88 Divorce Affirmations to Give you Strength During Tough Times

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Even a healthy divorce is a time of stress and challenges and can affect your mental health and well-being.

Divorce is usually not simply the end of a long-term relationship but also involves significant changes in your living situation, financial health, and family dynamics, all of which are stressful.

Affirmations for divorce can help give you emotional strength and resilience during this difficult time, supporting a positive mental outlook and calmness when you need it most.

Why Divorce Affirmations are Important to Give you Strength During Tough Times

Divorce profoundly affects our mental health and is strongly associated with anxiety and depression. However, correlation is not causation.

Studies indicate that many of the adverse psychological and physical health outcomes associated with divorce are caused by the innate qualities of the people involved: the mental attitudes and beliefs they brought into the marriage.

Each partner’s emotional resilience, mental health, and attachment style contributes to a lasting marriage, the likelihood of divorce, and their long-term health after divorce.

In other words, a healthy, positive person may experience a natural downturn in mood and confidence after a divorce. Still, they are just as likely to have healthy, happy relationships and a good life in the long term. So divorce is not cause for despair.

Affirmations for divorce are a great way to maintain a positive outlook, calm stress and anxiety, and reaffirm your worth and value during tough times. They can also be used to help and support friends and loved ones who are going through a divorce.

88 Divorce Affirmations to Give you Strength During Tough Times

  1. I trust myself more than ever
  2. I accept all of my feelings and emotions
  3. I will handle this change with grace and calmness
  4. My life is getting better and better
  5. Everything will work out well for me
  1. Change is hard, but I will be stronger for it
  2. There are happy days ahead for me
  3. I choose to have a hopeful attitude
  4. I will be happy despite everything
  5. I am a good person
  6. I have an awesome future ahead of me
  7. I always do my best
  8. These difficult times will bring me a bright new future
  9. I have a lot to be thankful for
  10. I am healing every day
  11. Change is natural, even if it is difficult; I can handle this
Affirmations for Divorce - Change is natural, even if it is difficult; I can handle this | affirmations for women | affirmation examples | affirmations for a broken marriage
  1. I forgive myself and others
  2. I am not afraid
  3. I feel my own power
  4. I am safe and secure
  5. Divorce is a new beginning for me
  6. I understand and accept that some things are beyond my control
  7. I am exactly what I need to be today
  8. My courage is unlimited
  9. Beyond this divorce, a new adventure is waiting for me
  10. Day by day, I conquer all problems
  11. There is no difficulty too much for me to handle
  12. Nothing can overwhelm me
  13. I am grateful for all the good things in my life right now
  14. I will change my life for the better
  15. I don’t seek perfection, just improvement
  16. I am not a failure; I am a survivor
  17. I will become stronger than ever through this divorce
  18. I know what I need and want
  19. I deserve to be happy
  20. I deserve to be safe and secure
  21. I will emerge from this experience as a happier person
Affirmations for Divorce - I will emerge from this experience as a happier person | positive self-talk divorce | affirmations for women | affirmation examples
  1. I believe in myself
  2. I expect great things for myself
  3. All my feelings are normal and welcome
  4. I have the courage to hope for a better future
  5. When I feel sad or angry, I accept that as normal and go on
  6. I am compassionate toward myself
  7. Today I am building up my own life 
  8. My best times are coming
  9. My potential is amazing
  10. I will hold on to hope 
  11. I breathe in peace and breathe out all stress
  12. These troubles are temporary
  13. It takes courage to go through a divorce; I have great courage
  14. I guard my health during these difficult days
  15. Pain is normal, and it passes with time; I will emerge whole and happy

Pain is normal, and it passes with time; I will emerge whole and happy”

  1. I am learning and growing every day
  2. I am a unique person, and I will get through this in my own way
  3. I take things one day at a time
  4. I don’t know how this divorce will work out, and that’s OK
  5. One day soon, this divorce will be over, and my life will go on
  6. I rise above fear
  7. My thoughts are clear and focused
  8. My life is changing, and that is OK
  9. I am learning throughout this experience
  10. I carry no grudges against anyone
  11. I rise above feelings of shame and guilt
  12. Each day brings me closer to my new life
  13. There is laughter and joy in my future
  14. I accept only kind and well-intentioned people in my life
  15. I release any feelings of anger or vengefulness against anyone
Affirmations for Divorce - I release any feelings of anger or vengefulness against anyone | words of affirmation | affirmations for someone going through a divorce | affirmations to stop divorce
  1. I let go of a painful path to follow a new and different path
  2. I am a whole and complete person just as I am
  3. I respect myself
  4. I deserve to be respected
  5. I choose kindness for myself and for others
  6. I am a lovable person
  7. I am thankful for all that I have learned during this marriage
  8. I am in the present; I will not dwell on the past
  9. I am filled with calmness and healing
  10. Time is my friend, bringing healing and peace
  11. This divorce is just one small part of my life
  12. I can find the good in this situation
  13. I am a positive person
  14. I am creating a better life for myself
  15. I am thankful to be me
  16. I am becoming the best person I can be
  17. I am more and more aware of my strength as I learn to be on my own
Affirmations for Divorce - I am more and more aware of my strength as I learn to be on my own | example of affidavit for divorce australia | can you manifest a divorce | positive affirmations for divorce
  1. I grow in peace and overcome bitterness and anger 
  2. I am complete and capable
  3. I am taking control of my own life
  4. My heart is tender and wounded; I will nurture and protect it with kindness so it can heal

How to Use Divorce Affirmations to Give you Strength During Tough Times

Divorce is often difficult and painful, and it can be challenging to know when it’s time to let go of a marriage. However, affirmations for divorce can help reduce stress and improve emotional resilience in this challenging time. Here are some ways to reduce the stress of divorce.

Communicate Productively

It is natural for people to communicate with anger and resentment during divorce, but it is often counter-productive. Instead, try to communicate effectively and stay focused on relevant topics without getting sidetracked into the emotionally charged territory.

If necessary, talk things through with a therapist before talking with your soon-to-be-ex, or use a mediator to settle difficult issues.

Support the Children

Divorce is even more difficult when it involves children. Try to keep conflict away from children and work to ensure both parents maintain a healthy, positive relationship with the children.

If possible, both parents should collaborate on a plan and a timeline and present it to the children together to avoid sudden and unexpected upheaval and help them feel more stable about the future.

Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself during and after the divorce is the most important thing. Even if you have sought couples therapy, seeing your own therapist or mental health professional is an excellent way to understand yourself and your emotions better so that you don’t repeat negative patterns in your next relationship.

Make sure to eat well and maintain healthy physical activity. Use divorce affirmations and other positive habits to take care of yourself and maintain a good state of mind.

Final Thoughts on Divorce Affirmations to Give you Strength During Tough Times

Daily positive affirmations for divorce can change your mind and your life. Although this is a time of difficulty and stress, it is also when you can begin building the foundation for the rest of your life and make it a life full of love and happiness.

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