11 Faith Coloring Pages for Adults

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Faith is the force that binds you to your beliefs and aspirations. It is the motivation that drives you to work harder and be better.

In this post, we share with you some faith coloring pages for adults that can help you remain steadfast. If you think you need a little extra inspiration to hold on to your beliefs, we suggest trying out these coloring sheets.

These coloring pages are designed to help you relieve stress and strengthen your faith. They are mostly quotes from the Bible that can help renew your hope and determination.

Let’s check them out!

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1. Faith Doodle Floral

We start with the word itself—faith. Faith means “complete trust or confidence” in something that you believe will happen. It can also apply to someone who you know will always be reliable in times of chaos and distress.

2. A Strong Hope Means a Strong Faith

Hope goes hand in hand with faith. When you expect something to happen, you put your full faith and trust into it. You believe that your expectations will be met, no matter the circumstances. Your faith is born out of the hope you possess.

3. Nothing is Impossible with God

Things only become impossible once you lose the faith that they can be accomplished. If you want to attain something, then you must believe that it will come to pass.

4. Trust in Him, Always

Here is another Bible verse that reminds you that all you need to do is trust in the Lord with all your heart and he will answer your prayers. It may not be today or tomorrow, but everything happens in God’s precious time.

5. God is Forever Faithful

Just as we are faithful to God and his love, he is also faithful to us and the things we cherish in life. It is a mutual covenant between the Lord and his people.

God remains faithful, even during those times when we turn our backs on Him. No matter how much we push Him away, He will always be there, waiting for the day we return.

6. Always Have Faith in God

Faith in God is one of the most inspiring forms of faith. It makes us feel safe, secure, and comforted. Knowing that God is always watching over us assures us that, whatever happens, everything will be all right in the end.

This is a wonderful coloring sheet for person of faith in you. It is a verse from Psalms 46:10 that reminds you to throw away all your cares and worries. God is with you.

7. Stand Your Ground

Having faith in something means standing your ground no matter how difficult the situation may be. This coloring page speaks to how deep your faith can go when it is profound and rooted. As long as you believe, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

8. Christ is My Strength

Philippians 4:13 is a very popular verse from the Bible—I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This celebrated quote is testament to how strong your faith in the Lord can be.

This coloring page allows you to show your praise and gratitude with artwork.

9. Your Faith is Bigger than Your Fear

Fear is not necessarily a negative emotion. Sometimes, we need fear to realize what matters most. However, you don’t want to let fear become the center of your world. While it is sometimes healthy to feel fear, you should never allow it to overcome your faith.

10. What Faith Means

Strong faith is the result of strong hope, so never lose that hope and confidence. Keep your head up and your fingers crossed. Even if it seems like everything is about to fall apart, believe in your capabilities and know that you are destined to live a happy and successful life.

11. Faith is the Light in Your Heart

Whenever you feel like giving up, look into your heart and see the light that never goes out. It sparkles like a diamond, waiting to be unleashed, ever full of devotion and enthusiasm. We call this light “faith.”

Faith is the reason we keep holding on to the things that we know are worth fighting for. It is the reason why you can still see the light, even when the whole world has turned dark. Never lose it.

Final Thoughts on Faith Coloring Pages

There are several kinds of faith—faith in God or a supreme being, faith in people, and faith in events that you believe will happen. No matter what type of faith you have, you don’t want to lose it!

We hope that the faith coloring pages for adults that we shared through this post were able to help you strengthen your reliance and faithfulness. Always remember that life may be tough, but your faith is stronger.

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