119 Affirmations to Find Success When Dealing with ADHD

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ADHD can significantly impact mood, happiness, and mental health, and the true scope of the effects are underestimated and understudied. For adults dealing with ADHD, positive affirmations for ADHD can help to address many of the problems and impacts of this condition.

ADHD affects an estimated 8.1% of Americans throughout their lifetimes. In adults, the most common symptoms of ADHD include:

  • Impulsive decision making
  • Disorganization
  • Difficulty prioritizing
  • Poor time management
  • Difficulty in focusing on a task
  • Excessive activity or physical restlessness
  • Poor planning
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Difficulty following through on tasks that require persistence
  • Difficulty managing stress
  • Low patience or tolerance for frustration, with outbursts of temper

While everyone displays these symptoms and behaviors at times, in adults with ADHD, these symptoms and behaviors are significant enough to disrupt their everyday activities or performance.

The difficulties of dealing with ADHD can also cause a wide range of associated mental health conditions, including anxiety, low mood, and substance abuse. In fact, due to the condition and related factors, ADHD causes an average of 22.1 days per year of lost productivity at work.

Many adults with ADHD have internalized many negative, limiting beliefs about themselves, often stemming from performance or behavior problems in schools. As a result, adults with ADHD may have received years of negative messages about their abilities, making it difficult to think positively about themselves, act confidently, and achieve their goals.

Affirmations for ADHD can help adults deal with the symptoms of ADHD and also manage the broader range of mood and mental health effects.

119 Affirmations to Find Success When Dealing with ADHD

  1. I have many talents
  2. I am good at lots of things
  3. I am more than just my ADHD
  4. I rest when I need to
  5. I quickly regain my concentration if I’m interrupted
  1. I am fully present in this moment
  2. I manage my workspace to reduce distractions
  3. I am improving all the time
  4. I can do whatever needs doing
  5. My mind is alert and attentive
  6. I am persistent
  7. Life is working out perfectly for me
  8. I have a sharp mind
  9. I can overcome any challenge
  10. My persistence will take me far
  11. I have plenty of time for everything
  12. Great things are coming my way
  13. Sometimes I get frustrated, and that is OK
  14. Everything works out well for me
  15. Every day brings me new opportunities
Affirmations For Adhd - Every day brings me new opportunities | affirmations for self love | affirmations for focus | 11 adhd coping mechanisms
  1. Mistakes give me a chance to grow
  2. I am happy to be alive
  3. ADHD doesn’t stop me
  4. I am completely capable
  5. I make a difference in the world
  6. I am grateful for my successes
  7. I am creative
  8. I am glad to be me
  9. I make the world a better place
  10. I deserve to be happy
  11. I have faith in myself
  12. I have a lot to offer
  13. I take a break when I feel restless
  14. I pay attention to my feelings
  15. My differences make me valuable
  16. I am a powerful person
  17. Focusing is a skill I am learning
  18. I can do whatever I put my mind to
  19. I am unstoppable
  20. I breathe in orderliness and breathe out clutter
  21. My life is a gift
  22. I have great ideas
  23. I can do anything
  24. My creativity pays off every day
  25. I take a quick walk when I need to move
Affirmations For Adhd - I take a quick walk when I need to move | positive affirmations for kids printable | mantra for hyperactive child | adhd affirmations reddit
  1. I am happy to be myself
  2. I learn from my mistakes
  3. People appreciate me
  4. I am unique
  5. I am lovable
  6. I take good care of myself
  7. I eat nutritious foods
  8. I get plenty of sleep
  9. I know how to calm my thoughts
  10. I speak up for myself
  11. I do one task at a time
  12. I am glad to know about my ADHD
  13. I am willing to work hard
  14. I am better organized every day
  15. I am patient with myself
  16. I am a cheerful, optimistic person
  17. I choose to be happy
  18. I have confidence in myself
  19. I like myself just as I am
  20. I have unlimited potential

I have unlimited potential”

  1. My attention span grows every day
  2. I am one of a kind
  3. I will succeed and reach my goals
  4. My life is a gift
  5. I’m doing just fine
  6. I am thankful for every day
  7. I can manage my ADHD symptoms
  8. Every problem is solvable
  9. I am a problem solver
  10. I am a calm person
  11. I am not distracted
  12. I am relaxed and mindful
  13. I am determined to do well
  14. I always do my best
  15. I know I can ask for help when I need it
  16. I can handle anything
  17. I can control my thoughts better every day
  18. I speak kindly to myself if I am anxious
  19. I am gentle
  20. I breathe in calm and breathe out confusion
Affirmations For Adhd - I breathe in calm and breathe out confusion | affirmations for anxiety | affirmations for self love | affirmations for focus
  1. I am stronger than I know
  2. My future is bright
  3. There is no one else like me
  4. My life is full of good things
  5. I am super creative
  6. I can do hard things
  7. I am happy to see my hard work pay off
  8. I get help when I need it
  9. I love how my mind works
  10. I make good choices
  11. I am becoming my best possible self
  12. I am happy and grateful every day
  13. Happiness is a choice; I choose to be happy
  14. My dreams are coming true
  15. I am important
  16. I feel good about myself
  17. I deserve to be respected
  18. I am an intelligent person
  19. I have a good imagination
  20. I cheer for myself
  21. I like people, and they like me
  22. I accept myself just as I am
  23. I am in control of my life
  24. I have so much to give
  25. My family and friends are always there for me
Affirmations For Adhd - My family and friends are always there for me | positive affirmations | 11 adhd coping mechanisms | affirmations for anxiety
  1. I am glad to be in the world
  2. I believe in my own success
  3. I am on the right path in my life
  4. I accept all my feelings
  5. I create routines that help me succeed
  6. I forgive people who don’t understand my ADHD
  7. I am in control of my impulses
  8. Every part of me is good
  9. I see myself as strong and peaceful

How to Use Affirmations for ADHD to Find Success

Some of the most powerful ways to use affirmations for ADHD include:

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the unconscious negative thoughts you have about yourself that prevent you from making positive changes. People with ADHD have often internalized many negative messages they may have received at school, home, and work. Pay attention to negative self-talk, use a journal to identify these negative beliefs, and use affirmations to replace those thoughts with positive ones.

Affirm your abilities

Take a moment every day to appreciate your life, and remind yourself of your abilities and accomplishments. People with ADHD often have a lingering list of things that didn’t get done at the end of the day, which can be discouraging.

So instead, shift your attention to all the things you DID accomplish and appreciate everything you do for yourself and others daily.

Practice Self-Love

Loving yourself can be a transformative act. The truth is, ADHD can pose setbacks in many areas of life but can also be an advantage, and many of the most successful people in the world have had ADHD.

Understanding your ADHD, appreciating your unique abilities and insights, and accepting how your mind works are all expressions of self-love that can help shift your mindset and unlock new potential.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps people control their thoughts and attention, focusing on the present moment. People with ADHD have unique challenges in approaching meditation and mindfulness.

Still, it has been proven to be an effective way to deal with ADHD, and associated symptoms like anxiety and stress. There are many ways to make meditation and mindfulness easier for beginners, and it has enormous benefits for managing ADHD.

Seek Support

Today, more people are aware of ADHD and its effects. If appropriate, talk about your ADHD with friends, loved ones, supervisors, and coworkers. In addition, look for social groups or online forums for other people with ADHD.

Making people aware of your needs helps you build a support network to maintain a positive attitude and prevent isolation.

Seek Help

If ADHD inhibits your ability to function or enjoy your life the way you deserve, don’t be afraid to seek help. There are ways to manage the practical and mental challenges posed by ADHD and talking with a physician, or mental health professional can be very beneficial.

ADHD can present in vastly different ways and severities, so no two people need exactly the same strategies and coping mechanisms. However, focusing on your own thoughts and behaviors, connecting with support systems, and improving your mindset with affirmations is a great way to find success with ADHD.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations to Find Success When Dealing with ADHD

ADHD can be a considerable challenge, but it does not have to limit your happiness or your potential. There are more options than ever for managing ADHD in a healthy, productive, and positive way.

Using affirmations for ADHD is a great way to begin accepting yourself just as you are and appreciating everything you have to offer.

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