154 Short, Positive Affirmations that are Easy to Remember

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All too often, we want to stuff our positive affirmations with everything important and motivational in our lives. However, that may create long affirmations that are difficult to remember and need to be written down and read.

On the other hand, positive affirmations that are short and easy to remember are a great way to use affirmations throughout the day, whenever you need them, instead of incorporating them into longer self-care rituals.

So here are some short, positive affirmations that are easy to remember.

Why Short, Positive Affirmations That are Easy to Remember are Important

Positive affirmations are a compelling way to change your thinking and thus change your behavior and life. Positive affirmations can provide support, encouragement, and strength when you need it.

When creating or choosing our affirmations, it’s common to want to create the most powerful statement possible. For some people, that may result in long, specific affirmations that are difficult to remember. These types of affirmations are wonderful and can be used in many ways.

But sometimes, it’s also important to have short, memorable affirmations. Short affirmations we know by heart can be used in brief moments of stress or discouragement to help you reset, refocus, and recover from minor setbacks.

On the other hand, if you are new to affirmations, short, memorable affirmations can be a great way to build a positive habit and introduce small, healthy changes into your daily life.

In fact, taking small steps is one of the most effective ways to accomplish big goals, so don’t underestimate the power of short positive affirmations.

154 Short, Positive Affirmations that are Easy to Remember

  1. I can do this
  2. I am fine
  3. I’m doing great
  4. This is a snap
  5. I feel great
  6. Today is a great day
  7. Things are getting better all the time
  1. I’m so smart
  2. I’m focused
  3. I’m amazing
  4. I’m so lucky
  5. What a beautiful day
  6. One step at a time
  7. I’m happy today
  8. I am succeeding
  9. I love a challenge
  10. Bring it on!
  11. I’m capable
  12. I’m exceptional
  13. I’m full of surprises
  14. I’m original
  15. I’m unique
  16. I’m calm
  17. I’m thoughtful
  18. I’m creative
  19. I like my life
  20. I’m thankful
  21. I’m completely in charge
  22. I make good choices
  23. I make good decisions
  24. I have great ideas
  25. I can manage whatever comes up
Short Positive Affirmations - I can manage whatever comes up | short positive affirmations for students | powerful daily affirmations | 365 daily affirmations
  1. One foot in front of the other
  2. I’m full of energy
  3. I make dreams come true
  4. I’m not worried
  5. I’m a successful person
  6. I’m good at what I do
  7. I’m very talented
  8. I enjoy what I do
  9. There’s nobody like me
  10. I welcome every day
  11. Life is an adventure
  12. I make every day count
  13. I’m strong
  14. I have confidence in myself
  15. I look forward to the future
  16. Good things are coming my way
  17. I trust myself
  18. I make the world a better place

I make the world a better place”

  1. I’m unstoppable
  2. I never give up
  3. Life is wonderful
  4. Challenges are interesting
  5. We’re all in this together
  6. I expect things to work out well
  7. I keep calm and carry on
  8. I stay on track
  9. Persistence pays off
  10. I persevere
  11. I like to learn new things
  12. I’m a positive person
  13. I always give my best
  14. I don’t worry about what I can’t control
  15. I focus on what’s important
  16. I take care of business
  17. Every day is a new opportunity
  18. I’m never overwhelmed
  19. I take a deep breath and move on to the next thing
Short Positive Affirmations - I take a deep breath and move on to the next thing | short positive affirmations for work | positive affirmations for others | positive affirmations for women
  1. I have fun every day
  2. I keep an open mind
  3. I get on well with people
  4. I find my life interesting
  5. I take good care of myself
  6. I am my own best friend
  7. I move toward what matters
  8. I guard my peace of mind
  9. I cherish myself
  10. I’m important to myself
  11. I focus on the here and now
  12. I don’t get distracted
  13. I have high standards
  14. I learn from experience
  15. I finish what I start
  16. I’m a capable person
  17. I’m a useful person
  18. I don’t waste time
  19. I take my time
  20. I believe in myself
  21. Today is the best day
  22. I choose to be in a good mood
  23. I choose to have a positive attitude
  24. What I believe becomes my reality
  25. I choose to be happy
  26. I expect the best from myself
  27. Things come around right eventually

Things come around right eventually”

  1. I work hard
  2. What I work for becomes real
  3. Hard work is worth it
  4. I welcome change
  5. I welcome the unexpected
  6. I welcome challenges
  7. I keep growing and I keep going
  8. I love my life
  9. I believe in my goals
  10. I am open to possibilities
  11. I love my work
  12. I love myself
  13. Now is my time
  14. My possibilities are endless
  15. I am eager for my future
  16. I want to see what I can accomplish
  17. I make my life happen
  18. I make my life happy
  19. I have what it takes
  20. I put my heart into everything I do
Short Positive Affirmations - I put my heart into everything I do | positive affirmations to say everyday | short positive affirmations for friends | short positive affirmations for anxiety
  1. I learn and change every day
  2. I am delighted with life
  3. I am delightful
  4. I am joyful
  5. I’m bubbling with energy
  6. My life is satisfying
  7. My future is unimaginable
  8. My heart says “yes”
  9. I love succeeding
  10. My attitude makes me thrive
  11. I believe in me
  12. I see a bright future for myself
  13. The world is better because I am here

The world is better because I am here”

  1. I make a difference
  2. I am bold
  3. Life is fun
  4. I am ready for whatever comes
  5. I seize my chances
  6. I am peacefully happy today
  7. I am calm and interested in life
  8. I am everything I need
  9. I deserve happiness
  10. I value my ability
  11. I keep my own counsel
  12. I am delighted and surprised by life
  13. I know what I’m capable of
  14. I inspire confidence in others
  15. I have a history of success
  16. My mind is sharp
  17. I can always figure out a solution
  18. I earn trust
  19. I’m thankful for all the good things in my life
Short Positive Affirmations - I’m thankful for all the good things in my life | short positive affirmations for students | short positive affirmations for work | powerful daily affirmations
  1. My life is full of good things
  2. I am healthy and strong
  3. I have a warm heart
  4. I am a good friend
  5. I am thankful for my good friends
  6. I am proud of who I am

How to Use Short, Positive Affirmations That are Easy to Remember

You may have long, detailed, specific positive affirmations that you write down and use during meditation, journaling, or your morning routine. Or you may make short, positive prayers part of your daily habits to uplift you throughout the day.

These shorter affirmations are not meant to replace those longer prayers or affirmations and should be used differently. The best way to use short, positive affirmations is:

Identify Your Triggers

Pay attention to your mood and behavior in typical situations throughout your day. For example, do you always get stressed and frustrated trying to be on time in the mornings? Are you always anxious before a client meeting? Are you often sad at the end of the day? Short affirmations can be incredibly powerful if your busy life consistently contains moments that give you negative thoughts and feelings.

Choose a Few Short Positive Affirmations

You don’t necessarily need to memorize these types of affirmations. Instead, they can be small, simple statements that generate the positive energy you need in moments of stress, anxiety, or negative energy. For example, perhaps you need to remind yourself that you are strong, capable, in control, etc.

Use Your Short Affirmations Just Before Your Triggering Moments

If possible, squeeze in a moment for your affirmations before the negative experience. Once you know your habits and patterns, you can find 60 seconds ahead of time for your affirmations. If it’s not possible to use them just before, make sure to use them just after.

Follow these steps with your short affirmations:

  • Step away from the situation
  • Take a deep breath
  • Look at yourself in the mirror
  • Smile
  • Repeat your short affirmations out loud, in a confident voice, 10 times
  • Take another breath
  • Return to the situation

Of course, stepping away from a hectic moment is not always possible. So, you may need to just repeat your affirmations to yourself quietly, but try to focus on the words, hear them with your ears, and think them in your mind.

Short, positive affirmations are a great way to retrain your thoughts and build positive mental habits. Over time, reinforcing a more positive outlook is a great way to create a new way of looking at the world and can gradually change every aspect of your life.

It’s important to never underestimate the power of taking small steps. Instead of getting overwhelmed and discouraged, focus on small, short activities to create a positive mindset, and be consistent. Your negative thoughts and beliefs have had years of repetition to become embedded in your mind, and it will take time and consistency to change them.

Final Thoughts on Short, Positive Affirmations That are Easy to Remember

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool to change your life but don’t be afraid to start small. Short, positive affirmations can be used every day to boost your mood, provide motivation, and keep you on track toward your goals.

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