25 Best Gifts for Minimalists That Won’t Clutter Their Lives

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It can be a tough buying gifts for minimalists. After all, they are usually looking to get rid of things, not accumulate them.

But being a minimalist doesn’t have to mean never receiving gifts. Like the rest of us, minimalists are people who can appreciate and express gratitude when being gifted something.

That being said, if you have a minimalist friend and want to give them a gift, you should be cautious about what you pick. Minimalists tend to only keep what they need, so when buying something for them, think of what could benefit them the most.

To make things a little easier, we have gathered a list of the best gifts for minimalists. These items are great because they won’t clutter their clean and organized lives.

Let’s check them out!

1. Money Clip Wallet

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This is a simple yet functional wallet that is slim and easy to carry. It comes in different colors, with seven card pockets to store your business cards, credit cards, identification cards, etc. It also has an integrated money clip for your bills, receipts, or other small paper documents.

This Money Clip Wallet from Travando is the perfect gift for your minimalist friend who likes to keep all of his essential cards and bills in one safe, convenient place.

2. Fossil Men’s Minimalist Stainless Steel Watch

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Fossil Men’s Minimalist Stainless Steel Watch is a stainless watch that is clean, slim, and lightweight. For your minimalist friend or partner who fancies watches, this item could be the perfect gift.

It is also water-resistant, which is an added bonus for active people. It is available in many different colors, so you can choose the most appropriate one according to your recipient’s preferences.

3. Spiral LED Table Lamp

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This Spiral LED Table Lamp from the NUÜR Store offers a lot of convenient features.

In addition to its contemporary and minimalistic design that is pleasing to the eye, it also offers a variety of light levels, depending on your mood. You can make it warm and bright when you need to read or study, or you can dim it according to your preferences if you want a softer ambiance.

We highly recommend this LED table lamp for your friend, partner, or family member who enjoys doing light activities before they go to sleep. It even has an energy-saving solution that allows it to only consume a small amount of electricity. 

4. Easy-Fill Compost Bin Food Waste

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If your minimalist friend loves having a clean kitchen, then we suggest the Easy-Fill Compost Bin Food Waste.

Designed to make collecting food waste easier, this caddy has a flip-up lid that is convenient and easy to use. It also has an adjustable air vent that you can use to let moisture out whenever necessary.

5. Areaware Minim Playing Cards

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These Areaware Minim Playing Cards are simple and clean, but also elegant and classy They are so beautiful that the minimalist in your life might just end up using them as ornamental designs! If your recipient is a card player, then this is a great gift idea!

6. S. Leaf Sterling Silver Tiny Dot Necklace

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The S. Leaf Sterling Silver Tiny Dot Necklace can serve as a gift for your loving wife or girlfriend, caring mother or aunt, or beloved sister.

7.  Felidio Wall Hooks

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What we love about these Felidio Wall Hooks is that they are natural and handmade. They are made out of premium walnut and polished with natural wood oil, making them eco-friendly and healthy to use.

They are also durable and sturdy, and can hold up to 30 pounds. You can hang almost anything on them, from coats and towels to bags and much more.

8. Norden Vik 9 oz. Glass Candle

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Here is a beautiful candle that can bring peace and tranquility to any household. Norden Vik 9 oz. Glass Candle‘s fragrance is a mixture of white birch, oakmoss, cardamom, essential oils, and synthetic musk. It is placed in a green glass container that is safe and reusable after burning.

According to the product’s website, the fragrance from this candle is inspired by the cold solitude of the far north. The designers were captivated by the earthy scent that the landscapes of Iceland produce, so they created a candle that contains the same fragrance.

9.  Super Thin iPhone 15 Case

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As you can see, this Super Thin iPhone 15 Case makes an exceptional gift for our minimalistic friends. However, it is a bit limited, since it only works with iPhone 15. Fortunately, there are tons of super thin cases for other smartphone models available on several platforms.

10. Level Plug Lamp

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The Level Plug Lamp is perfect for minimalists because it does not require extensive cord or wire installation. You won’t be irritated by the annoying hard wiring, and you can even rotate the plug to match the outlet’s orientation.

11. Travel Tumbler Insulated

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Here is a humble gift that is perfect for your minimalist friend or workmate. Travel Tumbler Insulated is available in six different colors (white, khaki, black, red, silver, and turquoise) and two sizes (small and large).

Minimalists are often fans of healthy living, so they will appreciate something like this that can hold their water or tea for the day.

12. Indoor Bean Bag Chair

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Indoor Bean Bag Chair is a fitting gift if your recipient is a hard worker who spends the day on his or her laptop.

Made with lots of love in New Zealand, this ergonomic chair is designed to support your back and make you feel comfortable. It is made of high-quality fabrics and is soft to the touch and easy to clean.

13. Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover

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The simplicity and neatness of this Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover from the Umbra Store would make an excellent gift for any minimalist out there.

It is very relaxing to the eyes and does not have a complicated structure, making it a perfect addition to your bathroom, or any room, for that matter.

14. BAGGU Cloud Bag

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Available in six lovely colors, this BAGGU Cloud Bag is highly recommended for those who prefer shoulder bags.

It has the ideal size for your outdoor activity needs, as it is quite spacious. It is also convenient to use and quite durable. Best of all, it can be folded into a pouch after use.

15. Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf

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For those who love to read, the best gifts include books, bookshelves, bookmarks, and anything else related to books. If someone special in your life is a book fan and a minimalist, then the Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf is the perfect fit.

Not only is it neat and dainty, but it also has hidden mounting hardware that gives the overall aesthetic a floating effect. It is sturdy and well-built, and can hold up to 15 pounds of books.

16. Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver

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As the title of this book by Courtney Carver suggests, it is all about living a minimalistic lifestyle. Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver would make a great gift for a friend who is looking to start exploring minimalism. The book is available on Kindle, but it also has a hardcover version.

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17. Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Use

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Here is a rather practical gift for just about anyone in your life, minimalists included. Instant pots make everyone’s life easier. You can do a lot of things with it!

It can serve as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt cooker, steamer, sauté pan, and even a food warmer.

There are many different instant pots available, but we recommend the Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Use from the Instant Pot Store. It has a high rating on Amazon and other online selling platforms, and many purchasers seem to be satisfied with it.

18. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

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If you are shopping for a present for someone who favors technology because they are so busy with their lives, then the Echo Dot Smart Speaker is a great fit. This voice-controlled speaker can do a lot more than you might imagine. It is also very easy to set up.

19. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

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Here’s another wonderful gift idea for busy people: a smart notebook. This Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook from the Rocketbook Store can make your organizational tasks simpler by syncing your notes with your cloud services provider.

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20. Multi-Functional Document Bags Organizer

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Multi-Functional Document Bags Organizer is a bag portfolio organizer for your gadgets, documents, cards, bills, and other essential stuff that you always need to take with you.

In addition to its multi-functionality, the bag is waterproof, so there is no need to worry about your things getting wet.

The bag has eight pockets inside where you can place your notebook, planner, pen, iPad, and other items. It also has two external pockets for things that you want to access easily.

For the minimalist who loves to travel or who is always in a rush, this bag is a must!

21. Cool Mist Humidifier

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As we mentioned earlier, minimalists often like things that are related to health and the environment, so this humidifier (with essential oils) is a great gift for them.

There are tons of humidifiers out there, but we picked the Cool Mist Humidifier from Everlasting Comfort because of the positive feedback from customers on Amazon and other online selling platforms.

22. Kindle Unlimited

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Kindle Unlimited offers unlimited reading and listening for those who love books and stories. It is compatible with any device, as long as you have the Kindle app. For those who want to have a rich life without a lot of clutter, Kindle is the answer!

23. Audible Membership

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As with Kindle Unlimited, an Audible Membership is not a physical gift, but it is sure a useful one. This is for your friends who like listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and other original creations available on Audible. There are different levels of memberships, so you can choose the one that is most suitable.

24. Away Travel Bag

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Perhaps your minimalist friend is the type who loves to travel to far-off places. If so, the Away Travel Bag offered on the Away Travel site may come in handy. Most of the bags that the site offers were made for people who want to keep things simple—perfect for a minimalist!

25. BestSelf Self-Journal

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A lot of minimalists enjoy planning and organizing, so a journal is a great gift idea for them. Check out this BestSelf Self-Journal, a 13-week, undated planner designed to help people be more productive and positive about their goals and ambitions.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Minimalists

The gift ideas we have shared above are just a few of the things minimalists might enjoy receiving.

If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for the minimalist in your life, then we hope that this list provided a few valuable ideas. Find one that your loved one will enjoy and surprise them with a great gift!

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