacino knows what it means to have a loyal crew. He also knows that it doesn’t matter the number of friends—what matters is the quality.

19. Overrated, yeah?

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Do you think loyalty is overrated? Some people might think so, but we tend to disagree. Still, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

20. Loyalty is a lifestyle.

Loyalty isn’t just something you say—it’s something you live. Every action you do should be a reflection of your commitment to the people you are loyal to.

21. Wife of the century!

Talk about taking things to the next level. There’s loyalty, and then there’s “commit a felony and risk time in jail to save your husband from the cop that arrested him” commitment.

22. It’s ok; I can endure it.

No one said it’s easy being the most loyal person in the world. Whenever your lower back starts to hurt, just tell yourself it’s from carrying around all that virtue.

23. Oh, really?

Let’s end our list with a chuckle at this ultimate eye roll. Jaded, anyone? The truth is, we all want loyalty—the kind that you demonstrate with actions, not words.

Final Words

Loyalty comes easy for some people, while for others it can be a challenge. Either way, it’s an important attribute to have, especially if you want to cultivate strong, life-long friendships.

We hope that you enjoyed these loyalty memes—whether they made you laugh, roll your eyes, or stop and think. And we hope that they helped strengthen your loyalty for others (and help you appreciate the loyalty that your friends and loved ones give you).

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