51 Daily Intentions Examples to Set for the Day

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I woke up on a weekday morning on a June gloom L.A. day. The moment I opened my eyes, I wondered, “What the heck is the point?” I was stuck in a rat race where I went through the same motions every morning, noon, and night.

But why? Honestly, it felt like my life was pointless. I lacked purpose. I lacked intent, joy, and meaning.

My life changed when I discovered daily intentions examples to refocus and rewire my brain. No kidding. Even though they were little things, they changed how I thought about everything.

In this article, I will explain the why and how of using daily intentions, examine the benefits, and give you daily intentions examples for ideas. They will help you get going on your well-intended journey.

The Why and How of Using Daily Intentions

Setting a daily intention is a commitment to yourself, even if it is just to maintain a feeling, vibe, or encouraging nugget to hold onto.

It can guide decision-making, remind you to stay the course, or help you maintain a specific energy for the day. Let’s take a quick peek into the why and how of these intentions.

Why You Should Use Daily Intentions

The use of daily intentions examples how we set in motion the things that we desire. Whether it’s something you need, search for meaning, or a personal improvement you need to make, establishing your focus to attract that energy to you is the key.

The importance of setting daily intentions refers to self-discipline, increasing your vibration, and understanding your place in the universe. It also points to the incredible benefits that can change your life. Now, that’s something to definitely consider.

The benefits include:

  • Increasing awareness and mindfulness
  • Connecting you directly to your daily goals, needs, and desires
  • Evolving into a better and happier human being
  • Providing stability and security
  • Improving mental health by decreasing fear, stress, and anxiety
  • Providing opportunities to change your life’s path
  • Re-prioritizing things in your life
  • Supporting health, wellness, and physical activity
  • Improving clarity in thinking, decision-making, and communication
  • Improving relationships
  • Increasing insight, wisdom, gratitude, and compassion
  • Maintaining a positive energy flow
  • Enjoying the benefit that it just feels good

How to Use Daily Intentions

If you are new to using daily intentions, have no fear! Let’s walk together on how this process works. As with anything, there are several ways to choose and set your intention. Feel free to use whatever works best for you.

The following are steps to help you get started:

  1. Mindset. It’s a choice from the moment you wake up each morning.
  2. Eliminate all negative energies, thoughts, or images.
  3. Meditate on what you want the day to bring.
  4. Write down your intention for the day.
  5. Focus and visualize your intention.
  6. Take determined steps to move yourself closer to what you want.
  7. Stay positive, and don’t let your focus diminish.

Now that you understand the why and how of setting daily intentions and you’ve gleaned the fantastic benefits, it’s time to get going on finding one to get you started. This is great stuff, and you’re going to feel amazing!

51 Daily Intentions Examples to Set for the Day

Daily intentions are whatever you set your mind to accomplish or proceed toward during that given day. If you choose a goal, make a small one that can be attained in one small step.

If it is more like an affirmation, combine it with a purpose to achieve an intention on that day. Be creative, be positive, and have fun!

Daily Intentions for Myself

These daily intentions are those that you aim toward yourself for a specific, intimate, or personal intent or accomplishment. These are aimed at self-love.

1. I am grateful for my life. Gratitude is the key to everything good in the world because it causes me to focus on what I do have, not what I don’t.

2. I will be kind to myself. Only I know what I have been through in my life, and I deserve kindness, love, and joy.

3. I know that I am enough. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

4. I will practice self-care. Giving myself care, time, and attention recharges my batteries to continue living in positivity.

5. Today, I will not think about work. This day is about living, resting, experiencing nature, love, and kindness.

6. I won’t sweat the small stuff. This world is temporary, so worrying about small stuff won’t change one thing in the bigger picture.

7. I’ll avoid watching or listening to the news. I choose to train my attention on this very moment, gratitude, and peace.

8. I will stay positive throughout the day. No matter what presents itself to me today, I choose to remain positive and see the opportunities in front of me.

intentions meaning | intentions | intention meaning
No matter what presents itself to me today, I choose to remain positive and see the opportunities in front of me.

9. I will face one of my deepest fears. Fear is a drag on my thinking and energy, so I will work to defeat it one step at a time.

10. I will taste the coffee and smell the roses. I will slow down the tempo of my day and take the time to savor wonderful flavors and radiant aromas with gratitude.

11. I’ll let go of what no longer serves me. I don’t need to force anything; instead, I will release what doesn’t fit or serve my life to make room for what does.

12. I intend to try something new. By experiencing new things, I open up my life to fantastic new adventures and opportunities.

13. I’ll go easy on myself. I will free myself of the pressure and expectations I place on myself and that tie my positive energy down.

14. I will get a massage. Releasing the negative stress and energy stored in my body tissues is vital to recharging and renewing my overall energy.

15. I’ll do something creative. My brain needs creativity to maintain clear, sharp, and positive thinking.

16. I intend to meditate more deeply. Spending more time focusing on increased vibration and my connection with the universe is critical to achieving my goals and desires.

17. I will make peace with things I cannot control. I free myself from the stress of trying to control things not meant for me.

Daily Intentions for Myself to My Loved Ones

These daily intentions target doing something kind for someone you love to express your feelings.

18. I’ll read a book to my child. Reading to my child opens their mind to deep thinking and creativity, which rewards me immensely.

19. I will pamper my partner. Easing my partner’s stress and anxiety demonstrates love that will return to me every time.

20. I plan to spend time with my parents. I would not exist without their lives, so it is important to show gratitude and express my love for them.

21. I’ll make time to write a love note to my partner. Spoken words are wonderful, but written words touch the soul in a way that is etched in stone.

22. I will let my family know I love them. Regrets are not my friend, so making sure my family knows I love them is crucial.

intention meaning | intention examples | intention definition
I will let my family know that I love them.

23. I’m taking my kids to a museum. Art exposes the mind to creativity, confidence, and understanding that nothing is impossible.

24. I will play outdoors with my kids. I want them to be assured that I do have time for them and care about their interests and happiness.

25. I’ll plan a family outing to a national park. Adventures and exploring are extremely bonding.

26. I will take my kids to a science learning play center. Play and learning will ensure my kids that I care about them and who they grow to be.

27. I’ll watch Shark Week shows with my kids. Sacrificing my preferences to spend time with my kids equates to building unforgettable memories of joy and laughter.

28. I will let my child paint my nails. I want my child to know I trust their creativity and value their choices.

Daily Intentions for Myself to Animals

Daily intentions focused on doing something kind for animals is therapeutic and healing.

29. I will walk my dog in the park. To see my dog experience the excitement and joy of a simple thing is rewarding beyond anything else.

30. I intend to be kind to all animals. Like with people, I can never fully understand what an animal has been through, and to extend kindness doesn’t cost me a thing.

31. I’ll walk a homeless dog at the shelter. Unwanted animals are precious and deserve love and attention, too.

intention example | intention | examples of intentions
Unwanted animals are precious and deserve love and attention, too.

32. I am donating to an animal hospital for an underprivileged pet. Pets with expensive medical conditions will not suffer needlessly while I have a little extra to help them.

33. I will bake dog and cat treats to take to the shelter. These poor animals didn’t ask to be discarded or mistreated; I intend to make their lives a little brighter.

34. I am buying my dog a comfy new bed. Tokens of love and appreciation for my dog are a simple but effective way to let it know it is loved.

35. I’ll feed the birds. They can use a little less struggle, too.

36. I am gifting dog or cat food to a homeless person with a pet. Helping a poor person care for their pet is expressive of the abundance and love I vow to share.

37. I will help at least one shelter pet get adopted. Helping a pet find a loving home saves lives.

38. I won’t kill the spider lurking over my doorway. It has a right to live, too.

Daily Intentions for Myself to Others

These daily intentions are centered on giving back to the local, national, and global communities and contributing to making the world a better, kinder place.

39. I will remain calm and kind to my boss and coworkers. No one can disrupt my inner peace, and it lessens their stress too.

40. I’ll forgive a coworker. Forgiveness frees my mind to concentrate on more positive things.

41. I hope to lend a hand to someone who needs help. What I give to others comes back to me.

42. I will volunteer at a non-profit. I don’t need to receive anything in return to give kindness to others.

43. I intend to pick up trash along a roadside. I take care of nature because nature takes care of me.

44. I’ll invite friends over for dinner. Bonding with those I care about gives my mind peace and my heart joy.

45. I will go see a movie with a friend. Making time to be with a friend is more precious than gold.

intentions definition | intention synonyms | intention synonym
Enjoy being with your friends. Making time for them is more precious than gold.

46. I’m donating to help refugees or people in places of high conflict. They didn’t ask to be where they are, and I have the means to help.

47. I will encourage someone who is down. Kind words heal lives and change outcomes.

48. I’ll recycle as much as I can. The earth is too full of manmade chemicals and plastics, so I will do my small part to lessen my own footprint.

49. I intend to visit the elderly and actively listen to their stories. I will give them attention to warm their hearts and learn about stories I never knew.

50. I will tell a random person how beautiful they are. Everyone should feel like they matter and are beautiful in someone else’s eyes.

51. I’ll pay for the coffee for the person behind me. Random acts of kindness can ignite the world with peace and love.

Setting a daily intention can be as subtle or robust as you choose. The cool thing is you can always switch it up the following day. Give it a try!

Final Thoughts on Daily Intentions Examples to Set for the Day

Setting daily intentions early in the morning establishes the tone for the rest of the day. It helps to give our brains focus, purpose, and direction. It ignites the cells to get motivated to do the task and provides an energy of positivity and accomplishment at the end of the day.

It is wonderful when you target daily intentions to improve yourself. It is even better when you improve yourself and share it with others at the same time.

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