111 Affirmations to Trust Others (and Yourself)

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Trust is one of the most powerful and important emotions we can have, and it doesn’t just apply to our relationships with others. It is equally essential for people who struggle with self-doubt and insecurity to trust themselves. These positive affirmations for trust will help you build strong relationships with yourself and those around you.

Whey Affirmations for Trust are Important

Trust is necessary for happy and healthy relationships, yet many people find it difficult to trust. Some common reasons for lack of trust include:

  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Past abuse or betrayals
  • Lack of family support or childhood abandonment

Lack of trust causes many negative behaviors, including pessimistic thoughts where you always assume the worst, un-justified suspicions, emotional distance, difficulty forgiving, unhealthy relationship patterns, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

 When trust has been broken, there are five crucial steps for rebuilding it. Everyone involved needs to:

  1. Openly and honestly acknowledge their role in the breach of trust
  2. Allow and openly express all the feelings related to the breach of trust
  3. Commit to a new behavior with communication and accountability
  4. Allow time for the new behavior to take effect and old feelings to re-surface
  5. Iterate or abandon. If steps 3 and 4 fail to establish trust, go back to step 3 and try again. However, if trust has been irreparably broken, it may be impossible to re-establish

Many of these trust issues also display a lack of self-trust. Yet, trusting yourself is the foundation of self-confidence and helps us navigate uncertainty in life. Self-trust creates feelings of security and optimism and strongly predicts well-being and emotional health.

Affirmations for trust are essential to help you re-establish trust in yourself and help you heal from a broken trust so that you can move on into healthier relationships with an open heart.

111 Affirmations to Trust Others (and Yourself)

  1. I move through my life with energy and trust
  2. I am connected to other people
  3. My relationships make me stronger
  4. I release doubts and welcome trust
  5. I am willing to believe the best about people
  1. I am a good friend
  2. Every new relationship is full of possibilities
  3. I have confidence in my intuition
  4. I am a courageous person
  5. I am safe
  6. I give my trust to others and receive trust back from them
  7. My future is full of opportunities
  8. I see myself becoming wiser and stronger each day
  9. I completely accept myself as I am
  10. I respect and protect myself
  11. I cherish what is positive in my relationships
Affirmations For Trust - I cherish what is positive in my relationships | affirmations for trusting yourself | affirmations for trusting the universe | affirmations for hope
  1. I have so much goodness to be thankful for
  2. All is well with me
  3. I am willing to be open to others
  4. People know they can rely on me
  5. I am worthy of trust
  6. I trust my own judgment
  7. I am a good judge of character
  8. I consider the risks and rewards of trusting others
  9. Everything will work out well for me
  10. I am glad to be a trustworthy person
  11. I am thankful for who I am right now
  12. I accept myself
  13. I keep myself safe
  14. I believe most people have good intentions
  15. I love getting to know people well
  16. I can cope with difficulties
  17. I embrace the future
  18. My life is an adventure
  19. I am safe and secure in all my relationships
Affirmations For Trust - I am safe and secure in all my relationships | surrender affirmations | affirmations for trust in relationships | affirmations for trusting the process
  1. I trust that I am safe
  2. I make good decisions
  3. I am happy to be a trusting person
  4. I bestow my trust wisely
  5. I courageously embrace all of life
  6. I am fully present and alive
  7. I am deeply grounded in trust
  8. I am improving every day
  9. I trust my good sense
  10. I build my self-esteem each day
  11. I breathe fear out; I breathe trust in
  12. Everything I need comes to me at the right time
  13. I am fully at peace
  14. I trust the path my life is taking
  15. I give my energy to joy and trust
  16. I am in exactly the right place at this moment

I am in exactly the right place at this moment”

  1. I rejoice in my uniqueness
  2. I recognize and accept all my emotions
  3. I choose to trust
  4. My life is moving into the light
  5. I clearly see the wisdom of being a trusting person
  6. I release all that is beyond my control
  7. Each person I meet is unique and worthy
  8. I surround myself with gentleness
  9. I am open to all possibilities in life
  10. I welcome challenges
  11. I confidently expect to do well
  12. I am willing to take chances
  13. I become more confident each day
  14. I have confidence in myself
  15. I welcome the joyful possibilities in store for me
  16. I am becoming the best version of myself
Affirmations For Trust - I am becoming the best version of myself | affirmations for trusting the universe | affirmations for hope | affirmations for trusting yourself
  1. I believe that life is a joyful adventure
  2. I appreciate the people in my life
  3. I value all of my relationships
  4. My friends and family value me
  5. I learn from my mistakes
  6. My positive attitude makes my relationships healthier and happier
  7. I expect good things to happen
  8. I have learned to respect myself
  9. I make smart choices
  10. My healthy friendships make me happy
  11. I give my best every day
  12. I don’t hold back
  13. I am radiant with confidence
  14. I can relax and enjoy life
  15. Trust sustains me in uncertain times
  16. I am continually becoming more confident and trusting

I am continually becoming more confident and trusting”

  1. My trust is rewarded by healthy relationships
  2. My inner security attracts friends to me
  3. I am completely capable of achieving my goals
  4. I choose my thoughts; I choose happiness
  5. My life is alive with promise
  6. I am important and valuable
  7. I make the world a better place
  8. Trust is a risk worth taking
  9. I am strong enough to thrive in this life
  10. I am not afraid
  11. I am my own best friend
  12. Life is great
  13. My dreams become my reality
  14. I am satisfied with my life
  15. I am thankful for all my friendships
  16. I am grateful to be alive
  17. I know everything will work out ok
  18. My confidence grows naturally from my experiences
Affirmations For Trust - My confidence grows naturally from my experiences | surrender affirmations | affirmations for uncertainty | surrender to god affirmations
  1. I release tension and enjoy each day
  2. I am proud of myself
  3. My positive thoughts improve my mood
  4. My positive thoughts drive my actions
  5. I eagerly welcome my future
  6. I love feeling so safe and strong
  7. I am completely able to achieve my goals
  8. I welcome new people into my life
  9. I love who I am right now
  10. My trust enriches my life

How to Use Affirmations to Trust Others (and Yourself)

Restoring trust and self-confidence can be difficult when you have experienced loss and betrayal. Here are some powerful ways to use affirmations for trust:

Acknowledge Your Feelings and Release the Past

Truly healing means acknowledging and accepting all your feelings, but also to let go of them and leave them in the past, so they don’t bring negative energy into your future relationships. It can help to use a journal to express and process all of your emotions.

Re-Establish Trust in Yourself and Others

Use trust affirmations and remind yourself of how you and those close to you consistently provide love and support when needed. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to focus on the positive aspects of your relationships.

Don’t Try to Move On Too Soon

For many people, jumping right into a new relationship can seem like an excellent way to overcome feelings of jealousy or insecurity. However, it is often unhealthy to chase new relationships too soon and is a sign that you seek external validation instead of building self-confidence.

Avoid Bringing Past Problems Into New Relationships

We often bring hurt and betrayal from past relationships into new ones. Unfortunately, this can sabotage a new relationship before it even begins, so it’s essential to work on your trust issues and resolve them.

Rebuilding trust after it has been broken, or establishing trust with a new person, takes time and effort. Be patient and loving and open and honest with your partner to work together to create a loving, healthy relationship.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Trust

Trust is one of the most important emotions for having faith in ourselves and others, and yet it is fragile and can be challenging to create. So begin by loving, accepting, and trusting yourself, and let others follow where you lead.

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