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25 Printable Kindness Coloring Pages for Children or Students

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Are you looking for some kindness coloring pages for your kids and young teens?

If so, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll share with you 25 printable kindness coloring pages that your children can use to understand better the value of kindness.

But before we proceed to the actual list, let us first share with you why it is important for people to learn this value while they are children.

Why Is Kindness Important to Teach to Children?

There are many reasons why teaching kindness to children is important. In addition to the fact that it makes them a better person, it also improves their feelings toward themselves from a physical and emotional perspective.

Practicing kindness can also make children a lot happier. This is because doing something good for someone makes them feel more appreciated. It strengthens their sense of belongingness and improves their self-esteem.

Likewise, it helps them avoid becoming a bully and a narcissist. Showing kindness to people teaches them the value of caring and altruism. It reduces their tendency to be self-centered and selfish when they grow up.

Equally important, kindness contributes to children’s physical and mental health. Showing kindness provides a feeling of emotional warmth. This feeling releases the hormone oxytocin, which plays a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy.  

There are a lot of things that kindness can do—not just for children, but for adults, too. So let’s get to our list of printable kindness coloring pages!

25 Printable Kindness Coloring Pages for Children or Students

1. Choose Kindness

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Check out this printable coloring page with a very minimalistic flower mandala design. It teaches children to choose to be kind above all else, no matter the circumstances.

Happiness goes along with kindness and humility. If you choose to be kind every day, happiness will be easy to find.

2. Kindness Begins at Home

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We really love this design stating that kindness begins at home. It is true—children copy the things adults (particularly their parents) do. One of the best gifts you could give your kids is being a role model in every aspect of your life.

All things start from within, and whatever children experience at home, they will likely do outside of the home as well. Show your kids how to be kind so they can bring that value to the outside world.

3. The World Needs More Kindness

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There are a lot of challenging things going on with the world right now. As an adult, you probably agree that what we need is a bit of love and happiness.

But love and happiness begin with kindness. Teach your children to be kind to everyone, and to the world in general. The world needs children’s sincerity and genuine kindness.

4. Be the Change You Wish to See

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This is a classic quote from one of the world’s most prominent social activists—Mahatma Gandhi. As an advocate of nonviolence, he promoted kindness, peace, and happiness.

5. K is for Kindness

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We like this design because it’s neat and simple—perfect for very small kids who are yet to start learning how to color. The spaces are big, providing room for wider movements.

Children need to start learning words like “kindness” at a very young age. Instead of having them watch YouTube videos all day, schedule a time to color and bond with them.

6. Always Be Kind. Kindness Matters.

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Teachers Pay Teachers advocates for instilling good values in children while they are still young. Coloring pages like the one above is one way to do so.

Check out this freebie and their other printables, or purchase them to contribute to the organization’s advocacy. Teach your children to always be kind, even when the world seems to be a little harsh.

7. Clothe Yourselves with Kindness

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What’s amazing about this printable is that it not only teaches children to be kind, it also teaches them to be compassionate, humble, patient, and gentle. The quote is from a Bible verse, specifically Colossians 3:12.

When you color this with your kid, explain to them the importance of these values so they can understand them better. 

8. Treat Others As You Want to Be Treated

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Let your kids enjoy coloring these letters that spell out one of the best quotes about human interaction. After all, if you want others to treat you with kindness, you should do the same yourself.

We recommend this printable page to kids who are starting to learn letters. It’s a great way to combine learning the alphabet and learning how to color in one single activity.

9. Always Be Kind

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Here’s another “always be kind” coloring page from Teachers Pay Teachers. We really like the rainbow, hearts, and owl design because they look like doodles—perfect for students and teens who are exploring their artistic sides.

10. Be Kind

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Isn’t this flower-themed kindness coloring page cute? It has a bee design for the “be” in “be kind,” and its flowers are so spacious that small children can easily color them.

While coloring this page, teach your kids that love and kindness are never wasted. It never hurts to do an act of kindness, especially for those who need it. Help them practice this value while they are still young, so they’ll continue to hold it when they grow up.

11. Color the World with Kindness

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The future belongs to our children, so we need to teach them well make sure that they know how to distinguish right from wrong.

As we teach our children to color their kindness coloring pages, we also need to teach them how to color the world with kindness. A simple, random act of kindness can mean a lot to someone.

12. Sow Kindness, Reap Happiness

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As mentioned earlier, happiness starts with kindness. Doesn’t it feel good when you treat others kindly?

Children need to know how great it can feel to be kind. Teaching your children to be kind as early as possible allows them to be happier and healthier at an early age.

13. Be a Friend, Not a Bully!

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Bullying is never okay, and children need to learn that at an early age.

Instead of being a bully, it is a lot more fun to be a friend. If they see another kid who is alone and lonely, they should know that it’s kind to approach that kid and be friendly to them.

14. What Are You Doing for Others?

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Try bonding with your kids, and then asking them this question: what are you doing for others? See what their answers are, and if they know the value of kindness.

This mandala-like coloring page can add some fun to your heart-to-heart sessions. While coloring, help them contemplate how they’ve been interacting with other people.

15. Keys to Kindness

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This is one of our favorites. It doesn’t only allow children to enjoy doodling and coloring, it also has a space where they can scribble and write things about kindness. Some of the questions are self-reflective inquiries that can help get in better touch with their thoughts and emotions.

We also like the quotes included—bible verses from the books of Luke and Colossians. They add beauty and creativity to the page’s design.

16. You Are Kind

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Here’s a pretty wonderful “you are kind” template that kids can use to create gift cards and letters. In addition to kindness, we believe that children should also learn how to give praise and compliments. This is a great way to team them that value. 

17. Showing Kindness by Helping the Elders

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One of the best ways to teach children how to show kindness is by demonstrating altruistic behavior, like helping the elderly, aiding those who are in need, and being obedient. This coloring page and others that you can find on the same link can help you do just that.

18. Do All Things with Kindness

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If you want your kids to learn how to be kind as soon as possible, then make sure to share this valuable lesson with them: Whatever you do, do it with kindness. After all, that is what being kind is all about—no limitations and no discrimination.

19. I Can Be Kind

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One lesson that children need to learn is that they can be whoever they want to be. In the same vein, they should also learn that they can be kind if they choose to do so.

We recommend this “I Can Be Kind” coloring page to encourage children that they are capable of being kind and believing in themselves. Just as they should be taught to believe that they can be doctors, judges, or lawyers, they can also learn to believe that they can be kind people.

20. It’s Cool to Be Kind

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Children like things that are cool, so what better way to teach them to be kind than by saying that it’s cool?

This is a true statement. The best way to be one of the coolest people in the world is by being kind and considerate to other people. 

21. Throw Kindness Like Confetti

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Doing good deeds and spreading love and kindness is free—so throw kindness like confetti! There is nothing freer (or more freeing) than giving people the love and respect they need.

22. Kindness Is Your Super Power!

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The Ripple Kindness Project was established to help children become better and happier individuals. Not only do they focus on kindness, but they also spread awareness of other values like gratitude, empathy, and positivity.

Check out their website and find more ideas for how to instill the values like kindness and gratitude in your children’s lives.

23. Doodle it—Kind!

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Here’s a doodle-like coloring page for children who are a bit older. The design is a bit more complicated than many of our coloring pages—in fact, it is probably suitable for adults too. If you have older kids who like solving complicated problems or doing complex tasks, then this could be a good fit.

24. Be Kind to Yourself

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As with any other value that is important to you, one of the most important things to remember is that whatever you want to teach others, you should apply to yourself first.

At an early stage, children must learn the value of self-love and self-compassion. It may seem a bit difficult to explain these concepts to them, but give it a try. Your children are much more capable than you might imagine. Let them know that to be able to love others, they should love themselves first.

25. Every Word Matters So Speak Kindly

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Kindness is not just shown in how we act toward ourselves and other people, it can also be manifested through talking and communicating. The foundation of healthy relationships is being able to connect with others through kind words.


If we give kindness to the world, it will be returned to us when we need it the most.

We hope that these coloring pages will help your children learn the value of kindness in the most artistic and creative way possible. We also hope that you become more inspired to teach your children not just kindness, but all of the other positive values they need to learn as well.

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