11 Best Gifts or Presents for Mindfulness Practitioners in 2024

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Mindfulness is a proven way to help reduce stress and improve your quality of life, but it can be difficult to begin.

If you are looking for a way to support those you love on a journey of mindfulness, or share mindfulness with someone who may benefit from the practice, a mindfulness gift is a great way to support their inner peace and personal development, and show that you really care.

Here are our top picks for the best mindfulness gifts.

Before we proceed, if you don’t have the time to read the entire review, here’s a quick look at our top choices for the best gifts for mindfulness practitioners

3 Benefits of Mindfulness Gifts

Giving someone the gift of mindfulness has the power to transform their whole life. Studies show that mindfulness doesn't just reduce stress, but also has a huge range of other benefits, including:

1. Improves self-esteem and reduces social anxiety

Self-esteem is crucial for our well-being and happiness in the world. A study among Australian undergraduates showed a strong correlation between mindful attention and awareness, and high levels of self-esteem and reduced social anxiety.

These findings support existing research on the topic, suggesting that mindfulness is a great way to feel better about ourselves.

2. Improves symptoms and repercussions of neurodegenerative disorders

An amazing study from the American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease & Other Dementias revealed that mindfulness training didn't simply benefit those suffering from neurodegenerative disorders, but it benefitted their caregivers as well.

Participants reported improved sleep quality, reduced depressive symptoms, and overall better quality of life, whether they were the patient or the caregiver. With today's aging population, mindfulness matters more than ever.

3. Improves heart health

One of the most heartbreaking features of strokes and heart attacks is their high rate of recurrence, with more than 40% of people suffering from a single incident going on to have another.

A study published in the International Journal of Stroke, showed that mindfulness training following a stroke, and found benefits including reduced stress, improved blood pressure, and improved perceived health and quality of life. 

Best Mindfulness Gifts

1. Best Travel Mindfulness Gift: The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith Cards

This pack of inspirational cards was developed by Gabrielle Bernstein, a life coach, spiritual leader, and bestselling author.

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith Cards card deck has 52 beautifully illustrated cards with inspirational messages that promote faith and mindfulness.

The deck can be used in many ways, whether it's part of a daily practice, or in-the-moment stress relief, and it's small enough to take anywhere. It's a great gift for people who enjoy faith and spirituality as an aspect of mindfulness and meditation, and promotes confidence and wellbeing.

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith Cards comes beautifully packaged in a high-quality, gift-worthy box with an inspirational message from Gabrielle.


  • High-quality, durable cards with beautiful illustrations
  • Wide range of inspirational messages and affirmations
  • Authored by a widely respected inspirational leader
  • Comes in attractive, high quality packaging


  • Many of the messages include references to faith, prayer, and spirituality, which some people don't want in their mindfulness journey

2. Best Home Decor Mindfulness Gift: Today is a Day Inspirational Phrases 21 x 18 Wood Pallet Wall Art

Adding real-world inspiration to your environment is a great way to reinforce your visualization techniques and live a better life.

For people who want a daily mindfulness reminder, this rustic wood pallet wall art carries a powerful inspirational message, and also looks beautiful and makes for charming home décor.

The Today is a Day Inspirational Phrases Wall Art piece measures 21 x 18 inches, and is made of real, dried pine wood, so every piece is natural and unique.

It has a sawtooth hanger on the back, so it is ready to hang immediately, and easy to place anywhere. The earthy, pastel colors go with a wide range of home and office décor.

The Today is a Day Inspirational Phrases Wall Art is made in the USA, and comes in quality protective packaging.


  • Daily inspirational message promotes mindfulness
  • Attractive wall art will complement a wide range of interiors
  • Comes ready to hang
  • Made in the US of natural wood, so every piece is unique


  • Not very durably constructed

3. Best Mindfulness Gift Journal: The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

We've written about our favorite mindfulness journals in the past, and this journal ranked high on our list. As a mindfulness gift, we love the five-minute approach that makes mindfulness simple and approachable for newcomers.

This journal is designed to be used every day, morning and night, with daily prompts for writing on gratitude, inspiration, affirmation, and self-reflection.

This five-minutes-a-day approach was developed through psychological research, and promotes positive emotions, optimism, and happiness. The Five Minute Journal contains 6 months of twice-daily journaling, developing positive mindfulness habits that will last for a lifetime.

The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day is an attractive, hard-bound journal with a ribbon to mark your place.


  • Simple daily mindfulness practice in just five minutes
  • Questions and prompts make it easy for beginners to start journaling
  • Six months of good habits and daily inspiration
  • Hard cover book looks attractive on a desk or bookshelf


  • The writing space is small, in keeping with the “five minute” premise, but some people want more space to write and reflect

4. Best Mindfulness Gift for Stress Relief: Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden

Zen gardens have been used for meditation and relaxation in Japan for centuries, and this miniature version lets you bring the practice to your home or office.

The Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden is a beautiful miniature sand garden, that comes with miniature tools and decorations, so you can endlessly make new designs, arrangements, and patterns.

The 9×9 inch frame is made of rosewood and creates a handsome space for the sand designs, which can be embellished with the included natural polished stones and delicate ceramic cranes.

It comes in a gift-worthy box, and is a perfect present for people who love to garden, want to practice mindfulness, or who appreciate Asian culture and design.

The Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden comes with the rosewood frame, white sand, polished stones, two ceramic cranes, a long-handled rake, a bamboo rake, and a miniature broom.

It also comes with a 64-page booklet with instructions and suggestions for the Zen garden, as well as how to include the garden in a meditation practice. The whole thing comes beautifully packaged in an attractive box.


  • Beautiful complete Zen garden set
  • Comes with meditation booklet
  • Attractive box for gift-giving
  • Calming way to practice mindfulness indoors


  • Box is a bit shallow, so sand can easily escape and get onto the desk, coffee table, or other surroundings

5. Best Mindfulness Gift for Artists and Writers: Tree of Life Journal

This elegant journal has an intricate embossed tree of life on the cover, which is an enduring symbol of peace and calm in a stressful world.

The Tree of Life Journal has a hard cover made of soft synthetic leather, with comfortable rounded corners and decorative stitching. It measures 5×7 inches, so it's the perfect size to fit into a backpack or laptop bag and take anywhere. 

It has 176 lightly-lined pages made of medium-weight ivory paper that is archival quality, and resists bleed through from pens. It also has a convenient built-in cover pocket, a satin ribbon, and an elastic band for secure closure. It's an artisan-quality journal perfect for writing, organizing, and sketching.


  • Beautiful journal with embossed design, decorative stitching, and luxurious cover
  • Hardbound with elastic band to keep pages open or hold it securely closed
  • Convenient size for bag or backpack
  • Archive-quality pages are a pleasure to write on and preserve your thoughts
  • Has satin bookmark and built-in expanding pocket


  • This is a very small drawback, but we wish it had a pen loop to keep a pen with the journal

6. Best Gift for Daily Mindfulness: The Self Care Bucket List,100 Self Care Mindfulness Cards

This amazing card set makes self-care, productivity, and mindfulness simple and enjoyable. The Self Care Bucket List is a beautiful box of 100 cards, each with a mindfulness or self-care activity. Activities are designed to be simple, inspirational, and make you feel great.

The activities were designed by inspirational speaker Tiffany DeSilva, as a way to combat anxiety and depression, and focus on making the present moment enjoyable and meaningful.

These cards are a great gift for people who want to go beyond simply reading inspirational sayings, and actually take small meaningful actions in their lives, and for those who need a reminder to make time for self-care.

The Self Care Bucket List is an attractive box of 100 cards in three self-care categories. Cards can also be sorted by the included tabs to show what you have to do, what you are doing, and what you've done.


  • More active than daily quotes and affirmations
  • Activities are short, simple, and positive
  • Incorporates self-care as well as mindfulness
  • Beautifully packaged
  • Easy to use daily or as needed


  • Activities may skew slightly toward women

7. Best Mindfulness Gift for a Moment of Peace: Numi Organic Tea Flowering Tea Gift Set

Eating and drinking mindfully is a great way to slow down and practice mindfulness in your everyday life, and the preparing and drinking of tea is a time-honored meditative practice. This Numi Organic Tea Flowering Tea Gift Set is a beautiful way to give the mindfulness of tea service to someone you care about.

This gift set includes a high-temperature, dishwasher safe, crystal clear tea pot so you can appreciate the beauty of the tea blossoms as they bloom. It then comes with 6 gorgeous tea blossoms, where loose leaf teas are hand-sewn by artisans in China around fragrant flowers.

When hot water is poured over the tea blossoms, they bloom into gorgeous flowers and release their aromas and flavors. Flavors included in the set are Dragon Lily, Shooting Star, Lavender Dream, Jasmine Lovers, Sunset Oolong, and Golden Jasmine.

The set contains enough tea blossoms for 18 cups of tea, and each one is a work of art. Numi teas are organically and sustainably grown, and the company is a certified B-Corp, making a positive impact on the world.

This fragrant gift is good for the environment and for your soul, reminding you to take a moment and savor the wonderful bounty of nature.

The Numi Organic Tea Flowering Tea Gift Set comes with a clear tea pot and 6 tea blossoms, packaged in a hand-made dark mahogany bamboo case.


  • Beautiful and unusual gift
  • Variety of tea flavors that form unique blossoms
  • Each tea blossom can be steeped 2-3 times
  • Comes with perfect pot to enjoy the blooming
  • Pot is dishwasher safe
  • Comes in a beautiful handmade bamboo box
  • Organic, sustainable, and certified B-Corp produced


  • For those who simply want tea blossoms, this gift set is expensive relative to the amount of tea included

8. Best Mindfulness Gift for Aromatherapy: YINUO LIGHT Scented Candles

This gorgeous scented candle set from YINUO LIGHT is a gift that lasts far beyond the burning time of the candle, because each one comes in a beautiful tin box that can be washed out and reused for years to come.

These aromatherapy candles are made of natural soy wax and essential oils, with an organic cotton wick, for clean-burning candles that have a wonderful scent and last a long time. This set includes four aromatherapy candles, including lavender, lemon, Mediterranean fig, and Spring scents.

Each candle burns for up to 30 hours, creating a mood of relaxation that is perfect for a mindfulness practice, or simply to beautify and perfume your space. 

The YINUO LIGHT Scented Candles come in four different decorative tin containers, and the set is packaged in an attractive matching gift box.


  • Beautiful candles and packaging
  • Four calming and appealing scents
  • Re-usable tin containers
  • Soy wax, essential oils, and organic cotton wicks for clean, smoke-free burning


  • These candles don't “throw” a lot of fragrance, which appeals to people who don't want overpowering scent, but some people want a scented candle to truly fill a room 

9. Best Mindfulness Gift for Young People: Mindfulness Therapy Games: Social Skills Game

There are a number of great mindfulness activities for groups, but we love how this gift makes mindfulness into a fun and engaging game. It's suitable for young people as well as adults, and can be played with friends, family, and even co-workers.

The large, sturdy cards have activities and practices that promote mindfulness, and can be done individually or with others. It comes with a booklet explaining how to use the cards in a variety of ways and in different settings.

The Mindfulness Therapy Games: Social Skills Game was developed by child psychologists and educators, and can be played by 3-15 people, with bold designs that kids will love. The cards teach breathing exercises, social skills, and makes mindfulness fun.


  • Makes mindfulness into a game that engages kids, teens, and adults
  • Teaches social skills as well as self-care and mindfulness
  • Can be used in a variety of ways and settings
  • Sturdy cards and convenient size to take anywhere


  • Some activities are competitive, with winners and losers. While this increases the “game” aspect, some people feel that mindfulness shouldn't be competitive

10. Best Mindfulness Gift for Meditation: Now Clock

The ability to be in the present moment is essential for mindfulness. The Now clock is both humorous and thought-provoking, acting as a constant reminder to live in the present. This clock is a beautiful piece of mindful home décor, or watch the pendulum silently swing as a meditation aid.

This high quality “clock” is made of solid wood, and comes with your choice of five different designs on the pendulum, including Buddha or Om designs, inspirational sayings like “Be here now” or “live laugh love,” or a plain pendulum.

This clock operates without ticking, so there is no distracting noise, and a single AA battery powers the clock for up to 2 years.

The Now clock has a beautiful satin finish with a glass front, and is 11 inches in diameter.


  • Unique mindfulness gift
  • Pendulum catches the eye and reminds people to live in the now
  • Great meditation, mindfulness, or calming aid
  • Choice of pendulum designs
  • High quality materials and manufacture
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Looks great in a variety of settings


  • Fairly expensive for the size and limited functionality

11. Best Mindfulness Gift to Share: Gratitude Glass Jar

The Gratitude Glass Jar was one of Oprah's favorite things, and it's an incredible way to bring mindfulness into your day.

The gift comes with a beautiful, hand-blown, glass jar with a wooden lid. The jar is 11 inches tall, and has the word “Gratitude” in beautiful brass foil. Each jar is handmade, so each one is unique. The set comes with 365 gorgeous foil cards.

Every day you take a moment to write down something you are grateful for, and place it in the jar. Later you can review the precious memories of the previous year, and reflect on all you have to be grateful for.

This set is a great way to bring mindfulness into your own life, but is also a spectacular ritual to share with a loved one, or with the whole family.

Imagine taking the time to reflect on the special moments you had over the past year, and to deepen companionship and closeness by reading what your loved ones are grateful for. This jar is a great way to celebrate the gift of life.

The Gratitude Glass Jar comes with the jar and 365 foil cards, beautifully packaged in a gift box.


  • Simple and beautiful way to practice and share mindfulness
  • Glass jar is handmade, so each one is unique
  • Lovely piece of home décor that acts as a visual reminder to practice gratitude


  • It would be nice to be able to order the cards separately, so that you can share the jar with others or use it for a second year

Final Thoughts on Mindfulness Gifst

Our overall top pick for the best mindfulness gift, particularly for those who are stressed and new to mindfulness, is the Self Care Bucket List.

We love that these cards include mindfulness and meditation exercises, as well as reminders for self-care and productivity, to help improve your quality of life.

The 100 cards are a great system for helping people who are anxious, depressed, or simply overwhelmed, to accomplish simple tasks that improve their minds, moods, and outlook. The cards are attractively packaged, easy to use, and easy to incorporate into daily life.

For people who are more experienced in mindfulness, a better gift might be the Tree of Life journal. It's the perfect size for daily errands, work, or travel, and it's a beautiful, archival-quality journal. Journaling is a key part of a mindfulness journey, so this gift will be welcome by beginners and more advanced practitioners alike.

There's something about a new journal that sparks inspiration and reflection, and the Tree of Life journal is a great way to give those feelings to someone you care about.

And if you're looking for other gift ideas, then check out our article on the 17 best sustainable gifts that are environmentally friendly.

Finally, if you want a simple way to reduce your stress and anxiety, then try writing these 35 mindfulness journaling prompts to live more in the present moment.

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