11 Possible Interpretations if You Dream About Bears

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I sometimes remember my dreams (mostly, I remember how they made me feel). Lately, I’ve been dreaming about bears a lot, and at times, the bears in my dreams were friendly, while at other times, they were chasing me or sleeping.

Curious me needed to know what these dreams could possibly mean. 

Not many people remember their dreams once they wake up. Or, they might have a fuzzy memory of certain elements of their dream that stands out, but as they get into their daily routine, the dream is long forgotten.

But there are those who accurately and vividly remember what they dream about. 

Where do you fit in? Do you have a high dream recall frequency or a low one? And do you remember if you’ve recently dreamed about bears? 

Here are most of the possible dream interpretations if you dream about bears. But first, let’s look at the history of dream interpretation and the power of our dreams. 

The Origins and Significance of Interpreting Dreams 

Dreaming is normal (and healthy), and you probably spend around two hours a night dreaming. Nightmares and dreams still continue to hold a lot of mystery.

There are those who believe that they carry a deeper meaning and those who believe that dreams have a purpose but no mysterious power.    

The origins of interpreting dreams dates back to the Sumerians in Mesopotamia in 3,100 BC. The Sumerians believed that you needed divine inspiration to understand what your dreams meant and that it was often a divine order on what to do (especially for royalty).

For example, King Gudea rebuilt the Ningirsu temple because he believed a dream told him so. 

In the poem, Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh has various dreams and visits his mom and friends for help to decipher their meanings. Some of his dreams were previews of what was to come, while others had little bearing on what he did. 

In Ancient Egypt, the priests interpreted dreams, and hieroglyphs depicted dreams and their potential meaning. In Ancient Greece, dreams were seen as omens or prophecies.

Alexander dreamed of a satyr, which predicted that he would be triumphant in the war against the Tyrians. 

In 16th-century China, questions like “how do we know we’re dreaming” were raised about reality monitoring in dreams.

And in 19th-century Europe, interpreting dreams became essential to psychoanalysis with Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams and Carl Jung’s Dreams.

Theories on Dream Interpretation 

Freud believed that dreams are an unconscious wish fulfillment, pointing to deep buried desires. To Freud, your brain creates a manifest dream, which contains aspects of your everyday life and memories.

This dream uses strange images or symbols to hide the latent dream, which is what you are actually dreaming about

On the other hand, Jung believed that dreams are messages from your deeper psyche. According to Jung, your dreams express unacknowledged beliefs and thoughts that are buried in your subconscious. 

There are other theories on the meaning of dreams, too: 

  • Calvin S Hall, a psychologist, thinks that dreams are a kind of thinking that occurs when you are asleep.  
  • Rosalind Cartwright, a dream researcher and psychologist, believes that dreams help with emotional regulation and memory functions. 
  • Professor G William Domhoff has a similar thought. He suggests that what you do and think about during the day resurfaces in your dreams. 

Modern day dream interpretation draws on all of these ideas. The practice (or should I say art?) of finding the deeper meaning of dreams has become very popular since the 1970s.

There are many resources, such as books, dream dictionaries, symbol guides, tips, and online courses, that aim to help you understand your dreams.  

The Power of Dreams 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

A dream is only powerful if you give it power. And the same can be said about nightmares

But one thing is fact: Dreams keep you healthy

If you don’t sleep well and frequently wake during the REM stages (which is when you dream), your overall well-being will suffer and you can have hallucinations and psychotic episodes.

You need REM sleep so your body can release stress and your brain can process emotions and retain memories.    

Many people believe that dreams can inspire you and shape your goals. In fact, some great inventions are the byproduct of a dream. 

There’d be no phones if Alexander Graham Bell didn’t dream of such a device before inventing it. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy Yesterday if Paul McCartney didn’t dream of it.

And perhaps many of Stephen King’s horror stories would never have seen the light of day if he didn’t dream of these ideas.

If you believe, dreams can

  • Give you direction in life as it can act as a compass 
  • Increase your potential as a great dream = great potential 
  • Help you prioritize and find out what’s meaningful for you 
  • Predict the future  

11 Interpretations If You Dream About Bears

If your dreams have been filled with bears, here are possible interpretations to help you. 

Think back to your dream and use these dream-bear scenarios to help you uncover the meaning:   

1. The Bear in My Dream Is Friendly 

It’s important to reflect on the friendly bear’s demeanor, body language, and how you feel when you see the bear in your sleep.

Bears that stand up on their back legs are usually controlling, while dream bears that remain close to the ground or are in a seated position are peaceful and calm

dream about bears meaning | bear dream meaning | dream about a bear
If you are hunting a bear and killing it in your dreams, it can mean that you want to overcome challenges or remove obstacles that are standing in your way.

If you feel kinship to the friendly bear, you may wonder if it’s trying to get you to do something in your dream. Perhaps you have to be afraid of the bear so you can face a different challenge or fear.

Seeing a friendly bear can also mean you need to let go of your fears that you can’t do something. 

You have a bear in you, and while it’s friendly, you know it’s also capable of doing anything it wants to. The bear is amicable and shows you that you can contain your inner beast

2. The Bear in My Dream Is Outside My Home 

Not all dream bears are friendly, and if you see one that’s wandering around your life, it could represent a family member or friend who’s difficult.

A grumbly bear could refer to someone who is a prickly pear in your life.  

Since the bear is outside, you could also consider the house contents, and whether you are supposed to protect it.

Bears in the workplace can mean that someone protects you, while a bear at your home can refer to motherhood (if it’s calm), or it can be a threatening force that reflects your anxiety (if it shuffles and doesn’t look friendly). 

If you dream about a bear inside your home, there may be factors in your home that require protection from or action to keep you safe. 

3. The Bear in My Dream Talks to Me

Seeing a bear speak in your dream can be magical but also frightening. Bears that speak are signs of wisdom and spirit, so pay attention to what they say and how they say it. 

Keep in mind, you are the bear. If you listen to a bear speaking to you in your dream, you are actually listening to your subconscious mind. These bear conversations are also about facing things you’ve been worried about. 

4. The Bear in My Dream Is Me (I Am the Bear) 

In our dreams, we can easily become transmuted into other people, animals, and even plant life.

If you are feeling a little lost in life, then seeing a bear in your dream that you know is also you means you have unfinished business and require wisdom in how to deal with it. 

Identify the bear and what part of your life aligns with them, and what the bear’s words really say to you. Is the bear sharing wisdom, or is it angry? When did you recently need guidance and when could you have handled a situation with more finesse? 

The bear is showing you where your actions are incongruent or not supporting your self-growth. 

5. The Bear in My Dream Is Hibernating or Sleeping (and I’m Trying to Wake It)

Far from being a dream about wanting to smash your alarm clock to pieces and snooze a hundred hours, this bear dream is about areas of your life and personality you have been neglecting.

Perhaps you have a college degree, but you aren’t using it at all. The sleeping bear could refer to the dormant talent you are concerned about. 

bear dream meaning | dream about a bear | dream about bears
When a bear is attacking someone else in your dream. Perhaps you want to protect those you love. You are showing your loyalty, but you are also cultivating empathy and compassion for others.

A sleeping bear can signal your exhaustion, and it can also draw your attention to a situation with someone close to you.

It could be a latent situation that has gone unspoken, and the sleeping bear is warning you about just letting that sleeping dog lie

6. The Bear in My Dream Is Being Hunted … By Me 

You may experience a lot of anxiety if you realize that you are the one hunting the bear in your dream.

But hunting isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it can be interpreted that you are after something you want to add to your life, such as wisdom, a better job, partnership, or a new house. 

The bear represents the goal you are after. It’s time to take control, be confident, and go after what you want. 

If you are hunting a bear and killing it in your dreams, it can mean that you want to overcome challenges or remove obstacles that are standing in your way. You are determined to win or succeed, and you can do it.

Killing a bear can also represent that you are feeling vulnerable or threatened and are taking measures to protect yourself

7. The Bear in My Dream Is Sick or Injured, and I’m Caring for It 

Is the bear in your dream sick or injured? Are you standing at a distance or are you in the trenches (so to speak), trying to help and care for the bear? 

If you aren’t tending to the bear, it could mean that you feel stuck in your life and there are issues keeping you from progressing

But if you are at the bear’s side and looking after it, it means your nurturing instinct has awoken and there is someone in your life whom you need to care for. It could be an elderly parent, a friend, or maybe yourself?  

8. The Bear in My Dream Is Chasing Me 

Being chased by a big, scary animal cannot be fun, and this dream could feel like a nightmare. If you are scared, it could mean you are avoiding an issue or a person or running away from your problems.

If you are trying to escape (and obviously running for your dear life), there’s possibly a scary or uncomfortable situation that you don’t want to face

The bear could symbolize something powerful that you aren’t ready for. It could be an emotion, a situation, or a challenge. 

9. The Bear in My Dream Is in a Forest 

Maybe the bear in your dream is lounging in a serene or peaceful environment like a tree or forest. Here, the bear is in its natural habitat, and it’s a space where the bear can be a bear and do bear-y things. It’s relaxed and free

This dream reveals that you are in a good mental space and there’s peace and harmony in your life. It can also mean that you are able to calmly navigate obstacles and challenges and find joy and peace in the chaos that’s life.  

10. The Bear in My Dream Is Attacking Me

In a more violent dream or nightmare, when the bear is attacking you in your dream, it can be terrifying. The symbolism of the attacking bear is that someone close to you has disappointed and hurt you deeply. 

If you fight back and chase the bear off or kill it, it’s a sign you are overcoming your obstacles, and you have the power to push forward.

dreams about bears | dreaming about bears | bear dream
Dreaming about a baby bear or cub reflects your nurturing instinct, and even if you are childless, you may be mothering, parenting, or nurturing someone close to you.

However, if the bear keeps attacking you and you can’t escape or flee, then you are feeling threatened by something in your daily life. 

Your dream is encouraging you to find ways to address the source of your daily conflict so the “bear” can stop attacking you.  

A variation on this theme is when a bear is attacking someone else in your dream. Perhaps you want to protect those you love. You are showing your loyalty, but you are also cultivating empathy and compassion for others.

11. The Bear in My Dream Is a Bear Cub 

Dreaming about a baby bear or cub reflects your nurturing instinct, and even if you are childless, you may be mothering, parenting, or nurturing someone close to you.

If the cub is missing a mamma bear, then you may feel a sense of abandonment of letting go of someone you are protecting (such as your child). 

If the mamma bear is close, but you feel afraid or anxious when she comes closer, it can show you had a poor relationship with the mother figure in your life. 

Repeatedly dreaming about bear cubs can indicate you have amends to make to people who depend on you or your own children. 

Final Thoughts on Dreams About Bears

I recently had a dream about a sleeping bear cradling a musical instrument. I realized the next day that the dream was about my childhood desire to play the violin. I had neglected the skill after a couple of lessons… but now, as an adult, I wanted to learn again.

What bear you dream about and how you see them can help you discover the hidden meaning in dreams about bears. What bear dreams do you have and what do you believe they mean?  

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