Hedonic Treadmill and Adaption Theory: A Brief Guide

Creating happiness is harder than you think – many of the activities you think will make you happier… do very little. Having money, a perfect family and great kids will not, by itself, intrinsically bring happiness. Many of the goals that people strive for are the same way. See what Daniel Kahneman, founder of Behavioral … Read more

8 Strategies to Stop a Shopping Addiction

how to stop shopping | how to stop excessive shopping | how to stop an online shopping addiction

Are you someone who is prone to purchasing the shiny object in the window? If so, you may have a shopping addiction. Addictions come in many shapes and forms. When people think about addiction, they usually think about smoking, drinking, sex, and gambling. At the same time, there are other types of addiction that can … Read more

Eudaimonic Happiness: Is Eudaimonia the Secret to Your Well-Being?

Discover what is eudaimonic happiness and how this can lead to substantial growth, inner peace, and prosperity.

Have you ever wondered what lasting happiness looks like? Have you ever wished to achieve authentic well-being? Each of us -no matter the race, culture, or socio-economic background we were born and raised in – want a happy and joyful life. The only thing that differs is the means through which we achieve it. While … Read more