121 Grounding Affirmations to Find Energy and Balance in Life

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When we say someone is “grounded,” it means they have a firm foundation in their life and are not easily swayed or distracted by passing influences.

As a result, they are stable and balanced, deeply connected to what really matters, like a tree with deep roots. Becoming more grounded isn’t easy for everyone, and grounding affirmations can help create more stability, energy, and balance in your life.

Why Grounding Affirmations are Important to Find Energy and Balance in Life

The concept of “grounding” is a modern term with ancient origins. Ancient meditation practices focused on a series of focal points in the body, called “chakras.” The root chakra, at the base of your tailbone, literally connects you to earth, like the root of a plant.

It is the source of feelings of stability, security, and energy that flow upward into the body from the ground. It provides a firm foundation for all of your undertakings.

Even if you don’t believe in chakras, the concept helps explain how being grounded provides stability and consistency while also energizing and motivating.

Today, psychologists and therapists recommend a wide range of grounding activities to help people reduce anxiety, calm intrusive thoughts, and elevate their mood. In addition, grounding affirmations are a great way to retain your calmness, confidence, and focus when things seem out of control.

121 Grounding Affirmations to Find Energy and Balance in Life

  1. I notice the here and now
  2. I sleep well and long
  3. I cherish my peace of mind
  4. I accept what each day brings
  5. I set boundaries to keep my life calm
  1. I close my eyes and breathe deeply when I feel stress
  2. I can balance my own needs and the needs of others
  3. I am learning to live a balanced life
  4. I choose to live a joyous life
  5. I am not overwhelmed
  6. I guard my health
  7. I am my highest priority
  8. I value my own well-being
  9. I can help others because I care for myself well
  10. I love to notice scents
  11. My mind is at rest
  12. My thoughts are clear
  13. I always know what to do
  14. I can say no to stressful situations
  15. I replenish myself when I get tired
  16. Everything I require is immediately and effortlessly available to me
Grounding Affirmations - Everything I require is immediately and effortlessly available to me | grounding techniques | root chakra affirmations | grounding statements
  1. My energy comes from excellent self-care
  2. I can do more by doing less
  3. I find delight in nature
  4. Delight gives me energy
  5. I love to notice colors
  6. I love to notice sounds
  7. I love to notice textures
  8. I love to notice flavors
  9. I pay careful attention to my surroundings
  10. I am thankful for all my senses
  11. I am a moderate person
  12. I cherish my body
  13. I live in my body
  14. I am alive in my body
  15. I enjoy my body
  16. I am my body
  17. I remind myself to use all my senses
  18. The world is full of beauty
  19. My life is full of surprises
  20. I eat nutritious food
  21. I laugh often
  22. I go outdoors every day
  23. Every day is an adventure
  24. I can say no to over-work
  25. I value my free time
  26. My life is not too busy
  27. I take time to enjoy every day
  28. My peace of mind is important to me
Grounding Affirmations - My peace of mind is important to me | sacral chakra affirmations | positive affirmations | affirmation rooted and grounded
  1. I deserve to be healthy and calm
  2. I pay attention to nature
  3. Everything works out in time
  4. I don’t waste energy worrying
  5. I relax and breathe
  6. I am a sensible person
  7. I am realistic
  8. I like the way I am
  9. I enjoy life
  10. I am interested in many things
  11. I am calm and content
  12. I learn how to be more peaceful every day
  13. I make my own life count
  14. I find delight in the people I love
  15. I face my fears, and they fade away
  16. I embrace not knowing
  17. I accept uncertainty
  18. I trust the universe
  19. I am right here, right now
  20. Stress reminds me to center myself

Stress reminds me to center myself”

  1. I find delight in music
  2. I love to move my body
  3. I love my strong body
  4. Beauty is all around me
  5. Laughter gives me energy
  6. Nature gives me energy
  7. I know what is really important
  8. I have everything I need
  9. I focus on what is important
  10. I do one thing at a time
  11. I give my full attention to what I am doing
  12. I stay true to my values and goals
  13. I practice being balanced and get better at it
  14. I can calm my body
  15. I can calm my thoughts
  16. I can calm my feelings
  17. I am altogether peaceful
  18. My mind is clear
  19. I am at my best
  20. I accept my feelings and experience them fully
Grounding Affirmations - I accept my feelings and experience them fully | grounding affirmations for anxiety | root chakra grounding affirmations | spiritual grounding affirmations
  1. I turn off all the screens for a while every day
  2. I practice stillness to calm myself
  3. I breathe deep down into my belly
  4. I am full of gratitude
  5. My life is full of good things
  6. I have nothing to fear
  7. I breathe in peace and breathe out worry
  8. I treasure my peaceful life
  9. I am solid and strong
  10. I take good care of myself
  11. I see myself whole and balanced
  12. I am not easily upset
  13. I learn and grow every day
  14. My calmness is a powerful force
  15. I am exactly where I need to be at this moment
  16. I am well
  17. I am grounded
  18. I am balanced
  19. I am full of energy
  20. I give my best to the world when I am grounded
Grounding Affirmations - I give my best to the world when I am grounded | daily grounding affirmations | grounding and protection affirmations | grounding energy affirmations
  1. Peace is a choice; I choose to be peaceful
  2. I am satisfied with my life
  3. I focus on the things I can control
  4. I receive every breath as a gift
  5. I am content
  6. I am enough
  7. My life is thriving
  8. I live my best life every day
  9. I am glad to be alive 
  10. I make the world a better place
  11. I have everything that I need
  12. I live in light and peace

How to Use Grounding Affirmations to Find Energy and Balance in Life

When you feel disconnected, detached, distracted, or out of control, here are the best ways to use grounding affirmations to become balanced and energized:

Connect With the Here and Now

There is a wide range of grounding techniques to help you focus on the present moment, calming your worry and anxiety about the future or ruminations about the past. Focusing on the physical sensations of this present moment, breathing deeply, and repeating your grounding affirmations can help to calm your thoughts and restore a state of connectedness and control.

Consider Your Life Goals

One of the key reasons a person can feel un-grounded is that they are not connected to their life goals and a sense of purpose. When your actions and decisions are driven by the decisions of others, they can feel meaningless and disconnected.

If you lack a sense of meaning and purpose and don’t know what to do with your life, take some time to explore your needs and motivations, and set your own goals that connect, motivate, and energize you.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is more than just a set of daily habits that will keep you balanced and focused. Mindfulness has a huge range of benefits for our physical and mental health. Practicing mindfulness in your everyday life helps to reduce stress and anxiety and restore a feeling of calm, assured optimism.

Final Thoughts on Grounding Affirmations to Find Energy and Balance in Life

The true meaning of grounding is to remain deeply “rooted” in the things that matter the most, that give your life meaning, and express your most authentic self without being swayed by the opinions and judgments of other people.

A firm foundation keeps you calm and connected when others are anxious and inconsistent. Using grounding affirmations helps you realize your biggest goals and achieve your wildest dreams while remaining true to your deepest self. These powerful techniques can transform your life, so start this incredible journey today.

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